Practical notes on the sideline project of social networking sites: strategies for realizing preschool teachers’ information. The outside price is thousands, and it will be shared with you free of charge for a limited time


Let’s share oneSocial networking sitesI believe many people know the notes of money making projectsSocial networking sitesIt is a hot platform in the past two years, and today I want to saySocial networking sitesPlay method of selling kindergarten teacher materials.

Practical notes on the sideline project of social networking sites: strategies for realizing preschool teachers’ information. The outside price is thousands, and it will be shared with you free of charge for a limited time

There are a lot of materials about preschool teachers, such as preschool teachers’ qualification certificate, open classes for preschool teachers, dance PPT courses for preschool teachers, etc. Today’s content is mainly divided intoIt consists of 6 parts, including project principle, account setting, note making, transaction realization, income expansion and precautions.

First, the project principle

Social networking sitesIt is a gathering place for women, and most kindergarten teachers are women, so we have many target groupsSocial networking sitesIt releases teaching materials and open classes,Dancing notes attract user groups through content, drain to the private domain of WeChat, realize realization by selling teacher information, and then expand the income.

Second, account settings

Like most platforms, including account name, profile, platform account, personal portrait and background, it is actually the easiest to playThe method is to copy the name of the same person. The account name can be written as follows: a teacher, a kindergarten teacher, a treasure chest of a kindergarten teacher,

It can also be a personal name. Teacher XXX and kindergarten teachers have stronger attributes, and the IP image will be closer. Treasure Chest is a bit like a tool person, which is more direct.

Profile recommends that everyone imitate their peersOk, we should learn to copy the same person first. The same person is the best teacher. Then we can do some processing on it and add our own$Su, plagiarism, transcendence, super ability

Use your own means to improve the ranking. The platform account isSocial networking sitesPlease leave your personal contact information and personal portrait background. Please refer to your peers。

Let’s take a look at the public classes of Sousu Kindergarten in the same industry. There are many contents. Users have many public classes in kindergartens, and the contents are note taking.

Personal profile: a keeper of the magic beast after eggs. He is creating his own IP attribute. There is his open class. This may be a real teacherAbility is also great.

The case teacher is a typical colleague. There are picture card punching, outing card punching, skin care card punching, and Aidu card punching. This is the location of the label card punching. Please send a private letter to get the information. This is a hook.

The name and avatar can be directly determined by the peers’ settings, and can be used for reference by othersHow to do it. Don’t look at their small number of fans. This is not based on the number of fans. The mode is the same template. They all need courseware, and the demand is large.

Third, note making

Including graphic notes and videos, you can study your peers. If you use your personal signature to sign teachers, you can prove itOr lesson map+data screenshot, and directory screenshot of online disk data

Or screenshots of notes during the research. There are also handwritten notes+data screenshots, which mainly highlight that you have this thing, which can be shared with everyone, because we have experience in making our own strong attribute IP image and highlighting your handwritten notes.

If the property is very clear about selling materials, we should highlight the key points in the copy, describe what is sold, and highlight the keywords just like we do websites and official account.

To make a video, we first recommend a software clip. To remove duplicate videos, we need to find the video, import it, and cut it15~20 minutes

Just cut it for about 5 minutes, 2~5 minutes, and add relevant subtitles, transitions, special effects, stickers, and background music. Just follow the case of your peers.

The playing method is the same. At the end of the game, I suggest you leave a little tail. How many minutes is the total length of the video, how many minutes do you want to receive private messages, and so onIt is all to eliminate duplication of videos. The original version of videos will have many similar factors with peers,

We will add some editing skills to it, and it will be defined as original content when it is reviewed by the machine. Video is mainly about differentiation, and the most ideal state for differentiation is oral broadcasting. If you can do oral broadcast, it’s bestof

Fourth, realization of transactions

The purpose of doing so much must be to make a profit. As I said before, add a guide private message at the end. Don’t leave your contact information directly. It will be recognized as a marketing number. It can induce private chat and guide the addition of comments.

Sometimes people find it very interesting after sending it out, so they leave one in the comment areaIn the comments area, we will reply to a request for PPT information. Use the trumpet for rhythm, not the tuba.

The other one is peer interception. I also use your trumpet to leave messages in other people’s comments. These two purposes are to add to private messages. As long as there is a customer’s private message,

First time with himCommunication is added to WeChat to avoid loss, but it should not be handled in a centralized way. If it is handled in a centralized way, it will be too busy and it is easy to lose customers. After being added to WeChat, they will tactfully tell them that they need to pay, and filter out those who want to get information for free.

Can be priced separately 10-15$, participating members 89 or 49. In the future, the package pricing of package updates and sales promotion are to buy relevant materials, open classes, teaching funds, dance, etc., as long as there is something related to making money online, you can get one$Buy.

After a deal, we should pay attention to building a circle of friends, which is used to promote ourselves more and has IP attributes. Some people may compareHate to build a circle of friends,

Sending a circle of friends is a bit like marketing, but you should know how others know what you do if you don’t build a circle of friends.

Fifth, the method of expanding income

First, distribution,Chat with the customer and collect the agent. It’s free and paid. It’s free to sell one order and give him how much moneyMoney, but free ones have no motivation. Because there is no connection, he will not think about what to push.

To pay is to pay once for life free of charge, and directly bring it to your consulting group. You can do the service or give the whole system disk to him, and let him do the same.

Second, to be a community,You can buy a lot of materials after you become a community,Because the user group is very clear, many products can be made around them. For example, film and television resources, Tarot, etc., can not be done and can cooperate with others, as well as look for resources on behalf of others, as long as they meet the requirements can be done.

Finally, let’s talk about the precautions,

Do not include contact information in the text, and guide the private message. Neither should the private messageSend contact information directly. You can make a picture. If you send contact information directly, one or two of them will be OK. If you send too many, you will be judged as a marketing number.

If multiple accounts are used, it is better to use the mobile phone network. Do not send documents under the same WiFi or too frequently. It is easy to limit the current. Keep the new account for a few days to let the system think you areThey are high-quality customers, not those who come here to collect wool.

After a few days, the video should be original and not directly transferred. All materials and resources should not have the name of the organization or person,

Now copyright is very serious. Don’t infringe. Don’t violate the rules. Infringement is copyright. This method is very simple. Let’s talk about it todayHere, you can follow my official account if you need in-depth communication.

Note: Only do the project practical notes sharing, not the current article project training!

Practical notes on the sideline project of social networking sites: strategies for realizing preschool teachers’ information. The outside price is thousands, and it will be shared with you free of charge for a limited time


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