Zero cost public examination project, a 39.9 order, sold 100000 orders!


This year, due to the epidemic situation, the provincial examination in Guizhou Province, which was originally scheduled to be held on March 26-27, was postponed. The specific time of the examination is to be determined.

Zero cost public examination project, a 39.9 order, sold 100000 orders!

Why do you say this? The reason is that recently, I saw that many live broadcast studios were broadcasting the public examination questions, that is, the anchor explained the problem solving skills to you in real time in the live broadcast studioThe explanation is about the test, because the test is a headache for many people, and some people are not stable in the test.

I once took the provincial examination in Guizhou Province. I didn’t take the examination to be a civil servant, but just wanted to experience the process of the provincial examinationIt was still a little hard, and the time was not enough, but when it came to my test, I still had 15 minutes left to finish the test. Finally, I got more than 80 points in the test, which was a mistake. If I was normal, it would be about 100 points.

The number of exams I took is difficultHowever, I finally got full marks for 10 questions. I made 5 correct answers and the other 5 were guessed answers. Unexpectedly, I guessed all the answers correctly. This is related to some guessing skills I saw earlier.

The live broadcast room I saw these days mainly teaches you how to find the right answer with the simplest problem-solving skills,I did have a look and it was really practical, because I had taken the provincial examination, so my feeling is not wrong.

The reason why I studied this project is that it is a long-term operational project. Now the epidemic situation is unstable, and many offline training institutions are unable to start classes. Therefore, online training is popularDemand also increased significantly.

This studio will launch its own online courses midway, mainly to explain and test various types of problem-solving skills. In fact, it is very practical, and the price is 39.9$One. They can learn this course directly in Tiktok. I have seen a total of 97000 students, nearly 100000That means they sold nearly 4 million of the 39.9 courses.

In fact, this is a very good project. I know a brother who has been doing offline public examination training for 8 years since 2014. They mainly use the local official account as the entrance for traffic introduction, mainly to sendWe publish recruitment information to obtain traffic, but this market is still very limited. After all, there are many companies doing public examinations in one place.

If we can get traffic through online channels, and then integrate a complete set of online courses, we won’t have to deliver too much after sales, and the customer price can be lowered a lot, mainly byHigh sales volume is also OK, not worse than offline sales, and the cost is particularly low.

In addition, I also paid attention to another number, which is also used for public examination training$I bought more than 1000 copies of the money courses a month. For example, I must first introduce the target customers to my WeChat, and then establish a group of lecturesJiaotong University courses, that is, thousands to tens of thousands of such courses, or it only depends on 1$He is going to drink the wind from all directions when he sells his courses for money. Later, I went to see their comment area, which really confirmed my guess.

In fact, I prefer to sell the courses directly. For example, the delivery of thousands to tens of thousands of courses may have problemsTherefore, it is better to have 68 or 98 members who can directly learn all courses online if the unit price is low. Because I don’t have any promises, the only thing I can guarantee is that customers can listen to the courses normally. There is no problem at all.

You just need to go crazy to get traffic, no matter you do it live, orIt’s OK to do it through other We Media platforms. Some people find it difficult to hear about the live broadcast. In fact, such live broadcast is not difficult at all. You just need to understand the solution of 100 questions. Every day, the live broadcast will always explain the 100 questions, day after day, year after year. You can solve problems with your eyes closed, becauseThe people who watch your live broadcast every time you make money online are not the same group, so few people know that what you are talking about is repetitive content. This is the case with a special effects training course anchor I studied before. It is appropriate to talk about several repetitive special effects practices every day, and earn two or three hundred thousand a month.

If you say I’m not eloquentLack of ability, then you can try to use the form of recording and broadcasting to record the content of others’ live broadcast in the live studio through the software, and then handle the problem of using the computer version of the live broadcast software to Kwai or Tiktok live broadcast. This may be OK, but I don’t need to test it, I don’t know whether it will work, just provide it for everyoneLet’s see the operation idea.

In fact, this operation idea can also be used in other fields, such as the accountant qualification certificate, architect qualification certificate, teacher qualification certificate or driver’s license. The main thing is that you need to master the underlying logic of this game, and you will be familiar with it no matter what field you change.

Zero cost public examination project, a 39.9 order, sold 100000 orders!


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