The villa drawing project realization notes, with a daily income of 3000 , can make money without brains in the later stage!


Today, I would like to share with you a project of profiteering, mindless brick moving, which is to sell the design drawings of villas. After a year of trying, the daily income is about 3000. Many people know how to make money on the Internet, but they don’t know how to make money. Today, we will focus on this project to give you a deep understandingExplain.

The villa drawing project realization notes, with a daily income of 3000 , can make money without brains in the later stage!

The method is very simple, that is, download the villa design video above Tiktok Kwai, simply process and send it to the video signal for drainage, and then search on the Internet. With a few dollars, you can buy 9000 villa construction drawings, split and integrate, continuously send video streams, add micro signals to sell drawingsAfter a certain amount of traffic, I started to receive design orders. I found architectural designers on outsourcing websites such as Pig Bajie to receive orders, and earned the difference.

In fact, there are many people not only online but also offline to operate. Today, around this project, it is divided into four aspects,First, the demand of each project; Second, resource searching of drawingsFind; Third, how to promote; Fourth, summary.

First lookFirst, how much is the demandNowadays, people are rich. Many people have new requirements for their own houses. They don’t meet the simple requirements of building a house. They should not only be beautiful, but also highlight their taste. The average daily search volume of this word is more than 300,

But it’s justThe data from a Google index, together with other search engines and Amazon market, conservatively estimate that there are also 10000 people, 10000 people every day, indicating that there is demand in the market, and we will start to design some links in it.

In fact, the average price on Amazon is about 380, and the sales volume is more than 100. The demand is very large, most of which areMainly in rural areas, there is a big gap between the cost of building in rural areas and the cost of building in cities. Generally, the average price of buildings in first tier and second tier cities starts at 10000 dollars, but building a small villa in rural areas with hundreds of thousands of decorations is enough,

The most expensive thing is the design cost of the villa. The design cost of a 150 square meter villa can reach tens of thousands. Actually, there are many peopleIf you want to buy design drawings of your own style on Amazon and then go to a professional team, you can save a lot of money. Therefore, since there is a demand, there must be someone to operate.

Second, where to find drawing resources

Many people may not understand this industry, so they need to find some relevant information, needs and selling pointsIn the case of poor information, some people sell drawings at a high price, while others sell resources at a low price. Amazon can find this. It only takes less than 5 dollars to get 9800 design drawings.

In fact, we bought the packaged drawings and split them into individual villas, and printed all kinds of construction drawingsIt’s as simple as that, but it also requires some patience and care. In the early stage, the cheap price is listed on the Internet, and someone will definitely buy it at a price of 10-20, or use short videos to bring goods.

For example, the individual sales volume of independent villas reached more than 3000, and the income was more than 30000. If there are enough integrated drawings, the sourceThe villa style drawings of different styles can earn 1000 a day, which is actually very simple.

Third, how to promote

1、 Using the YouTube to promote and take short videos for drainage is the hottest marketing method at the moment, and also the most effective drainage. You can also do Google picture promotion and online profit plus contact information.

IIdoSocial networking sitesThe promotion and integration of, the whole network found video materials, picture materials simple processing, released toSocial networking sitesOn the notes.

3、 For the promotion of official account, you can write an article about villa design every day for three months to attract fans’ attention.

4、 Promotion in the circle of friends, collect all kinds of documents about villas, and sort them outPublish.

In fact, there are many promotion methods. In the early stage, various channels should be tried. Finally, the best method of drainage effect should be tested, and then focus on enlarging the scale. Xiaohong can see from her search that many people have already done it, and they all attract accurate fans by sharing renderings or real pictures of villas,

largeYou can take a look at it at home.Social networking sitesIt is a treasure land. The drainage is very good. The threshold is very low and easy to operate, so you can also goSocial networking sitesOperation.

The villa drawings of the current style are very suitable for the current rural areas. Nowadays, people want to go home to build a house with a budget of 20 to 300 thousand dollars whenever they have a little money,In fact, the market is still very new. Since the last two years, the market has been very large. The development trend of the new countryside has broad prospects. With the progress of the times, many hidden business opportunities have emerged quietly, depending on whether you can grasp them.

The villa drawing project realization notes, with a daily income of 3000 , can make money without brains in the later stage!


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