Unpredictable animation manual projects with over 10000 project ideas per month and low threshold zero cost entrepreneurial projects


Today, I would like to share with you an unexpected project. The animation manual business is an entrepreneurial project with low threshold and zero cost, which earns tens of thousands of dollars per month. The essence of this project is to earn the information difference of the unexpected. We will not sell the popular ones.

Unpredictable animation manual projects with over 10000 project ideas per month and low threshold zero cost entrepreneurial projects

Monkey King and Vegeta similar to the Seven Dragon Balls, Lufei and Shanks of the Pirate King, Sasuke of the famous Huoying, and even meDon’t sell this cartoon character whose name can be called without seeing Huoying. We can find those relatively small animes and find out how to handle these anime characters. If it is a very popular animation, such as the pirate king, we will find those small characters,

First, option

Handmade goods of these obscure charactersWhere can I find the source? You can search on 1688 for the keyword animation manual, and you can see the manual operations of various animation characters, but we do not sell all of them, but choose the manual operations that can sell. The specific judgment method is to copy the key words of the product, search on a treasure and Second hand goods trading platform, and see who sells the productThere is not much. If there is not much, it can be sold. If there is much, it can not. After all, this project makes cold money.

Second, profit

After judging that the product can be sold, we will look at the profit of this product. In the same way, we will compare 1688 with the same product on a treasure and a fish.Take Lihuazuo as an example, the price on 1688 is about 10 dollars, and the freight is less than 15 dollars.

However, the mainstream price of the same manual operation on a certain treasure is between 42 and 69 dollars, and the price on a certain fish is more diversified, with the high price reaching 830 dollars and the low price evenIf it costs 6 dollars and 5 dollars, is it worth selling? Are we going to compete with our peers at low prices?

As we all know, hand-operated products are sold for every penny. The price of the same product is different, and the quality is also different. Hand-operated players must want to buy a cost-effective product. The same hand-operated product is sold for 80. Some people sell it for 60 dollars, some people sell it for 16 dollars, and you sell it for 49 dollars. Some people will be willing to buy it from you.

In addition, consumers will have a mentality of taking the middle price. They worry about the quality problem when buying cheap products, but feel they are losing when buying expensive ones. Therefore, they are more inclined to choose the medium price products. After they make a profit online, they can talk about cooperation with businessesHe said that he would act as his agent and asked if he could send it in one store. I asked seven or eight stores, and each of them agreed without saying anything. After all, they were equivalent to an additional market, and they didn’t pay anything, so naturally they wouldn’t have any concerns.

Third, products on the shelves

Directly put the selected commodities on the shelves of the second-hand trading platform,Choose about 50. If someone asks you for photos, you can go to the buyer show in the store and Amazon to find the buyer show pictures of the same product. After the customer places an order, you can place an order with the 1688 supplier.

Conservative calculation: if only one person consults one day for each manual work, then 50 manual workThere will be 50 people consulting every day, even if the payment rate is only 1/10, that is to say, five orders can be issued every day. If one order only earns 25 dollars, it will also earn 125 dollars a day, which is about 3700 dollars a month. Then optimize it, replace the products that have not been consulted for a long time, and increase the consulting volume,The income will double when the consulting volume increases. It is still easy to earn 50 million to 1 million dollars of extra cash a month.

Unpredictable animation manual projects with over 10000 project ideas per month and low threshold zero cost entrepreneurial projects


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