(Nurse level tutorial) Paid book search project, using information difference to earn 200 dollars per day


Just imagine, if you are particularly interested in a book and want to read it immediately, but do not want to spend a lot of money to buy a genuine book, what should you do?

(Nurse level tutorial) Paid book search project, using information difference to earn 200 dollars per day

Yes, that is to find e-books. Today’s project is also related to e-books, that is“Search for books on behalf of others”

Is there a market for this project? The answer is yes. Human natureThere are weaknesses. One of them is to be greedy for bargains. Why not spend the least money to get the same effect?

In other words, the demand for e-books is here, but there are several people who can easily find the resources they want. Therefore, our target group came out, that is, those who want to spend a small amount of money or even do not spendA group of people whose money can find resources, but who cannot find resources themselves.

Don’t think that if you can find it, others will find it. The “information gap” will always exist, and there will be opportunities to make money.


Project Practice

1、 Knife sharpening (tool preparation)

Tools can be software, websites, and e-booksThe source is our battlefield. I recommend a tool for you to find all the e-book resources you want.

Download Google Browser and install the “Oil Monkey Script”. The way to obtain and use the script is at the end of the article.

Then enter the website: https://greasyfOrk.org/scripts/329484. After installing the download master of Douban resources, you can read and find books in Douban.

Douban Reading Address: https://book.douban.com/

2、 Look for the woods

There are two ways to search books:Title, Author, Book ISBN No

There is nothing to explain about the book name and author search, which means literally that you can directly enter the book name in the search column.

The second method is to find books by ISBN number. This method is very accurate, because the ISBN number of a book is unique.

How to find booksWhat about the ISBN number? For example, we can open an e-commerce platform at random and search the name of a book. The details page will usually be marked with the ISBN number of the book.

After we search for Douban books, we usuallyThe free book website will appear on the right side of the pageThese websites contain the resources we wantFor example, if I click a link at random, there will be a link to download the e-book! Let’s send the book we found to the customer.

You can find most of the resources by reading and looking for books in Douban. If you can’t find some rare books, you can alsoTry resource websites in other countries, there are not many waysExplain and understand everything.

3、 Chop firewood

Take the initiative

The market demand for books is huge, and the customer base is also huge. We can take the initiative to find customers who need books through some book exchange stations, add their WeChat and tap their needs.

Passive order issuing

It can also be used in salted fish and P Duoduo. Amazon opened a shop to attract customers, and people in need will naturally contact you when they see it.

4、 Realization expansion

1. The resources found can be classified, because e-books are virtual resources that can be reused. When resources accumulate to a certain amount, you can also sell e-book resources directly.

2. When you are familiar with the whole process of book searchAfter that, you also opened a training course to accept students. The tuition depends on how much you want to charge.

3. Drain WeChat, official account, store traffic, be Amazon customer, pull new software, etc

(Nurse level tutorial) Paid book search project, using information difference to earn 200 dollars per day


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