Popular cps projects, do as you are told, and easily earn 500 dollars a day


I haven’t shared a project for a long time. Today, I want to share a cps project with my friends.

Popular cps projects, do as you are told, and easily earn 500 dollars a day

1、 What is the tourism CPS project?

This travel cps project is basically the same as the takeout cps model, that is, generate your promotion link on the platform, and then others click your link to place an order, you can get the correspondingcommission. This is probably the way to play.

2、 How to operate

1. Search in Google: Open platform of Ctrip Alliance, click in.

Then click Login in the upper right corner. If you haven’t registered, click Login on the mobile phone on the right to activate it.

2. Then find the cooperation mode on the home page and select the one you want to promoteThe mode is OK.

3. After you apply for the promotion link, you will choose to promote the product. You can push hotels, bus tickets, air tickets and so on, depending on the commission level.

4. Say a few things that need attention. There is no reward for promotion to Ctrip’s enterprise level users and business travel. TujiagongApartment, package customization, top tour, food ordering, and hotel and home stay, without reward. Use QQ, 360 account, etc. to log in to Ctrip and place an order. There is no documentary and no reward.

3、 Promotion and drainage

1. Paste Bar Bean Paste

Search the target tourism related boards directly in the post bar$, you can first see how others yinStream, we can directly learn from it.

2. We Media Platform

Here, you can use Quora as an example to search for topics related to tourism directly in Quora, and write some recommendations that you must go to. You can read more about what others wrote, and don’t limit yourself to Quora. You can also go to BaijiaFish, a treasure, Tiktok and other multi platform operations.

3. Group

First, you can go to the post bar or official account to search for tourism related WeChat groups. Of course, you can also go to qq to search for tourism related group chat.

4、 Summary

At the beginning of the operation, we can realize on the platform first. When we have accumulated almost the same amount in the early stageBasically, they just lie down and earn money. My ideas and methods have been provided, and the rest is up to you to stick to it.

That’s all for today’s sharing. See you next time

Popular cps projects, do as you are told, and easily earn 500 dollars a day


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