[Babysitter Tutorial] Long term stability project of virtual materials on social networking sites, with no technical content, and easy daily entry of 100+



[Babysitter Tutorial] Long term stability project of virtual materials on social networking sites, with no technical content, and easy daily entry of 100+

Moneymaking thinking

If someone wants to ask what the biggest goal is in 2022, there are only two words: making money!

They are all adults. If they even talk about money, they are doomed to be nothing.

In fact, there are many visionaries in life. They talk about ideas, make plans and want to make money every day. But they turn around and find that they even have shoesNot wearing it, let alone taking the first step.

No matter what you do, if you wait for you to make the overall plan, the day lily will be cold. It is the right idea to seek stability, but the opportunity to make money, especially on the Internet, is fleeting. A little hesitation may only lead to leeks!

So, 2022Be a person who dare to think and do!

Don’t talk too much, have dinner!


A little more

I don’t know if you have found that many of the current so-called latest and most profit-making online profit projects are nothing more than changing the name of the old project, changing the name, and packaging it a little bit, but they really can’t stop the enthusiasm of leeks,Owling rushed up with his neck.

Many Internet projects are just a few words. When you throw a streamlined project in front of him, he thinks you are a liar instead. After all, the chives are yearning for high income and mindless operation.

In fact, sometimes it can’t be said that others cut leeks. After all, there are many projects that only need to go to the gymYes, we can get beautiful results. However, many people took the project and found it was just like that after disassembling it. They even saved the operation and directly labeled it: he cut leeks!

It’s OK to say no more, but there’s a lot of food here.


Project introduction

What I bring to you today isSocial networking sitesVirtual assetsThe operation of material sideline is very simple, and it can even be said that there is no technology to speak of, and the income is unlimited.

Many people may be somewhat vague about the concept of virtual materials. Simply speaking, online courses, electronic materials, applications, pictures and audio are virtual materials.

The virtual data project is actually a very oldOf course, the project is also enduring. After all, the big market and high income of virtual materials are here.

As long as you like browsing the Internet and can skillfully use the search engine, the virtual material project can really achieve zero investment and entrepreneurship! The materials can be sold repeatedly for an unlimited number of times, and proper projects with no cost and high profit.


Project Practice

1、 Identify areas

You should know the saying “The heart is not enough to swallow the elephant”. What does it mean? If you are too greedy, you will be harmed by your own desires. The market for virtual materials is huge. At the beginning, we don’t want to sell all materials,Aim at a market segment and dig deeply

First, deeply tap customers and understand and analyze their needs; The second is to excavate data and do a good job of classification and sorting.

If all the data are complete, it is not good for you to collect data and find customers.

Currently, the recommended ones areKindergarten teacher materials, public examination materials, postgraduate entrance examination materials, junior high school learning materials。 These are the currentIf you have the resources in other fields, you can also do it. Or in the process of operation, if you find a new field with good market prospects, you can also operate.

Choosing a good field and setting a good goal is the first step. If you omit this step, thenDon’t read the text.

2、 Registered account

The meaning of this step should be very clear, that is, to register with your own mobile phone number or the mobile phone number of your family and friendsSocial networking sitesAccounts, because these accounts are our necessary tools!

Nicknames and profiles should be related to materials and resources as much as possible, and can also add a lot of natural searchesCable flow. If you don’t know how to write it, justSocial networking sitesJust look at how your peers write.

After the account is registered, it will normally be used for two days, which is called “maintenance account”. Search more creators in the same field to see how their content is produced. Pay more attention and praise them. We don’t know what content to post in the futureYou can refer to them.

3、 Prepare resources

Resources can be collected in the process of registration. How can resources come from?

1. Resource sharing station

There are many free resource sharing websites and blogs on the Internet. Pay more attention to these websites, and save them when you meet the right ones.

Resource sharing station: Wuai Cracking, UP Cloud Searchttps://www.upyunso.com/

2. Official account

If you want any information, you can search the official account, which will definitely let you discover the new continent. Try again if you say more. This is also one of the common ways I find information.

3. Salted fish, Pinxi, Zhuanzhuan, Amazon and other e-commerce platforms

Cheap andGood to use! Whoever uses it knows. All the materials have been sorted out for you and can be used immediately. This requires a small fee. If you want to practice your search skills, you can try the first two methods.

4、 Publishing content

That is to publish notes, which can be pictures or videos. Maybe someone left the room after seeing the contentDrum! In fact, it is absolutely unnecessary, because it is really simple.

For example, if you are a kindergarten teacher, you can play the kindergarten courseware PPT directly and make it into an animation, which can be done directly with clip, or you can record the screen directly if you don’t want to use clip; Or you can directly export the teaching plan as a bubble online profit picture to publish; reallyNo, you should be able to capture your online disk data directly.

Then it is to constantly optimize the content. The best way is to send multiple accounts and content at the same time. Even if one account only has 1000 readers, it can attract 5 potential customers. If you have 10 accounts, you can attract 50 customers,Not to mention that some content can’t be pointed out, and then it will become angry

5、 Drain private domain

After posting notes, you can get them under the guidance of the comment area, so as to guide customers to WeChat or official account, and pay attention to the wording when leading

You can also write down the contact information in the homepage and personal profile (not recommended)

6、 Realization method

Can orderIndividual materials can also be sold in packages at customized prices. If you don’t know how to price, go to a complete consulting experience of peer services. For example, if 9.9 is a single document, 19.9 can receive all the documents. The price of data in each field can be determined according to the degree of difficulty in obtaining, which depends on personal wishes

7、 Warm mentionshow

1. Take the first step bravely. The project is done, not seen.

2. Don’t ask others first when you encounter problems. You can solve 90% of the problems by seeing how your peers solve them.

3. Try to stick to one project for three months!

If you do not know how to operate after reading this article, the following video courses are recommended:

BaiweiBusiness School · Teach You to Make MoneySocial networking sitesIP account, thorough understandingSocial networking sitesThe real way to play

[Babysitter Tutorial] Long term stability project of virtual materials on social networking sites, with no technical content, and easy daily entry of 100+


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