Station B sideline profit making project, leading to sell virtual products for 50-300 $a day


A netizen said that the salary is too low. Is there any sideline that can earn some money? Not demanding, can earn 50 per day$Just do it

Station B sideline profit making project, leading to sell virtual products for 50-300 $a day

First of all, I want to say that no project can easily earn money, which requires time and effortThose who dream of making money easily and quickly are mostly reduced to leeks

Back to sideline

mutualThree common ways of making money through networking: selling products, services and advertisements

Selling products can be divided into physical products and virtual products; Novice can start with virtual products, and sell them for unlimited times at low cost without cumbersome processes such as purchase and delivery

Sell virtual products and earn dozens a day$It’s quite simple. There’s just one order,With the accumulation of traffic, more and more orders will be issued and more money will be made

There are many virtual products: ps tutorial, Tiktok tutorial, we media tutorial, writing tutorial, cad tutorial, singing tutorial, textual research tutorial

Demand is everywhere, and the corresponding tutorials are everywhere. You can make money by selling

How to sellGet out This is the key?

If you are interested in customers, you don’t have to worry about selling them. Today, you can share the “Bi Li Bi Li” to sell virtual products, 50-300 per day$

What is bili bili?

Pili Pili Station B for short is a partial animation, secondary$, cosplay and other bullet screen videos, a platform that young people love constantly,It can be said that young peopleOne of the favorite platforms, it is a cultural community and video platform with a high concentration of young people

It is reported that the unaudited financial report of the third quarter as of September 30, 2021 shows that the monthly average active users of Station B reach 267 million, and the daily average active users reach 72 million, a year-on-year increase of 35%; Average monthly paymentThe number of expense accounts reached 24 million, up 59% year on year; Annual retention rate of full members exceeds 80%

The average daily video playback volume reached 2.3 billion times, and the average daily user use time reached 88 minutes, a record high

About 85% of the people in Station B are young users under the age of 35, and the ratio of male to female is basically 1:1, indicating that it is oneA universal platform with huge consumption potential and growth potential

I want to tell you so much,Such a treasure platform with huge growth potential and huge traffic volume contains huge wealth,We only need a small share to make a living

Next, we will enter the practical operation link, how to sell virtual products based on “Bi Li Bi Li”Product?

1. Registered account

It’s OK to register with your mobile phone number. The newly registered number needs to be confirmed. You can go to a treasure to find someone to answer the question on behalf of you or find the answer at Durian for your own test

Perfect the avatar, nickname, etc. without advertising

2. Registration

The platform has an observation period, during which normal users are simulated to watch some videos, send bullet screens and likeComments.

The type of virtual product sold depends on the type of video; For example, if you want to sell PS tutorials, you can watch some PS videos; if you want to sell CAD tutorials, you can watch some CAD videos

During the maintenance period, 1-2 videos in the same field can be sent every day, mainly video sharing, and the maintenance period lasts for about 3-7 days

3. Video recording

Station B is more popular with live actors

It’s not difficult to shoot this kind of video. Prepare a mobile phone bracket and a background cloth, which can be purchased from a search site of a treasure$

It’s OK to take a self portrait with your mobile phone. Remember to take a horizontal video, because station B is not Tiktok Kwai

Recording equipment availableIf you want better recording effect, you can buy a wired headset. A treasure is less than 100$, the recorded sound will be more meaningful

If you don’t want to appear in real life, you can also use the computer to record PPT and mind map demonstration, and then give lectures or explanations. For the production of such video content, buy an electric bubble networkJust earn brain microphone

Computer video recording software: EV screen recording, Camtasia Studio

The mobile version can be used to generate videos with one click

4. Submission upload

After the video is made, the next step is to submit and upload articles on Station B

The video title should contain keywords with search traffic, so that you canGet more search traffic. I shared how to mine keywords before

Keyword search, stable and rich traffic (check back with blue words)

For example, if I sell the PS tutorial, I can use this title

PS matting tutorial,Novice3 hours quick

Photoshop tutorial is a keyword with search traffic

In the title“Novice3 hours quick”It is used to attract users to open videos

Another is to choose a nice cover. The title and cover are the key factors to decide whether users click on the video

In addition, the tag and profile should have keywords, which is more conducive to video ranking

5. Station B drainage

Our ultimate goal is to attract potential customers to WeChat to sell virtual productshand over

The common drainage methods in Station B include bullet screen drainage, comment drainage, introduction drainage, video drainage and private letter drainage

Focus on sharing 3 drainage methods

Drainage method 1

Video sharing+introduction drainage

Video sharing is mainly about knowledge. No advertising is allowed in the video. Leave WeChat in the profile; This way can achieve long-term passivityDrainage, the disadvantage is that it is slow to take effect

Drainage method 2

Video sharing+comment drainage

Similarly, video sharing is mainly about knowledge sharing. No advertising is allowed in the video. Leave WeChat at the top of the comments. Instead of using homophonic voice, vx, vxin

Don’t do this during the account maintenance period. You need to wait for the account to have a certain weight

Drainage method 3

Such a squareThe style is simple and crude, and the software is directly embedded in the video. For example, I do the PS tutorial, which can be said in the video

“When you are learning PS, if you want to encounter problems, you can come to me. My WeChat account is xxx”

In the video, you can dictate your contact information, not WeChat, but WeChat, without subtitles; Even if it is necessary to bring,It also needs to be replaced by homophonic, micro, v

Station B is relatively tolerant and will let you pass if not too much. Don’t do this during the training period. Let’s wait until the training period is over

The disadvantage is that F ban is possible, which is suitable for multi number batch operation

Let’s see the weight of station B

Google weight 9, mobile weight 10;The maximum weight is 10, are top-level weights

High weight means that Google is quick to be included and ranked wellIn addition to the recommended traffic and search traffic of Station B, you can also get Google search traffic for videos you submit. I don’t need to say how much Google search traffic is. The traffic of videos you submit consistently will increase

6. Selling virtual products

leadAfter being transferred to WeChat, because these people are intended customers, and the customer price is not high, the conversion rate can reach about 30%, that is, three people can be transferred to 10 people, which is of course related to whether the virtual products you sell are just needed and whether the customers are eager

Assume that the profit of one order is 50, one order will earn 50, and two orders will be issuedJust earn 100… With more traffic, more orders will be issued and more money will be earned

Find a long-term track, share the knowledge in the subdivided field at Station B every day, and stick to it for 2-3 months. There will be no shortage of traffic, and accurate users will increase every day.

It’s easy to start a sideline, but difficult to persist. Many people stopIt’s been two months

Station B sideline profit making project, leading to sell virtual products for 50-300 $a day


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