Accompanying others to see a doctor, and taking a part-time job for more than 200 just needed good projects


People who have been to the hospital will always witness the helplessness of some elderly people who are alone and without children.

Accompanying others to see a doctor, and taking a part-time job for more than 200 just needed good projects

Even simply hanging a number can’t be done. As a bystander, you can feel the sadness, helplessness, healing and reality.

What is the truth?

The children are too busy to find time to see their elderly parents.

Sure, bigSome children are still filial, and some are accompanied by more than one family member to see a doctor, but those lonely and helpless elderly people have no hope.

Therefore, it is a good project to find a profitable business in special groups and accompany others to see a doctor in the epidemic environment.

Accompanying others to see a doctor has also been promoted as a new profession “AccompanyingDoctors “, specially help those who are unaccompanied and can’t see a doctor, and line up to get the number, but there is no standardized pricing.

It is learned that a part-time accompanying doctor disclosed the remuneration for accompanying doctors within 4 hours 228$If the time limit is exceeded, the price will be increased again.

A professional assistant diagnostician will take 2 orders every day to calculate the incomeIt can reach 1000$about.

Some people say that the demand for this project is not high.

Some people say that this project can solve the problem of many lonely old people seeking medical treatment.

Let’s start with the first point.

What is the essence of low demand?

The main old people are basically accompanied by their grandchildren to see a doctor, so they do not need to accompany a doctor to serve them, and naturally they cannot receive themSingle, you can’t get income in it.

According to normal reasoning, this is indeed the case.

Let’s talk about the second point.

Affected by the epidemic, some children can’t even come back because they work in other places. This is a common phenomenon in society, and we can’t blame them for their lack of filial piety.

It’s like being powerless and isolated for half a month, which is just too troublesome. It is a stab at the sad heart of those workers who go out.

Since there is a need to accompany people to see a doctor, there must be someone to take orders.

In which region you are in, you can register with the local designated clinic companion organization, and they will assign you to do this kind of service, but it is impossible to get full profits,It needs to be divided into special institutions.

It is not difficult to find in the comments that the role of accompanying doctors is very important for those who are single to do painless gastroscopy.

Those young people who choose celibacy cannot avoid it when they are old and sick. Since they have no children, they should pay for a service attitudeGood consultant.

Spending money to find someone to run errands to see a doctor, get a report, and accompany the patient throughout the whole process is a one-stop service.

The charge is more than 200 within 4 hours, which is reasonable.

After all, everyone’s time is valuable. This is a public welfare charging project.

We go to see the elderly around or live in a remote placeOld people in the area.

When a disease comes to them, it is so sad that they have no money and no one to accompany them.

Back to the topic, what is included in the accompanying service? After analyzing this customer case, it is clear that the whole process is sorted out once.

First of all, the callers look for accompanying medical services on some platforms to collect accompanying medical servicesContact information of the medical staff, and make an appointment to start the service.

Then, you can help the caller to hold the child, take the Yao, register, and sort out the documents. They will handle all the things that were originally to be handled by themselves.

Charging standard: 280 for less than 2 hours$The accompanying fee of.

This is the general processThis article also wants to take a part-time job to receive orders. It is necessary to know about this service in advance.

This is a career under the sun, not a small project.

You need to analyze the proportion of the elderly, widows and older singles in China, so you can know the demand behind this project.

In addition, some female college students from other places are alsoKinds of accompanying groups.

The common problem is pregnancy on campus. I never dare to tell my parents about this, nor do I want to find classmates to accompany me and talk about it.

The only thing to do is to kill the baby secretly without knowing it.

It also includes those weak and helpless female students who dare not have an abortion alone. What should they do? look forA reliable person has much more courage to accompany the doctor, and has temporarily found a dependent object.

I have written down all the money needs behind me, and then I will tell you how to accept orders.

For example, when I am in Hangzhou, the IP address is locked in this area.

what the hellGoogle search “accompany others to see a doctor”Will display the promotion websites in this region.

Websites like thisIt depends on Google’s bidding. If people choose to spend money on this project, there must be a profit margin.

To find out how to receive orders, ask the customer service staff of this website about the specific salary and other details.

perhapsSearch for “Physician”It will also show the relevant platforms and how to solve the problem of order receiving.

Last TotalKnot:

Accompanying others to see a doctor has expanded a career under the epidemic.

It is a good opportunity for those who do not have much income from their main business and want to do part-time jobs to earn some income.

The threshold is not high, and the operation is simple. It’s just the daily process of going to the hospital to help others and get an income. It’s also very goodItems for.

Those who are looking for a sideline can’t think of a way, so they might as well consider it.

Accompanying others to see a doctor, and taking a part-time job for more than 200 just needed good projects


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