Powerful blue ocean project magic teaching project play method disassembly


I believe everyone has seen magic, but do you know? Magic teaching can be done as a project, but this project has been ignored by many people. Now there is a very violent and simple way to play. Today, I will take a few minutes to explain it in detail.

Powerful blue ocean project magic teaching project play method disassembly

Actually, magic is not strange to us. We usually watch TVSome short video apps will be available, and you will find that many accounts are doing magic. Through some observations on these accounts, you can find that his overall fan data and his ratings are very impressive.

So what can we see from these data? First, let’s analyzeMagic this board$

First,Its upper limit is relatively high. It can be seen from the whole volume of some large sizes, which are basically hundreds of millions, and some even tens of millions of fans.

It is also common to look at other fields in this way. If you want to know how high the upper limit of this field is, you can look at this fieldThe upper limit of the domain can be seen by its size and height.

Second point,Magic teaching may sound a little mysterious, but in fact, its production threshold is not high. Next, I will tell you how to make video content in detail.

In addition, the magic video has a low thresholdThe traffic is still very large, which is different from many other fields. Magic’s traffic is very good whether it is on the headlines, Tiktok or other We Media platforms. As long as your content can meet the basic standards, it will not be too bad in general.

Third,The realization is very broad, it will not be like othersThe field can not be changed after it is done. The magic field has a strong liquidity ability. We can compare it with film and television clips. The traffic of film and television clips is really good, but it is difficult to realize.

And magic teaching$The realization is very broad. It is very good to teach with goods or do magic projects in other aspectsSo what should we do?

First of all, if we want to play well in this project, we must focus on traffic, especially the current natural traffic. If we want to have traffic, we must first do a good job in content.

According to the way each group can control this field, we divide it into low threshold andHigh threshold 2 video production methods.

First, let’s talk about the first low threshold production method. If you are unfamiliar with this industry or a novice player, what should you do to get started?

There are two ways. The first way is to carry the magic video on Aiyouteng, but there is still some overlap in the carrying video on AiyoutengRisk, so we need to do the operation of de duplication. You can find some online tutorials to see the operation of de duplication. I won’t introduce it in detail.

The second is the transportation channels of overseas videos, such as TikTok, Youtube, ins and other platforms. These channels do not need to be heavy, but can be directly transportedSo, there are a lot of magic teaching on it, which is very detailed and clear. It is a very good channel, and you can look for it in detail.

So, we know that the first threshold operation is direct handling. Are there other ways to play besides direct handling? How to operate the high threshold?

Simply putIn fact, there are two ways to take a live shot. One is to find a magician to cooperate, because we can’t do magic. We find some online magicians. There are many magicians. You can go to the magic shop and make videos for him to show up.

How to divide it? We need to talk about some cooperationA little trouble. I also suggest you do the second form, which is to demonstrate and shoot magic by yourself. In fact, magic is a layer of window paper, which is not so mysterious,

Maybe you don’t understand its principle when you watch it for the first time, and you think it’s amazing, but when you really understand and know the mystery behind itWait, you will find this really simple.

Many magic tricks are done with props. The focus is on the props. I suggest one of these two ways. No matter how you want to do it, I will give you some suggestions. For example, we can go to a treasure to buy a tutorial

After getting the tutorial, everyone will watch the teachingLearn it after the video, and then spend dozens$You can buy props, buy your own demonstration, and teach others yourself, so that you can quickly learn and teach others, shoot your own original live video and send it to the operation platform, so that you are well prepared for both the content and the later realization.

In the bigTwo suggestions:

First, knowledge payment. The simplest way to pay for knowledge is to sell tutorials, including the 20G tutorials$Money is easy, or you can make your own tutorials to sell. The price is set by yourself, as long as you bring in people who like magic and then pay for knowledge.

the secondIt’s about selling props. As I just mentioned, many magic tricks are actually realized through props. Props are the core. As long as you have props, simple operations can make people look magical. Especially some magic tricks such as flirting with girls, courtship and confession are very popular.

Many boys go to learn Jane in order to perform for their girlfriendsSingle magic, props are our main way of realization. You can also bring goods directly, one in the video, the other in the live broadcast,

In a word, we can take whatever channel is good for carrying goods. As long as there is traffic and demand, we can directly transform it. It is a good realizationpattern.

If you bring goods, you can open a small store, or hang the goods directly on Tiktok to get commission.

The third realization mode is mainly private domain$Many people have WeChat and contact information on their accounts. Why do they keep them?

In fact, it is to accumulate his private domain by adding WeChatWhen there are 1000, 10000 or even 100000 friends, its power cannot be underestimated.

Whether selling goods or tutorials, you can make a deal on WeChat. What’s the key? It can be realized directly here.

The above three realization modes can be flexibly applied. In short, this projectUp, as long as there is traffic, there will be no shortage of cash.

Well, today’s project disassembly teaching will be shared here. See you next time.

Powerful blue ocean project magic teaching project play method disassembly


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