One month to earn 3800 micro headline project notes, novices can directly start to practice after reading, and selflessly share them with you!


Today, we are disassembling the micro headline project. Some people earn 3800 dollars a month through this project. We can also do this by using this method, but the actual income depends on the specific operation, which varies from person to person.

One month to earn 3800 micro headline project notes, novices can directly start to practice after reading, and selflessly share them with you!

FirstFirst, what is micro headline, is a function on today’s headlines, similar toWeibo, released by the circle of friends, is usually a paragraph of text with a picture. Open the Today’s Headline APP on your mobile phone, click Publish at the top right corner of the home page, and click on Weibo Headline.

Second, what are the advantages of micro headlines, can get more reading, and the general micro headline base is tens of thousands of readersIt is not difficult to get hundreds of thousands or millions of recommendations. The operation is time-saving and simple,

Unlike we media, it takes several hours to write an article, and the micro headline only needs about 200 words plus a few pictures, which is simple and fast.

Third, how to open micro headlinesprofitIt does not mean that the account will benefit from the content of the micro headline. The condition for opening the micro headline income permission is that the number of fans of the micro headline can reach 1000,

Does the creative center have the benefit front line to check the author’s rights and interests. After the revenue permission is opened, there will be a notice in the Rights and Interests Center of the Creation CenterWhat are the rights and interests of Qianfen.

1、 The creation income of micro headlines. The creation income can be obtained by publishing non forwarding lottery type micro headlines, all of which belong to the author;

2、 Q&A creation income, publishing original high-quality answers, can obtain creation income, and all the income belongs to the author;

3、 Original image and text, publish image and text content and checkSelect [Original Image and Text] to get more recommendations and creative benefits. These are all the benefits of Qianfen. You can open the rights and interests when the number of headline fans reaches 1000.

Fourth, the realization method of micro headlines

First, platform subsidy advertising share

This is the most common way to play cash. The unit price of micro headlines is higher than that of articles or videosThe unit price is lower, but the number of readers is too large. We can say that the content of micro headlines is posted several times a day, and there is no limit to the number of micro headlines,

Second, Qingyun Plan

The official long-term subsidy activity is very expensive. Many people have only heard about pictures and texts and Q&A with Qingyun, but they do not know that there is a Qingyun plan in the WeChat headline. The system will automatically select it and will not accept itThe independent application does not mean that the article can be passed after reading. Since the system automatically recommends and selects, the content needs to be polished.

Third, micro headline with commodity card

The author of the headline opening commodity card can use the micro headline to bring goods. Before publishing the article, the promoted commodities or columns can be inserted. The columns and commodities can beOur own products can also be used to distribute other people’s products. We will settle commissions every time. There is a wide space for cash, so we can give full play to this method.

Fourth, urban talent

Many people may not have paid attention to it$Locate your city, enter the talent interface, and manually click Post to shareFunny things,

After being listed on the list, you will have the opportunity to obtain talent awards. Being a city talent can also obtain official training and a green channel for V promotion. The top column of the home page will display the name of the region according to the current city.

For example, in Nanchang, click to list such information, and you can go toFor example, Nanchang talent can apply for city talent. Click “Register Now” to register as a local talent, and you can receive a training package and a post award on the Green Channel.

Fifth, get rewards for participating in topic activities,The micro headlines with topic posts are generally very rewarding, up to thousands of differentThe reward of is determined according to the activities at that time.

Last music review

Many people may have heard for the first time that if the popular content of the comments has won the approval of most people, they will also have the opportunity to get a reward of 300$Money, so there are many ways to realize it. We just need to do it carefullyWith.

Fifth, how to make micro headlines

1、 Domain verticality

It doesn’t mean that the content of micro headlines is diverse. It is good to have content in all kinds of fields. It is also necessary to be vertical in the field when publishing articles on the headline,

You can’t post funny jokes today. You can post food content tomorrow and beauty content the day after tomorrow. This will affect your accountWeight and traffic distribution will be affected. For example, in the funny field, you can send funny jokes every day.

2、 Domain certification

After determining the content field to publish, you can apply for the certification of the field after one week of publishing every day. After that, you can continue to publish the content every day.

If you don’t know about certification in this field, you can search on the Internet. If you don’t want to do it, you are suggested to find professionals to do it directly, which can save you time. You don’t need to waste time to study slowly.

3、 Content

The person who publishes the content on the microblog first looks for some content materials, which are the most directThe most effective way is to find peers. The content sent by peers is your material. We can integrate it. When we read the content of peers every day, the headline will naturally recommend such content. We can find some good content to process and integrate it into our own.

In order to find the content of materials conveniently, you can use your mobile phoneDownload the two APPs of Today’s Toutiao and Today’s Toutiao Extreme Edition, and transfer the online profit content seen in today’s Toutiao Extreme Edition to today’s Toutiao Microheadline.

No matter what field you are doing, you can play with the integrated method. At present, WeChat Headlines has no original protection function, so you can do it with confidence, but you should pay attention toDon’t carry the contents of big V,

It’s better to have 3 to 4 paragraphs, not too much or too little, less income, less people to see if there are more, just move the essence, content$We need to work hard.

4、 Details

Check the content of micro headlines, and do not contain sensitive and vulgar words, some of which are easy to bePoints shall be deducted to avoid being systematically deducted. Sensitive words or vulgar words shall not be included.

Do not move the original articles in the micro headlines of peers. In addition to finding materials in the headlines, you can also go to other platforms, such as Yidian Information, Big Fish and other We Media platforms.

There may not be any recommendations at the beginning, which is very normalThe attitude should be correct. We should stick to posting every day and participate in more activities on the platform. It does not mean that the content will immediately have a large exposure, recommendation and reading amount. It is not realistic,

Therefore, we must put our mind right and stick to sending it every day. For the materials that have already exploded in the same industry, they may not explode if they are used. No explosionIf you take the material of, it may explode. Don’t pick the material, and don’t send such content when you see the content of the explosion. Just do it directly.

Sixth, project summary

Do the micro headline project every day when you have nothing to do, you will find the materials, and then integrate them and publish them. After one account is successful, you can start to issue the second account,The first process is relatively smooth, and the daily income is relatively stable,

And as time permits, you can start to operate the second number. When you reach a certain level, you can form your own team for batch operation. As for how much you earn, how little you earn depends on the execution. The whole process of the micro headline project method has been explained to youThank you for your reading. See you next time.

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One month to earn 3800 micro headline project notes, novices can directly start to practice after reading, and selflessly share them with you!


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