Amazon took notes on video transportation projects. After watching the quick basic project, novices were forced to pay for it in batches!


Today’s dismantling is: recently popular Amazon shopping video transportation project

Amazon took notes on video transportation projects. After watching the quick basic project, novices were forced to pay for it in batches!

There will still be many opportunities for the Internet in 2022, and video series will still be the main part at least in the next few years. Due to the rise of short video delivery, all major e-commerce platforms will be closer to short videos, because there are many usersVideo became popular years ago.

JD, Amazon and Pinduoduo are relatively mild e-commerce platforms. They have always hoped that creators can attract users to extend the use time of the platform through content. So short videos are now the mainstream. Every year, many people use short videos. As the threshold is getting higher,Fewer and fewer people are killed every year, and many people may act as cannon fodder.

The project we are going to disassemble today is mainly divided into three points,First, project introduction; Second, specific practice; Third, means of realization

First, project introduction

The short video of Amazon “stroll” has been out for a long time, and it has not been beforePeople pay attention to it. Some friends who often shop on Amazon may have heard of it, but they don’t know it’s a blue ocean board$Many people can easily earn one or two hundred dollars through this day$

How to get the creator’s reward? In fact, the game of this project is to move, obtain materials through other short video channels, and download the integrated clipThe video can also be released directly from overseas platforms.

First of all, before creating content, open the rights and interests of creators. If you don’t open the rights and interests of creators, you can’t generate income.

Second, specific practice

The first step is to log in to the official website and register with your Amazon account. After registration, you can browse PeaceAccording to the platform review, this project is a dynamic incentive for content, but only when the creative level of Amazon is above the high quality level, can the creative level be given,

The update time is from the 1st to the 15th of each month, and the reward time for the creator is the 25th of the next month. Before that, you can directly go to the stack. While there are not many people doing it now, you can start the batch number.

For thisThe key point of similar transportation projects is to attract more people to win. The more videos, the higher the income. The video is limited to 200 per day. If dozens of videos can be achieved, the income will not be bad. It is not difficult to earn money through transportation and bubbling online. As long as you do not carry the online celebrity video,

The platform doesn’t care about you. Just like the previous Duoduo video, it will make KwaiDownload the Tiktok video locally, and change the music for secondary creation through cutting, mixing, and adding filters.

The second step is to identify the target videos first. Don’t be too inferior. Choose videos that are about 000 likes, but not live videos. Just search and filter directly on the platform, just like searching for goods. There are many,

You can click to find these videos. When downloading videos, you must not take watermarks. Search for watermarked applets on WeChat and download videos without watermarks.

Step 3: Publish. Photosynthetically publish the processed video on the PC, enter this page, and click Publish VideoProduct, the page is the link mentioned above. Pc is very efficient in publishing, so you can fill in whatever you need to import video,

Remember to add topics and tags to increase exposure. In fact, instead of learning how to come to the door quickly, we should stick to publishing works, just avoid the rules of the platform, and ensure that weKeep releasing videos so that they will become better and better, so don’t use biased techniques.

Third, means of realization

If you want to bring videos with you, you need to consider whether the source of the videos you publish matches the source of the links, which increases the workload. In addition, you need 1000 fans to bring videos with you, which can be earned by issuing numbers in batchesCreator income,

Then you can make an account and consider taking goods, because you should first ensure your own interests. After a long time, many people may not make money for 10 days or 20 days. If you say you don’t make money for several months, you may lose your mentality.

Therefore, you should not add the product association before opening the permission,You can open the authority of the creator. Later, you can create a talent account and help yourself make money by promoting products through business cooperation,

There will be businesses coming to you to cooperate with you to shoot works, so as to increase the sales volume of goods. Now there are few people to manipulate, and those who want to make money can practice.

Amazon took notes on video transportation projects. After watching the quick basic project, novices were forced to pay for it in batches!


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