The project of making money through information gap has a net income of 750000 dollars a year!


He swiped an interesting account and earned at least a million dollars with a 29.9 small item. He successfully demonstrated what is a miracle in large quantities. His case is also a way for ordinary people to learn.

The project of making money through information gap has a net income of 750000 dollars a year!

Long term stable flow of information difference=wealth.


Most of the time, when we see such works, we must brush themBut pass.

The video shows that you can use various color lights to shoot the toughened film repeatedly from multiple angles, or you can paste half and full of the mobile phone film to compare the effects.

The content production is very simple. Anyone who picks up a mobile phone can take a photo of it at once, which is better than editing and movingAll products can be regarded as original.

Tiktok is an interest recommendation system. Even if a single video is not played well, it doesn’t matter. It depends on the basic 500-5000 play volume (based on the account weight and the basic number of fans). As long as the volume is piled up, the conversion is the same.

Like our own book list number of 40000 fansThe playback can reach more than 10000. As long as the content quality is not too poor, it can reach 50000 to 100000, or even 300000 to 1 million. Even if the conversion rate is low, it is no problem to have dozens of broadcasts a day.

Tiktok’s traffic bonus can be said to be the best of all platforms.


Qualitative change is inseparableOpen variable.

Although the data of works in the case is average, he sends at least 4-5 original works every day. Even according to the lowest possibility, none of the works has been popular. If the basic play of a single video bubble network earns frequency is calculated as 1000, there will be at least 4000~5000 stable traffic every day, and the conversion rate will beAt 1000:1, there are always several orders.

There are two best grounds to verify whether he makes money:

1. How many works has he published?

Only when you can make a profit can you have the motivation to do it all the time.

His account has been settled since the beginning of the 21st century, and now he has distributed 3-5 works every day, totaling 1600 content and 120000 fans.

The script of its operation is also changing again and again. From the funny script at the beginning, to the beautiful woman bringing goods on camera, to the simple and crude shooting of product content now, this must be the result of data driven content, which is obviously the highest production ratio in this way.

Said his content changed from quantitative toThere is no problem with qualitative change.

2. What about the data in his window?

Up to now, the cumulative sales volume has reached 189000. The products are mainly 19.9-29.9 mobile phone films, including toughened films, anti camera films, game films, etc.

The film has been exposed from the past era of “ancestral technology” under the overpass, which is amazingThe industry with huge profits can earn several times or even dozens of times of profits at the cost of a few cents. Now the industry has moved to Tiktok, which is even more exaggerated, even if it only earns 3$It can also earn 560000 dollars.

It is clear at a glance whether the boss makes money or not.


Information gap is ubiquitous.

I have said this many times. The same product, WashingtonOne price for Dongyi, one price for Amazon, and another price for Pinduoduo. Now, the rise of Tiktok Kwai YouTube has led to the emergence of live broadcast e-commerce. In fact, the essence of the same product has not changed.

We use the product with the largest sales volume in the case:

Apple X’s tempered film, 3 pieces of 19.9$, less than 7 per sheet$It seems that the cost performance ratio is already very high. Let’s switch to Pinduoduo platform to see similar products.

The same Apple X, a package of 3 anti spying water gel films, only needs 15.9$It also includes postal service. By comparison, the profit difference between the two platforms is at least 4%$, a little more than we expected.

In fact, this priceIt is only for the selling price of ordinary users. If we further tap the source of goods, we can also buy a Duoduo member to enjoy discounts, and join the Pinduoduo commission platform (Duoduo Jinbao). Each item can also get another commission, and the comprehensive profit can be higher.

Any small demand can be turned into a project in a large flow pool.

Tempered filmIs it true that mobile phone covers, keyboards and mice, keychains, lazy wipes, kitchen artifacts, etc. Many common things in life are routinely searched on each platform before paying bills to see how others make money.

If you understand this principle, you can naturally understand the widespreadWhether the secrets of the popular projects (the so-called “free fish”, “Pinduoduo”, “shrimp skin” and other platforms without supply technology) are similar to each other.

One word for everyone:

If you see that a product is on sale, or even free, then these products are not really products. You are the product when you see this information.

withYes, that’s it.

The project of making money through information gap has a net income of 750000 dollars a year!


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