Sell virtual contract agreement and earn 4 million dollars at zero cost


I have mentioned it many times before. The virtual data project is especially suitable for novices. It has low cost, simple operation, and almost all profits are pure profits. Delivery is also simple. Sending an electronic data will finish the job.

Sell virtual contract agreement and earn 4 million dollars at zero cost

Take this account as an example:

It’s only less than 10000 fans, and has realized more than 100000 dollars:

Prices are basically setSet 68$One copy, more than 2500 copies have been sold.

Mainly the agreement of selling the enterprise partners.

The videos are all operated in batches. Each 10 minute video is produced in Tiktok mode and sent in batches. No real people leave the country.

There are almost no likes in videos, but three to five videos are sent every day, and more than 800 videos are sent.

This alsoIt is only his account number. In fact, this person must operate more than one number, because the cost of batch operation of this number is very low.

It is to capture an electronic document page by page, and then click the shopping cart or homepage window to place an order.

The comment area is all for information:

And Tiktok searchSuo has now surpassed Google.

Many people are used to searching Tiktok for products and needs.

If you send videos in batches, use the title keyword SEO to occupy your field.

All of them are precision powder.

Don’t ask for likes, send videos regularly every day, optimize industry keywords, and make TiktokThe amount of free play depends on the precise users.

After all, the algorithm of Tiktok has decided to recommend your content to interested fans.

With regard to the agreement contract, the biggest demand for online profit is currently emerging in the market. The first is the housing intermediary leasing contract, the second is the partnership agreement, and the third is the labor contract. OthersSuch as divorce agreement.

If you do, the market demand is the first. If the number starts, in order to make the label vertical, each number will only push one contract agreement.

As for the content form, the simplest is the above Tiktok image and text, which can generate video by one key.

There are also hand-painted videos and even live exit videos.

If a real person leaves the country, it needs to look authoritative and professional. For example, in the contract agreement area, it is best to wear the clothes of a lawyer.

Take the housing lease contract with the greatest demand as an example, and the monthly sales of the city are more than 100000 dollars:

Look at the good work done on Tiktok. Not only is the price higher, but also the sales volume has reached three or four hundred thousand copies,A portion of 13 dollars, you can figure it out:

Last week, some students wanted to do it. They also asked me whether to develop a small program for automatic transaction.

I said that you have the ability or find someone to develop it. Of course, you can do it on WeChat. But if you don’t understand it and don’t want to pay, simply let the user pay for it and directly send him the online link. The document is notIt’s OK to send WeChat directly.

If the materials are updated all the year round, such as a certain course material of k12 subject, it is also convenient to pull a QQ group, and the annual fee is several hundred dollars.

Relatively speaking, there is no copyright in the contract agreement, so it is easier to do. If others embezzle the courses of other institutions, they will be suspected of infringement.

The threshold for doing this is low,It is still necessary to pile up the quantity. It is very difficult to rely on one or two videos to explode the fire, so if you do, first do the quantity every day.

In addition to selling materials, secondary conversion can be carried out on WeChat according to different fan attributes through the platform or WeChat.

For example, if the sales partner agreement is mainly made by the business owners, they may also be relatedFor the training needs of enterprises, relevant institutions can be found to cooperate.

If the divorce agreement is sold, they can also be connected to the corresponding marriage consulting lawyer to achieve the second transformation.

Sell virtual contract agreement and earn 4 million dollars at zero cost


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