Sideline project: novel CPS in-depth analysis, 300 per day income is not a big problem!


For the novel CPS project, I believe you are familiar with it. In the online earning circle, its threshold is relatively low, so that everyone wants a piece of the cake, which leads to the repeated prohibition of various vulgar novels. Of course, we never recommend the play method of edge ball, which can not achieve long-term output, so the wayI still have to go straight.

Sideline project: novel CPS in-depth analysis, 300 per day income is not a big problem!

Of course, the current competition in the novel industry is very big. The initial group of people have already gone ashore, but now it is basically a “lie and earn” business. Users will continue to generate profits as long as they re purchase. Therefore, the current competition in the novel industry is very hot, and the profit margin is relatively small. But,This doesn’t mean that you can’t make money, but it just means that your way is right. After all, when there is nothing to do, it’s OK to take CPS as a long-term project.

Overview: CPS for fiction is mainly divided into two steps: “docking platform promotion to make money”.

As for the docking platform, Google searches a lotJust find the reliable ones. Here are a few: Weixiaobao, Handzhongyun, Tencent Reading, Netease, Zhushuyun, etc.

To get down to business, let’s talk about the root of CPS in novels – drainage.

The platform is solved, the project is solved, and the rest is traffic. No matter any project, the root problem isThe flow goes up and extends. Without the flow, everything is in vain.

About drainage:

First, WeChat group chat.

This group of users is more accurate, especially in the era of smart phones. No matter young or old, they like to play with mobile phones, and there are countless people who like to read novels. I don’t know about others, but my old man reads novels every dayAs for those who didn’t know how to read free novels at the beginning, they always paid to read them on WeChat official account and purchased them according to a single chapter. To make a simple pricing, you should spend a few cents a chapter. If you don’t have anything to do in a day, it should not be a problem to read 7-80 chapters. Then you should spend dozens every day$Expenses.

ThereforeUsers are very accurate. Just drop bait in the large groups of chat and wait for the hook. Another kind of group chat with cost is to buy WeChat groups. Google searches for a bunch of “WeChat group chat” for you to choose from. I have shared articles about group chat in previous articles, so you can browse them if necessary.

Second, short video platform advertising.

Bloggers with accounts can do it by themselves, and those without accounts can direct Dou small assistant advertising. I believe that when you play Tiktok, you will more or less brush some advertising text, and finally let you go to xxx app or xxx official account to continue to read the full text. You only need to fire a short video,Your fans will grow to a new height.

Third, micro blog we media platform drainage.

My fans can basically play microblogging. I have written too many tutorials about microblogging. At present, our virtual projects are mainly rooted in microblogging, so you only need to play novel CPSYou can apply it. The content is still to copy your novel chapters. At the end of the text, you can directly leave “Read the full text, please reply to xxxxx on xxxxx official account to get it”, which is very simple. Even, you can also approve a logo image to be used as the cover for display, because microblogging is not very good for the review of advertising flowStrict, so we should be confident and bold.

It is really unclear how to play microblogging. Please refer to the following article:

Teach you how to attract thousands of fans every day. Novice can also operate!

Fourth, Quora automatic drainage.

As for Quora’s drainage method, it was shared before but was officially deleted. Here’s a brief introduction. QuoraThe play method of is similar to that of Weibo, which still uses copying. In addition, if you need to jump to the page directly, there is a link function at the top of Quora. Click the link function to insert images and text, and convert it to card form. In this way, you do not need to advertise. The user clicks to pop up the copy, QR code, and link you have set in advanceSystem mode, etc. (I always feel that it’s almost nothing without a picture. I’ll give you one.)

After the above interface box pops up, you can directly insert your background link the name description displayed on the card.

The above is an outline of our media playing methods. Generally speaking, the playing methods are the same. Many people may sayHow can we say that the outline is over when there are headlines, posts and B stations that haven’t been shared? For this kind of problem, it comes to a conclusion that “the drainage of the text type we media platform is just a logic. You only need to master a set of drainage logic, then you can master it all flexibly.”

Sharing here is almost over. If you don’t have any sidelinesSo, you might as well go to the novel CPS. At present, the market is still adequate. You should know that the current bubble online profit is the era of We Media, and there are many ways to master traffic. As for whether you can do traffic, just flip through my historical articles and inadvertently learn some tips. To put it bluntly, those who follow us in the projectPartners, in a year or two, it will be much easier for you to do a virtual project about diversion and transaction, and you should at least avoid detours.

Sideline project: novel CPS in-depth analysis, 300 per day income is not a big problem!


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