The project of basics to make money in the game, which earns 50000 dollars a month by buying at a low price and selling at a high price


One of the advantages of doing the Internet is that there are many projects that can make money. Let alone the investment and cycle of the project, it is really dazzling to just talk about the standard of getting something done.

The project of basics to make money in the game, which earns 50000 dollars a month by buying at a low price and selling at a high price

For example, I recently disassembled the book number, Tiktok Diaoke, and foreign questionnaires,Social networking sites, knowledge payment mall, etc.

toYou need to judge which project can play longer and earn more. Except for a few gifted people, most people’s sense of smell is accumulated by operating projects over a long period of time.

From 2015 to now, I have done many projects and made some money, but I really missed many high-quality projects。

I have stumbled in many projects. My standard is that I have passed one of ten projects, and I have passed three. That is, I have become excellent, and I have become five. I must say that I am the best of the best.

People who do projects will have the cost of trial and error. Even if our sense of smell allows us to choose the right project, it does not necessarily guarantee meWe can make it.

Another important factor is to have a reliable circle, so that you can avoid detours, trample on pits and waste less time. To put it bluntly, it is to reduce the information gap, which is also a main direction for me to spend money.

Today we will analyze the next project of moving bricks in the game:Steam brick moving project

Presumably, some people have heard of this project, and it is very popular now.

Project principle:

Recharge dollars on Steam platform, buy props, and move bricks to Netease BUFF platform for trading to earn profits.

The operation method is to use some channels and experience skills to buy some low price props, and then on the domestic platformSell high to earn the difference.

This difference mainly includes exchange rate difference and price difference.

At this moment, according to the exchange rate of 6.37, $100 can be exchanged for $637$

Taking this game prop as a commodity, we are a middleman.

If we buy the original and offer the original price, there must be no profitRun, if it doesn’t work out well, we will lose money.

However, if steam platform promotes greatly, or if we have special channels and can buy these game props for 80 dollars, will we be able to earn 20 dollars more.

The figure below shows the price on a treasure. On a treasure, a $100 recharge card only costs 470$(and lower):

Another point is the difference in the price of game equipment, such as my purchase price of 30$, sold 33$In this way, the price difference can also be made. This is not the key point. The price of the props will follow the market and will not be decided by us unilaterally.

To put it bluntly, purchase at the lowest possible pricePrice sold.

Project advantages:

Steam and Netease Buff are large game platforms with many players. You can play them no matter which country you are. There are a lot of equipment for trading. The user base is large, and props can be traded easily.

In addition, the props trading did not violate the platform’s policy, and the platform will draw a percentageIt is a long-term project.

Project profit:

According to the purchase price of a treasure in the above figure, it is sold at par, without considering the price increase, and roughly calculated.

Exchange rate difference: 637-470=167

Profit margin: 167/470=35.5%

Several platforms:

Let’s meet Netease buff and steam firstPlatform and accelerator uu accelerator

Netease BUFF:

STEAM platform:

Before operation, you need to download another uu accelerator: to the steam communityaccelerate

Steam platform is a game and software platform developed and designed by Bram Cohen, a BitTorrent developer hired by Valve. Steam platform is one of the largest comprehensive digital distribution platforms in the world. Players can purchase, download and discuss on this platform, upload and share games and software.

Project operation:

First of all, we need a steam account to register for the beauty service. After seven days, we can recharge $20, fill in the basic information, activate the account, and start trading.

Step 2: Install the basic software steam computer version, Netease buff trading platform, GoogleBrowser, of course, ladder is necessary.

Step 3: You can buy a recharge card on a treasure, focusing on how to buy a high-quality card with low price and reliability. If a person wants to buy a black card at a low price, the account may be red letter.

Step 4: Select some popular products, and go in to check the products before confirming themThe transaction record and transaction price of the period can also be calculated on Netease buff. If there are many, the range can be considered. If we choose the cold products, the circulation speed of the props is unfavorable to us.

Currently popular game: csgo dota2

matters needing attention:

1. Frequent area changeMay lead to red letter of account

2. The project needs a certain amount of capital, which is calculated according to 30% of the profit. For example, if the monthly profit is 30000 dollars, the principal is 100000 dollars.

3. The steam account can be traded 15 days after it is registered (registered in the American service). First, bind the buff and steam platforms together,Then steam can sell the game props on BUFF 7 days after he buys them. It is sold in three days, a total of 26 days.

The later period is ten days of buying and selling. In combination with the above article, in general, the project has a pressure on funds.

4. The account needs real name authentication. One real name can onlyRegister two BUFF accounts. If you want to operate in batches, you must have multiple authentication information.

5. If a black card is used, the account may be abnormal and the principal may be damaged. Therefore, it is risky to be greedy for bargains and low discounts. For example, if the exchange rate is very low, and the exchange rate is below 400, be especially careful of black merchants.

6. If the selected items are not selected properly, they are overstocked, leading to a longer payment collection cycle. In the same way as e-commerce, product selection is the top priority, and software is mainly for auxiliary+manual selection.

Focus on the current sales, transaction record and price trend. It is recommended to compare the price before buying. Is there any operable profit differenceIt is not recommended to operate if the lubrication does not exceed 20%.

7. It is calculated according to three accounts operated by one person, and certain labor is required for amplification.

8. At present, steam and buff platforms are stable, which is a favorable factor.

9. When selling, set the price and use the automatic delivery software. Someone bought it,Automatic shipment can be realized. It is convenient without manual participation.

10. Frequent region switching may lead to the risk of red letter in the account.

11. The price fluctuates. It cannot be sold within 7 days after purchase. The price of props may fluctuate during this period.

12. It is sold on the Netease buff platform. There are two modes: wholesale and retailWholesale can be completed immediately, but the profit margin is certainly not as high as that of retail. Wholesale or retail depends on personal conditions.

The project of basics to make money in the game, which earns 50000 dollars a month by buying at a low price and selling at a high price


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