Small projects that can make money even when eating. Zero threshold is suitable for beginners


Today I want to share with you a very interesting money making project, but whether I can make money or not is still in my hands, because this is to earn commissions for meals It can also be used as a coupon for eating, which is also quite good, because everyone can’t control eating, and it is not certain to eat more at any time, sometimesWaiting is to seize these small opportunities and do it as a pleasure.

Small projects that can make money even when eating. Zero threshold is suitable for beginners

Money making projects like blue ocean and red ocean are not very important to everyone. Select your niche and refine it. The niche that makes money appears more often, just depending on how to master it. For example, I had insomnia yesterday and went to check the following dayWhat causes insomnia? Or find some ways to solve the problem of making money online. Sometimes, things that seem to be a niche are just needed by the market. They are more accurate and have a great chance of paying bills. Now it must be traffic and accumulation. In the later period, it is easy to earn tens of thousands of dollars a month. We deliberately avoid themThere will be no progress.

Today’s content will be explained at four points,First, how to make money in the end; Second, how to operate; Third, precautions; Fourth, tandem thinking.

Have a look firstFirst, how to make moneyAs long as everyone can concentrate and learn how to operate, in factThere will be some business owners in the app, who will let you know about these services. To put it bluntly, they will let you experience these services. You can go to the app store and download them directlyHi, check the app, open the page displayed on the right.

Now this software is popular in the first and second tier cities and has many tasks. New comers enterAfter you go to see the task, don’t rush to place an order after reading the task, because it is a lottery, and you can win the lottery only if you have some luck in placing an order.

Second, how to operate,After entering the city, take a look at the tasks. Knowing how many tasks there are in the city reflects how much money you can earn. Maybe it will be more open laterSome things, including the invitees, will be open, so we should seize the first batch of people to operate. Here is a training. Click the training column directly to see how to do it. The main thing is to study this matter thoroughly and understand it. It is very simple to do.

III. Precautions

1、 Winning lotsAfter that, you must consume according to the agreed time. Don’t easily release the task. This will cause a low winning rate of the next order, and the number will be blocked after a long time.

2、 Don’t do some stupid things. The official is smarter than you. Some people don’t consume when they go there, or they can’t directly upload with other people’s receipts. Don’t take chancespsychology.

3、 The attitude of doing things should be serious. When you take other people’s wages, let’s have a meal. If you need to make a serious evaluation, make a serious evaluation, and write down your true feelings.

4、 I don’t understand that content evaluation can’t be sent to Meituan, public comments, friends circle, etc. Maybe the boss is too careful.

5、 ToDon’t be silly and tell the shop assistant that I came here on a mission. You can usually eat your meals. Don’t worry about so much, because sometimes it’s not good to talk too much.

Fourth, tandem thinking,As for the derivation of this project, no matter what project we are working on, we should learn to find our own thinking from itOne way to play with the auction is to use Tiktok Group Purchase as a shop exploration number, which reduces the cost in the early stage, and there are few orders in the third and fourth tier cities, so we have to be patient and wait to see whether the official will release more and more in the later stage. It’s also good to have someone pay for a meal if you don’t have anything to worry aboutWhen we go to eat at home, these things will be completely solved. It is a very simple small money making project. The main thing is to stop living when you can. Don’t overspend when you are light.

Well, that’s all for today’s small project about making money by eating

Small projects that can make money even when eating. Zero threshold is suitable for beginners


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