Copying and pasting profitable projects, making use of information difference, and earning 100000 dollars a month


In order to better grasp the search search technology

Copying and pasting profitable projects, making use of information difference, and earning 100000 dollars a month

I deal with WeChat index, Google index and other data analysis tools every day

Just search 2000 words on the index every day to see if anyone is doing research

Watch this time

I really know a lot of industries that make a lot of money

andMost of them are small projects without any technical content, which many people don’t like

But for such a project, the minimum income of others is one00000 dollars a month

Today, I searched for the word “part-time job” and found that only a few accounts were being used for searching

I clicked to see several articles published on the official account with the same titleXiaoyi, but they all hit a key keyword: part-time job

Secondly, the title is very attractive, such as:

Part time: 300$/Zhang, find the wrong character, daily settlement

Part time: 80$/Article. Those who can spell are preferred

Such titles are attractive enough, short enough and direct enough, but all haveThere is enough attraction. housewife group, college students group, and those who want to do sidelines. When they see such titles, 90% of people will click on them to find out

After I read the content, 5 words: I felt lonely

Throughout the article, the information about this part-time job is very clear

For example: fraud prevention tips, manuscript requirements, contributionsMethod, precautions, notice of manuscript passing

Finally, they left their email address for receiving manuscripts

It also reminds you that you must like it and click to see it, so that you can be turned over and the chance of winning the draft will be increased

This account has more than 10000 articles

Other related accounts, about 3000 or 4000 articles

Mass distributed articlesIn the chapter, I saw the advertisements they received, which were about voice training, eloquence training, dubbing training and course training

After adding business WeChat, they sent me a quotation, and the account number of 200000 fans quoted 1000$, tens of thousands of fans’ accounts quoted 600 to 700

I searched their accounts and summarized them as follows:

1Simply copy and paste the information on the recruitment app platform, and publish it through the WeChat official account channel to attract the attention of people who want to do sidelines

2. The way of realization mainly depends on the flow of customers, advertisements and customers

In fact, it’s really simple to operate

When I was in college, I saw a lot of students coming to collegeInstitutions handling part-time cards, 200$A membership card is just to provide you with information about part-time jobs. It can be seen that college students, the online earning group, still have a great demand for part-time jobs on weekends

These official account publish attractive part-time information every day, which is free of charge. They also remind you not to be cheatedDon’t trust any part-time job that requires payment

Many people who lack discrimination trust these official account

If you have trust, you will like it and help spread it. If you have more fans, you will naturally get more reading and make more money

Through analysis, I found that this is a small project that everyone can operate

Register several official account everyTianqu Intern Monk, 58 Recruiting and other apps screen information, copy and paste online part-time jobs to their own official account and publish them

You can even copy and paste the articles of your peers directly, because no one marks them as original (I use a small copy, paste and push them out, and naturally read dozens of articles)

Publish one or two hundred articlesThe article goes out, hits all the key words, and waits for the majority of sideline groups to search

Imitate the current peers, and design a little routine in the article, so that groups eager to find an online part-time job can help you spread

The growth rate is still very fast. I think most of the accounts they run have only changed their names for a few months

Used by one personIn my spare time, I copy and paste every day, join dozens of part-time groups, publish articles and push them to the group

You play a part-time information channel provider

The most important thing is free, which is very popular

What I did was a good thing for her. In fact, I just changed my way of making money

See here, I guess someone is excited

Is there such an easy and simple money making project?

In fact, there are quite a few small projects like this, but many people just don’t pay attention to finding them

Copying and pasting profitable projects, making use of information difference, and earning 100000 dollars a month


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