Profitable project, easy to operate, earning three or five hundred a day


Today, I’d like to share with you a branch of e-commerce shopping — the big brand shopping project.

Profitable project, easy to operate, earning three or five hundred a day

This is a real and reliable money making project, which can earn hundreds of dollars every day.

Some treasure and some east have many big business needs and do activities all year round.

In order to increase the sales volume of the store, some small samples of high value brands are put on the shelves.

These samples can be purchased free of charge or at a very low price.

However, the store limits one account to one purchase in the store.

Because the value of these samples is very high, but the price is very low.

So many people want to recycle them for their own use, or buy them back and resell them to earn the difference.

For students and studentsFor families, some famous formal clothes are usually very expensive.

They do not know if they are suitable to use the product.

So many people need these experience products to see the effect.

Of course, they also have the mentality of seeking cheapness.

for instance.

For example, L’Oreal flagship store has a sample of liquid foundation.

The market price is about 50$, such asNew members of the store only need to pay 9.9$You can buy it for the postage of.

However, since users can only join members once, they can only buy once.

And there are corresponding gift certificates.

After purchasing the products of the store, he can use gift certificates to offset the discount.

In order to attract customers to join the membership, the store will send highValue, ultra-low price samples.

On a fish, we can see that many businesses recycle such small samples.

They don’t have so many accounts to buy.

They can only let people with accounts buy and resell to them.

On a fish, take 9$People who buy such a small sample at a price of 14$At the price of.

eachAn order can earn five or six$

The essence of market profit is to buy low and sell high.

This is true in all industries, because there are few manufacturers of goods.

This is just a small sample of one brand among many commodities.

There are too many enterprises doing such activities on the platform at different prices.

Generally speaking, sales of small samplesThe profit is about 3~10$

The profit of a big brand store is 3~10, and the profit of 10 stores is 30~100. The income of 100 stores is 300~1000.

If there are 10 accounts or 100 accounts, how much profit is there.

The project is divided into three aspects.

First of all, the preparatory work iswhat; Second, the specific operation; Third, how to expand the project; Fourth, project preventive measures.

1、 Preparations

The threshold of this project is very low, suitable for everyone to operate.

Use a treasure account with a sesame credit score greater than or equal to 450 and a fish account with real name authentication.

Do not bring accounts with violations and bad records.

TrueThere are no violations and other bad records.

Can use mobile phones to shop online.

2、 How to operate

Find the stores that are engaged in activities and the purchase price of the products for activities, so as to find buyers and calculate profits in the future.

Buyers can find these buyers who receive small samples of a certain fish, and find customers according to their profit range.

Confirm that the customer isNo, still receive, how much, the address and phone number of the delivery, etc.

Then release the goods in a fish, and put as much as the customer wants.

The price is linked to the customer. After the customer pays, we will buy a sample and place an order in the store according to the address specified by the customer.

Then fill in the logistics order number in the distribution information of a fish to complete the distribution。

When the buyer receives the goods, we will get a certain amount of payment.

The whole process is entrusted by a fish.

It is extremely safe and completely risk-free.

If you want to operate, you can directly use your own account and follow the above methods.

3、 How to zoom in

To do any Internet project, we must have the idea of matrix batch processing。

One’s gains are limited.

If a group of people do this, their income can be doubled or dozens of times.

Therefore, if you want to make more money for this project, you must win by quantity and sell in batches.

However, in order to operate in batches, the following two problems need to be solved.

1. A large number of accounts

2. Stable multiple openingPartaking

It is impossible for a mobile phone to log in to only one account in batch.

In this way, the output is very low.

You must log in multiple accounts on one device, and it is relatively stable.

4、 Precautions

Operate with multiple accounts

Do not operate under the same WiFi. Mobile traffic in the whole process.

Otherwise, the platform will detect, some accounts cannot be purchased.

2. Be sure to find the customer receiving the goods first

Then place an order to buy, because some stores have purchase time limits.

And you can’t buy at a low price two hours after you join the membership.

Therefore, it is the safest to find a buyer and buy again, otherwise your qualification will be wasted.

3. The rules of the platform must be followedbe

When you publish goods on a fish, you cannot publish illegal things.

Sensitive words such as adding friends cannot be mentioned when chatting with customers.

If you touch the information of the platform rules, you will be restricted if it is illegal.

Before releasing products, it is better to look at the rules of the platform.

This must be noted.

It’s useless to talk more, but it’s right to start.

The premise of doing anything is to have executive power.

Profitable project, easy to operate, earning three or five hundred a day


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