The project of making money from virtual resources, selling online celebrity food courses, has reached nearly 30000 dollars a month


Now it may have become a habit for everyone to brush short videos. They will brush videos in Tiktok Kwai in their spare time. Some friends may have brushed many videos of food teaching. These videos appear to be selfless sharing, but in fact, most of the purposes are to use short videos to attract investment or sell food tutorials.Let’s take a look at the market of the online celebrity food tutorial:

The project of making money from virtual resources, selling online celebrity food courses, has reached nearly 30000 dollars a month

1. Market

(1) Google

After searching Google, I saw that many companies were bidding for advertisements, which were basically for investment promotion, not seo. In addition, words like this are expensive.

(2) A treasure

Search on a treasureYou can find a lot of shops selling these snacks and technical courses, and the price is cheap. Compared with some offline training and investment promotion, the cost performance ratio is very high, and the price is relatively cheaper.

As can be seen from the above picture, if the recipe tutorial of Crispy Pork is well done on a treasure, it can earn nearly one month30000 dollars, 48.8 * 600=29280 dollars. This is just a tutorial of a kind of food. Generally, stores like this sell various snack tutorials at the same time.

What is certain is that there must be a market for making snack courses. After all, food is the most important thing for people, and there are so many people eating now.

2. Source of goods

To sell goods firstThere should be something in stock. Whether you want to buy snack courses or join in business, you need to collect these snack training courses. Yes, you can find many of them online. There are both free and free.

For example, search in a treasure, 1$There are hundreds of courses.

In fact, there is no need to buy expensive snacksTutorial, after all, in the eyes of outsiders$Money and a hundred$There is not much difference in the price of courses, so high prices do not mean good.

3. Drainage

After the product is found, it needs to be packaged. If it looks too low, the customer will certainly not pay the bill. Of course, the purpose of this is to drain. There are many channels to drainThere are many kinds. Here I will briefly introduce some commonly used drainage methods.

(1) Upload to iQIYI, U Library, Tencent Video

Save the snack tutorial resources you collected in the cloud disk, and then share some valuable tutorials. Leave your contact information, and the platform will bring you two streams of trafficIt is to dominate a certain kind of food. What you see is basically yours, so there will be more traffic.

(2) Short video drainage

Now, most of the projects are short video platforms. The current video platform is just like Google’s bidding in the past, and the video display is more vivid and three-dimensional than the text.

You can go to the street or find a shopCooperate and shoot more food works. The completion rate of food videos is very high, and then continuously output such video content. The account will rise quickly if it is mainly original.

On the basis of short videos, we constantly output content, so that people are constantly attracted. After there is traffic, no matter whether you sell USFood tutorial, or drain the private domain traffic to store the private domain traffic. Then it is possible to switch offline investment promotion and alliance.

4. Realization

(1) Open a shop to sell tutorials. The price of snack tutorials varies from high to low. As long as the package is well packaged, a tutorial can be sold for two to three hundred in a certain treasure, and dozens in a monthIt can earn over 10000 dollars per month.

(2) Investment promotion

It is necessary to make a marketing plan for investment promotion and alliance. How to convert the traffic and how to connect the back-end? These people will certainly have some difficulty in making profits online. You can find a company to cooperate with. You can provide traffic and they can connect with the back end. Price basis for investment promotionIt’s expensive. You can earn tens of thousands or even hundreds of hundreds of thousands, depending on your marketing method.

In fact, for most people, selling tutorials may be a better choice. After all, the threshold of the project is lower, and it is easy to find resources. You can find a lot of them online at any time. In addition, you only need to go to DapingVideo streaming is basically passive, as long as there is a hook left, it can be drained.

There are several reasons for choosing online celebrity food courses in many virtual projects. First, food is the most important thing for the people. Food is almost impossible for everyone to refuse. The audience is very large. Second, it is short-sightedWith the help of frequency, we have seen the potential of online celebrity food entrepreneurship. Many people want to engage in online celebrity food entrepreneurship, so the market is very large and it is easy to make money.

The project of making money from virtual resources, selling online celebrity food courses, has reached nearly 30000 dollars a month


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