Unpredictable money making project, you can start with zero foundation, and earn 10,000 dollars a month


Today, we are sharing a small project to make money from the cold. You can start from scratch! In fact, the essence of making money on the Internet is to burst out the drainage method transaction volume conversion, and sell information difference and resource exchange. Most of the projects on the Internet are replicable. The new projects mentioned today are actually new projects that have always required lasting feelingsIt is related to human nature. The emotional industry still enjoys its success. It is normal to retain millions of dollars a month and tens of millions a year in various games, divination and divination. We need to stick to it.

Unpredictable money making project, you can start with zero foundation, and earn 10,000 dollars a month

The project is just a microphone. We should pay attention to protecting users’ privacy, not asking for reasons, not disclosing information, and simply passing the word,Customers should choose anonymity if they want to be anonymous. They should respect users’ choices and have the bottom line and principles. At the beginning, all the messages were free, and the demand was increasing, which deviated from the initial business help and added a lot of marketing flavor. This shows that the demand exists for a long time, and men and women can’t let each other go, but they dare not open their mouths,Don’t disturb the other party.

It is a good project to transfer the account of a voice messenger to WeChat for cash, with short process, fast landing and easy implementation. For example, are the lonely frogs, lonely frogs and lonely frogs who are popular at present the same way. Today’s content is divided into four parts,First point, projectThe underlying logic of; Second, content updating and specific implementation; Third, drainage and realization; Fourth, project evaluation.

First, the underlying logic of the project

1、 Demands: The pain and sufferings in the heart after the breakup and breakup, and the emotional content that you want to express can be passed on by an intermediary to ease your heartManage the burden. The demand will soar on holidays and festivals, and you can earn a wave of fast money.

2、 Solution: The storyline needs to be self directed and self acted. Sharing others’ stories should respect the copyright issue. Most of them are unwilling to share. Therefore, two mobile phones and two WeChat signals need to be prepared to write the storyline, and then recorded into videoUpdate to Tiktok platform for powder suction and drainage.

3、 Basic income composition: high demand for break-up, recombination and confession, 10$It’s OK to start. The unit price for package customers can be 30 dollars.

Second, updating the content and implementing it

Content update First, two mobile phones need to be prepared, two microsignals or twoThere are still many QQ numbers used after 00. One is to deliver a message, and the other is to record a screen on a mobile phone, which can be made into a video. The recorded video should be as clear as possible, because the upload will be compressed, and the video should be as clear as possible.

Second, it can be disassembled, turn the peers into their own, and go to wash relevant manuscripts, orThose who go to search search engines for breaking up documents and make relevant typesetting.

In terms of specific implementation, the first is to prepare WeChat,Create a good circle of personal friends and send some emotional things.

Second, conduct diversion through TiktokIf the account weight is high, you can directly hang up WeChat. If you are unstable, you should first do a good job of video content.

SectionThree. Don’t say too much nonsense after receiving the order, and don’t talk carelessly. We just need to deliver the words to, and pay attention to our identity. Keep privacy strictly. Never use customer cases to make relevant videos. Because many people are unwilling to share their emotional problems, they must protectCustomer privacy.

Third, drainage and realization

The hearsay type unit price is not suitable for the later stage, so the focus is on drainage, emotional counseling, emotional recombination, marriage problems and other emotional answers can be realized for the second time. If you can’t decide, you can cooperate with the person you are working on and talk about the distribution of benefits.Doing a good job is the same as finding someone who can do a good job. In terms of problem solving, you should not make a profit by doing things yourself. Time is the most precious. Doing a good job yourself can generate compound interest, and there is no compound interest from others. So when there are few fans, they can deliver messages for others for free, and they can be collected after they are doneIt is not too late to pay fees. At the beginning, you can’t earn a lot of money by charging fees.

Overall project evaluation

First, it is suitable for people: Novice, no technical experience, and do not want to invest, so they spend time to accumulate experience and customers, and constantly improve themselves.

Second, cost:There is basically no cost for the realization of virtual products.

Third pointRisk and ControlTry quickly, verify quickly, execute more, don’t abandon yourself, don’t be impetuous.

Fourth, incomeIt’s easy to pass word on Tiktok. It attracts 50 people a day, and the number of people who clinch a deal is 50$Get started.

The extension of this project is emotional counseling, marriage solution, and mother-in-law daughter-in-law relationship processingThey are all related to emotion and can be continuously extended upward.

Unpredictable money making project, you can start with zero foundation, and earn 10,000 dollars a month


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