How does Digi APP video benefit? One month’s easy income of 5000 for the order number, and understand the project breakdown


In this world, there is no project that can not be done,

How does Digi APP video benefit? One month’s easy income of 5000 for the order number, and understand the project breakdown


The same project, different people to do,

The result will be different!

The project is not the most important,

The important thing is always the person who works on the project,

For those who used to pursue projects,

As long as we can understand this truth,

The best results will be achieved in 2022!!!

Today, I’d like to introduce a project:

How to benefit from DOW APP,

Detailed project breakdown, understand!

What is a gain?

Dewu APP is a trendy shopping community. Its main user group is young male users. The platform focuses on sales, fashion shoes, fashion clothes, watches and accessories, 3C digital, beauty, automobile, etc.


1. Downloaded apps can be directly downloaded in major mobile application markets.

2. Register your account directly with your mobile phone.

3. Fill in the basic information.

4. To determine the product category, it is better to create a vertical account, and click in all fields of each platform, find a category that you are interested in or a popular platform to operate on.

5. Find a good benchmarking account. When the field is determined, find a benchmarking account in the field. Find a few good accounts to imitate and learn. This is the best shortcut to quickly grasp the essence of the project.

6. Prepare materials

(1)It is original, you can directly buy the corresponding real object on the platform for shooting, and then return it after shooting, or you can go to offline physical stores for trial, and then take a picture of the process before editing and publishing.

(2) We media platform is used to transport materials from other platforms, which can be reused after simple secondary processing.

(3) Foreign networkThe website searches for materials, such as YouTube, tiktok, etc.

7. To apply for revenue from opening, the platform currently has certain requirements for revenue from video opening. More than 5 original videos must be released, and the account level must reach LV3.

When the requirements are met, click “Register Now” in the Creation Center directlyYes, the review period is generally 6 days, and the revenue can be automatically opened as long as it passes.

At present, the platform has three realization channels:

1. Directly become a seller to sell products;

2. Directly become a delivery person to earn grass planting reward and video broadcast income;

3. It is realized by planting grass and draining it to the personal flow pool.

The current access of the platformThere are not many resident creators, and the platform has always had support activities to encourage more creators to join. It also has a dedicated incubation community, where newcomers can learn in groups.

At present, the video unit price is relatively high,10000 playback, about 100$about,The benefits are considerable.

Specific operation process

1. Platform support

Current averageTaiwan needs a large number of operators to settle in and continue to withdraw from the creator incentive activities. Therefore, the earlier you enter the site, the earlier you will benefit. At present, all the orders that are settled in Early Bubble Online can earn more than 10000 dollars a month.

It may not be as high as it was at the beginning, but it will be 5000 dollars a month$There are still someI hope so.

At present, the content control of the platform is relatively loose, and it can be successfully released as long as it is not hard copied.

2. Dividend of information difference

The platform will also invite high-quality talents from other platforms to settle in, but the platform still needs ordinary creators to settle in if it wants to develop better, so there is an information difference bonus.

sureDirectly inSocial networking sitesOn Quora, we found some benchmarking accounts. How did they write and publish content, learn their writing skills, imitate them first, and then slowly surpass them!


If you want to do a good job in any project, you need to invest energy and spend time to operate it. No project can easily gain benefitsIt is a long-term project. The revenue from opening is only the foundation, and the continuous operation of subsequent accounts is the key point. As long as you persist, you will be able to obtain higher revenue.

That’s all for this article

How does Digi APP video benefit? One month’s easy income of 5000 for the order number, and understand the project breakdown


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