A blue ocean profit making project that can be copied by ordinary people without brain execution and realized 120000 dollars in three months


I shared a knowledge account earlier – Fat Cat knows everything.

A blue ocean profit making project that can be copied by ordinary people without brain execution and realized 120000 dollars in three months

This account has been used for more than half a year and has produced four30000 fans.

The quotation for a single advertisement is 6800-11000. In the past three months, 15 advertisements have been received, with an advertising revenue of 120000 . 29 advertisements have been received, with a revenue of 200000 .

Look at thisVideo and data of accounts:

Video player

Use the up/down arrow keys to increase or decrease the volume.

In the past three months, 30 videos have been updated, half of which are advertisements. On average, one video has been updated in three days, but its playback is very high.

In nearly 30 videos:

Three videos reached 8 million , including one20 million ;

10 videos reached 1 million ;

The average broadcast volume of 30 works reached 2.6 million ;

The main reason why this account can receive such ads is that the fans are very accurate.

The proportion of fans at the age of 18-23 has reached 72%, which is accuratestudent.

The video content is highly related to college students’ life, study and work.

This type of video production threshold is low, very friendly to novices.

The reason why I share this project with you is that this account is easy to imitate and has strong liquidity, which is very suitable for you to operate.

How to do it?

First videoAlthough it was a real person, he didn’t show up during the whole process. It was all due to editing:

Step 1: Go to Tiktok orSocial networking sitesQuora is looking for topics related to college students’ certificates, exams, part-time jobs, and interviews, as well as a copy of the money explosion.

Step 2: import the copy into the teleprompter (flick the small program) and shoot with your mobile phone.

Step 3: Find the heelInclude relevant pictures and video materials (collected at the end of the website of copyright free high-definition materials), and import them for editing.

Of course, if you don’t want to appear on the screen, you can also edit and re create the material directly, and use AI voice software (Magic Sound Workshop) or clip to dub.

The above is how to play this project, no matter it is WenThe material of the case is still shooting and editing, which can be operated as long as there is a mobile phone. It is very simple.

In addition, such accounts can also lead fans to private domains for back-end cash, such as official account for receiving advertisements, selling products, selling classes, etc.

When channeled to WeChat, the realization effect of such vertical fans can be at least doubled.

everybodyYou can turn over the video of Fat Cat. There is a drain advertisement. The drain effect is very good.

It is not difficult to repeat the account. It can even be said that making money is an inevitable result, just a matter of time.

But these are based on two foundations: start immediately and persist in optimization.

When you start, there will beOpportunity, the longer you stick to it, the greater the opportunity.

Write at the end:

Most people can’t make money not because they don’t know how to make money, but because they don’t believe they can make money, or they can’t insist on making money.

The more money you can’t earn, the more you want, and the more you wantIf you go deep into doing something, you will not be able to do it, and you will be less able to earn money.

I have been trapped in this strange circle of “wanting” but “not”.

The way to break this cycle is to adapt to the rules and slow down.

Don’t force yourself to get results for long, just insist on doing it every day.

Just be sure that oneEvery project can make money, and all the energy in the future will be focused on how to do a good job in this project, how to output stably, and how to optimize the content, instead of looking back and questioning it.

Work on it, and it will be done.

A blue ocean profit making project that can be copied by ordinary people without brain execution and realized 120000 dollars in three months


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