Project sharing: Ancient paintings will sing for $10000 a month? How to operate?


I have shared a game of Tiktok Cloud Dandy with you before, which is highly praised. Many novices have never thought of profiting from Tiktok. After reading that tutorial, they also went to live broadcast, and more or less made money, which is very consistent with “altruism”.

Project sharing: Ancient paintings will sing for $10000 a month? How to operate?

Coincidentally, there has been another wave of training in the We Media circle recently“Ancient paintings can sing”ItemWell, to be honest, I don’t know what leek is until Brother Leek knows it.

Look at the screenshot, old irons.

This kind of account is very suitable for young people’s urination. The content is to release some funny animation videos of ancient people. The ancient people who can talk and sing can immediately fill the audience’s mood.

In additionAlmost every video is very popular, and there are tens of thousands of likes.

In Tiktok, as long as there is traffic, there is no need to worry about cashing in. Such account cashing mainly relies on promoting music to earn commissions and collecting apprentices to earn training fees.

Brother Chive first talked about the specific form of realization.

First, throughPromote songsRealization

The promotion of songs is averageThe settlement is based on the number of likes. There are two settlement methods: 1. 20 per video$(100 likes) 2: Fixed 400/title, likes cannot be less than 800

Second,Star Map Advertising

When you have enough fans, just enter the star map and wait for the advertisers to contact you.

Third,Shop window with goods

These goodsIt can be an ancient painting singing project, or it can be some peripheral products.

Fourth,Mission for all

This type of video can be realized by participating in the national task and adding various purpose applets when releasing the video, such as emotional/constellation testing. The more clicks, the more benefits.

Fifth,Benefits of video in

This profit depends on your video playing, which is terrible when it explodes.

After learning about one of his realization modes, how to operate the specific video, Brother Chive will share it here.

(1) Free software:photospeak

This software application store can be downloaded to create dynamic peopleObject picture

(2) Paid software;avatarify

This software is paid, and the facial expression processing will be more detailed. Laotie, a professional in this field, can consider this.

With the software, where can we find ancient paintings? Very simple, open Google directly, search for ancient paintings, and there are all kinds of pictures.

On Tiktok, strange video forms will appear every once in a while, such as cold knowledge/sand sculpture animation/funny expression packs.

When this kind of new thing first appeared, the first group of players must be those who eat crabs and fat meat, and then they will accept apprentices after mastering it.

Of course, not everyone is suitable for short videosThe track, even if you don’t do it, is also a good way to prevent cutting leeks

Project sharing: Ancient paintings will sing for $10000 a month? How to operate?


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