Zero cost sideline profit making project, no brain operation 200 per day


Today, I will share with you the profit-making project, which has no cost and high income. I believe that you will see some small players in the video comment area, most of whose nicknames are 9.9$The whole network course, with the expression pack of the course, is intercepted under the video comments of various live studios and knowledge bloggersHow to play.

Zero cost sideline profit making project, no brain operation 200 per day

The main profit point comes from reselling the courses of major knowledge bloggers, taking apprenticeships, becoming course members, etc., with a single basic 9.9 and ten courses 50$The price of 99 courses on the whole website is unequal, and the courses are obtained in the form of crowdfunding and course washing.

The content is explained in four aspects,First, 9.9 Market demand for crowdfunding courses; Second, curriculum source; Third, how to solve the traffic problem. Fourth, how to realize.

First, about market demand,Course crowdfunding is not a strange game in the circle. By crowdfunding, we can make the original high price coursesThe threshold for learning is lowered, so that more people who do not have the ability to pay can also have the opportunity to learn. This is different from those peddlers who buy and sell pirated courses. Crowdfunding is more like a group of knowledge paid versions.

Like the original price of 1000$10 students need to share 100$I can learn. I have no malice to the idea of crowdfunding courses,At one time, I also admired those who sold their courses by crowdfunding. Of course, the lecturers of the courses did not exclude those who crowdfunded their own courses to a certain extent, because crowdfunding has also become a new way of attracting students.

You can search 9.9 online courses on Tiktok or Kwai platform to see whether the number of users’ fans is still lowWrong, but it is not mainly through video to obtain fans. It is mainly through comments and exchanges or stream interception in the live broadcast room. The names of the courses are basically the same throughout the network. In general, the introduction will put some catalogs, such as some famous courses for big men, what kind of forms the courses include, editing, shooting and operationLive broadcast and so on. He made a hook with this kind of thing to let everyone join in the purchase of courses.

Second, the source of the course, just buy one, or act as an agent, and use the course content sorted out by others directly. If you want to organize by yourself, you can create original works, but it takes a lot of time. Anyway, the best ones areIt is OK to go to Amazon or the same industry to buy directly. It is very simple to do these things later.

Third, how to solve the problem of traffic,When you search for such keywords in Tiktok, you will find the accounts that sell 9.9 courses. After clicking on them, you will find that WeChat is left in the home page video or signature for drainageFor example, comments like this: 99 courses on the whole network, thank teachers for sharing, etc. This is the comment interception. When they see the course 99.9, they may not be able to help but click it. If they find that there is a blogger’s course, they may not go to buy the original blogger’s course through the original course. They will directly buy it from youIt is a method of river closure.

WeChat can be published by imitating the peers. We can send the same as the peers do. We don’t need to learn this. The peers give us the best answer, so we can just follow it. The main way of channeling is to cut off the stream through comments, use matrix videos, and use accounts channeled by small AiteThe name is set as the 9.9 course of the whole network, which can be seen by a wide range of fans by swiping it to the front, and then some people who want to listen to low-cost courses will come to you to earn money online. Because the original price of these big v courses is about 2000~3000, if you want to see and learn, now there are low-cost coursesThese courses can be obtained through channels, which is actually a simple process. It needs to be implemented constantly to obtain some traffic from them. With our own WeChat, we can create a circle of friends for marketing.

Fourth, realization,Many friends will say that 9.9 is too cheap to make much money. If you really think it’s 9.9, thenYou are really a bit naive. This is similar to the advertisement for selling houses, which says 3000 dollars per square meter. But 3000 dollars can’t be bought by people. You can’t see the price. 9.9 is a gimmick to attract you to add to the private domain flow pool and personal WeChat.

One course is 9.9$However, many teachers’ courses are packaged, a total of 30G, just 29, 59, or 99, and added to the updated wang disk group 99$You can see all the courses. Can you enter? The most profitable thing is to accept apprentices and pay a price range between 199-599. You can become an agent to teach you how to shakeAudio promotion, making money by selling classes. Such an order is hundreds of per customer prices, and it is also a net profit. In addition, the circle of friends prints pictures every day to stimulate you. After all, most of the people who can see lesson 9.9 are new leeks. At this time, do you still think that lesson 9.9 is true.

This project does not ask people to do pirated courses or the likeThis is to make people really realize this. It does not mean that we are very encouraged to sell pirated classes. In fact, we still support the original ones. There is no after-sales service after buying pirated classes. We’d better support the original authors and pay for knowledge.

Well, that’s all for today’s zero cost sideline moneymaking project!

Zero cost sideline profit making project, no brain operation 200 per day


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