0 cost wool collection project, one mobile phone can operate


Many people have the experience of looking for things everywhere while holding things in their hands, right?

0 cost wool collection project, one mobile phone can operate

This is what we often say about riding a donkey to find a donkey.

The same is true for doing sidelines on the Internet.

Let’s say I share so many sidelines and part-time platforms!

Many people will not go deep into the field after reading it, and they will forget it after reading it.

Running again and againGo to various search projects.

I remember seeing a sideline shared by an account owner, which is also a part-time job on some formal platforms. It said zero cost.

Sure enough, a harsh comment appeared on the message board.

What are you talking about? It’s a lie.

Doesn’t it mean zero cost?

Then my mobile phone is free? Flow is notWant money? Does the mobile phone not need charging?

Seeing this, I just want to use foul language.

This account owner is also a good tempered person. He replied that you can also use wifi.

Seeing this, I am really afraid that this little partner will say again: Do I pay for broadband? In winter, isn’t it cold for me to rub wifi? No network speedOkay What?

Let me say:

Some people just love to do things that not only want to be a bitch, but also want to build a memorial arch.

If you want to be a beggar, don’t you have to carry a bowl and shout there?

You don’t want to kneel down there. Someone is so stupid that they throw money into the bowl for you, right?

If there is no threshold to be a beggar, I guess soIt’s not your turn, is it?

Today, I still bring you a small information difference project, which is the software that almost everyone will use.

In fact, there are many small part-time jobs in ZFB, but many people often choose to ignore them, and they are slightly packaged by others and become charging items.

Let’s talk about items firstPrinciple bar:

ZFB needs to conduct regular inspections of offline stores to confirm the authenticity of merchants. We can get commission rewards after completing tasks according to the campaign strategy.

Operation process:

Open Alipay, search “Youhuo is coming”, enter the platform, fill in relevant information according to the prompts, and you will receive many tasks, such asAs shown in the figure below.

Not every place has a task. For example, where I am today, there is no task that can be operated.

As can be seen from the above figure, the one order shop search task is 3$The first order of newcomers can add 5$You can simply take a photo of the door. Street Sweeping Task 1 15$, need to shootHead photo business license in store collection code (street sweeping tasks are divided into different areas, and some places do not have them).

Let’s calculate by doing 30 tasks a day for one account. The lowest task is 90$Income. If it is a slightly complicated street sweeping task, it will be 450$Income.

We won’t tellWhat multi account operation, as long as you can do a good job with one account.

matters needing attention:

1. Try to do it in the daytime. Some stores may close at night, but the photos are not clear

2. The next task can only be started after the current task is completed. Each task is limited to 2 hours and must be completed within the specified timeCompleted within.

3. Tasks are refreshed at 24 o’clock every day, so you can pay attention to them at any time.

4. If it is a street sweeping task, you can buy a staff vest to facilitate communication with merchants because it is taken in the store.

Of course, some smart people think of packaging projects and sell them.

It is estimated that such a projectMany people may have seen it in the circle of friends in the past two days, right?

Let’s not say 198, 19 or 38. Doesn’t it smell good?

Today’s project is over, and interested friends can try it.

As can be seen from so many Internet projects,

Those who dig gold do not necessarily earn more than those who sell shovels.

So,Don’t focus on all kinds of projects all day long. Only with the thinking of selling shovels can you broaden your horizon.

0 cost wool collection project, one mobile phone can operate


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