Operating the student’s learning materials as a sideline, earning 500 $a day


A housewife asked me if there were any projects that could be operated when the children went to school. Every day they were picked up and sent the children to school. There was a lot of time left. In fact, there were many sidelines, just depending on whether you wanted to operate. I said that since you sent the students to school, I would say a case about making money for students, which could be regarded as0 investment, not even this amount of money.

Operating the student’s learning materials as a sideline, earning 500 $a day

In fact, the play is very simple, that is, Tiktok,Social networking sites, Quora and Kwai release learning materials about students on these platforms. These materials can be printed out for learning. There are primary schools, middle schools, and high schools. It is just to process some high-quality materials into videosDistribute to all major platforms, leave contact information, and finally sell materials.

Tiktok can play with violence like this. The cover is directly advertising, and the introduction is direct guidance, saying 9.9$In fact, there is only one subject. If you want more, the price is particularly high. This is the current drainage mode for this project, which is to test the dataThe volume production is released to the Internet in the form of video, looking for those who need it. This is especially smart. He said it is Hengzhong’s information.

This kind of video can’t be simpler. It’s a fool’s operation, which is to make pictures into videos. Tiktok has this function, or it can be made quickly with some softwareMany people say that there is no data, not no data but limited by thinking. What you need is to change the way to obtain data. This money is very small and can be ignored. For example, Shangpinduoduo, Shangxianyu, or directly purchase information from peers.

There are many places to find, such as a treasure, andIf you want to operate this project, you can directly find a peer, buy peer information, and some QQ groups on the forum can find a lot of information, just to see if you want to operate. The data is a selling point, which leads the traffic to WeChat. This teacher is crazy to update and update the data in the circle of friends every day.

My researchFor each project, I will consult in person, take myself as a user, purchase materials, and directly ask any unclear questions about how much is needed. This is what other people must do to study. That is, follow him to complete all the processes. I will study whether he is on personal WeChat, enterprise WeChat, or official account, and whether he is manually trading, or automatic transaction.

A single grade is required 134$If you want to buy all the materials, the price is really high. You should know that parents will not be soft on preparing materials for children and buying learning things for children, so you really need these materials. The price is really not high, and you need them directlyplace an order.

I didn’t plan to buy it. I couldn’t earn my money. I just looked at its price and its operation skills. Only two or three orders a day, that’s 500$about. As long as you update a video every day, you can attract dozens of people every day. The need is to execute. If I want to do it, I even have a videoNo, I’ll give you my ideas.

I directly search for videos produced in this field on Tiktok. I download all the videos and find all the information. What I need to do at this time is to reprocess these videos and directly transport them toSocial networking sites, or Kwai, or other short video platformsBatch operation is to transfer videos from one platform to other platforms.

At present, many people use the official account to operate. Sometimes we have too many videos, and there is a limit on the number of people who can add personal WeChat every day, so we can first channel the traffic to the official account, then send some data for free, add WeChat to receive, and thisThe sample flow is retained, and the risk is relatively small.

Finally, we need to pay attention to the details. The best way to do this is to get a teacher from WeChat. If you are a teacher, you can start this matter directly. It is more professional. You know some of the students’ situation, and it will be better to make a deal. So this matter can really be operated,Under simple operation, the monthly income is much better than working.

One month’s hard work should not be a problem. Let me see how many people are interested. I can find information for you, test traffic, and you can make money. Is this project difficult, really not difficult, but many people just don’t do itIt’s very difficult to get this. In fact, many projects are really simple. As long as you understand them, it’s the same thing. If you understand it, you can execute it. I will arrange the team’s operation test recently to get the results as soon as possible.

Operating the student’s learning materials as a sideline, earning 500 $a day


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