Zero threshold sideline project, novice part-time can earn 5000 per month


Today, we are sharing the micro headline project. Now, the threshold of revenue for micro headline opening is relatively low, which is especially suitable for novices to operate. It is still no problem to simply copy and paste the fake originals every day to earn a living.

Zero threshold sideline project, novice part-time can earn 5000 per month

The micro headline is similar to that of the microblog in those years. It is usually a paragraph of text, which is added withFigure. Generally, the micro headlines published will have tens of thousands of readers. If the articles published are recommended by the platform, it is possible to publish hundreds of thousands of millions of readers. For example, this god made thousands$Money, in addition to accumulating fans, there is also a certain element of luck.

Simultaneous micro headlinesUnlike we media writing articles, WeChat Headlines only need 200 words pictures to complete, and the operation is simple and fast. As long as you go to post articles, there will be benefits. It may not be much in the early stage. It is also good to use it as a part-time sideline, and it is relatively stable. Please look down on the specific operations.

After the registration, the real name authentication can be doneThe operation is started. It is recommended to pay more attention to peers and directly transport their materials.

Generally, you can operate funny food, history, emotion and other fields. For example, in the funny field, you can send a few articles to test. When you have 100 fans, you can go to the certification or direct certification. You need toKeep on posting. For those in the funny field, you can post some jokes.

1. Find graphic materials

The material can be found on the headline, or on other browsers and platforms. For example, if you are in the funny field, you can search on the headline: after the funny search, you can find the topic or micro headline in the menu bar of BubbleFind the micro headline with high praise, click his avatar, go to see the content of his micro headline a few days ago, and find a copy of the one with a high praise of more than 200, and do not copy the one of the day.

2. Pseudo original content

Pseudo originality is just like that. In other words, if you operate in large quantities, you can use software to do itIt is necessary to check whether it is smooth and correct it. Generally, there are few micro headlines, and the pseudo originality is relatively fast. It is better to divide the article into three to four paragraphs. There should be no more, no less. If there is less income, few people will read more. Just move the essence.

3. Attention details

(1) , is to check the internalWhether there are sensitive words, vulgar words, etc., to avoid being deducted by the system. This is not worth the loss.

(2) . Those who can carry micro headlines and articles with original protection should not be carried, and will be deducted points.

(3) . You can find materials on other platforms, such as Yidian Information, Big Fish, Interesting Headlines, official account and other self mediaBoth body and platform are OK.

(4) You should pay attention to the publishing time. Generally, you can publish one article in the morning, noon and evening. If you have energy, you can publish more. The more you read the micro headlines, the more benefits you will get. The content should be vertical and focus on one area, one from east to west, which will affect the traffic distribution of your accountof

Materials in the same field can be distributed. Materials that have already exploded may not explode if you take them. Other materials that have not exploded may also explode if you take them. Don’t pick material to move, just do it.

Every day, we just copy and integrate, and the single number gains dozens$There are still some. If you do well, you can earn 200-300. Luck is a part, and the selected material is a part. Once you are familiar with it, you can use your family account. It is not stressful to spend two or three hours a day doing 2-3 numbers.

I will share this project with you today. There is no technology to speak of. NoviceNoviceI can do it. There are many projects on the Internet, onlyIf you are strong enough in execution, you can make money. However, if you want to make more money, you should not only rely on execution, but also use your brain, use software to enlarge, and find ways to buy other people’s time at a low cost.

Zero threshold sideline project, novice part-time can earn 5000 per month


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