Earn tens of small projects a day, and over 10000 dollars a month after upgrading and optimization


Recently, someone has been adding me to WeChat to ask me, what good projects do you have?

Earn tens of small projects a day, and over 10000 dollars a month after upgrading and optimization

I asked him what project he wanted. He said that the one that could make money quickly should be simple and not too complicated.

I said, why can I do such a good project for you? Most people want to do good projects.

Actually, for theseNoviceI’m not surprised at the questions raisedSurprise.

Because, previously, asNoviceI often ask others like this.

However, when others tell you that you must learn all kinds of knowledge and have all kinds of resources to make money on the Internet, and then combine the two together, making money is naturally simple.

Later, I thought it was true.

We are always disobedientI don’t ask myself how much I weigh or what I have.

Why, some people just contact the Internet, but they can earn more than 10000 dollars per month, while others spend several years, but earn very little money.


Because I don’t know the principle of reciprocity. The essence of business is that you solve problems for meI pay for this question.

If you have figured out this truth, it will be easier to make money.

Today I will share a project optimization case with you, so you can understand the essence of reciprocity.

I will optimize this project step by step to over 10000 dollars a month, so that you can understand the essence of it.

Elementary Play

If you often postWell, you know there are many small projects in the post bar, which are very interesting.

The picture above is the post posted by others in the post bar, the teacher’s teaching and examination materials.

This kind of information is everywhere on the network. If you are willing to spend time looking for it, 1000G will be fine for the whole day.

And this selling materialYes, what we do is to integrate resources.

Organize these free things into a collection, and a simple product will come out

And this product, without any money cost, can be found free in Google.

At this time, the positioning of the product determines your customer base. It’s very simpleThe customer group of is obviously aimed at those who want to take the teacher qualification certificate.

So long as you keep posting on the posts related to teachers. There are a lot of these post bars. I don’t know how to search them. It’s very simple. First, search on Google: normal colleges.

A lot of them appear immediately, and then copy the name of the university, and then go to the post bar to searchIt can accurately locate normal universities.

This is a way to find customer groups.

Speaking of this, many people will say that the post bar is not good for posting, and often delete posts. It’s not that difficult.

You always post to the strict supervision bar, can you not delete it?

Select some small bars to post. The defense is not high, and the traffic is OK. You willIt is almost every day when you see full screen advertisements.

With such a simple process, a complete project will be presented.

As long as you send it every day, there will always be income. Although the conversion rate is not high, the daily income is dozens$There is still money.

This is just the elementary game of virtual product sales. Next, I will tell you about the intermediate gameLaw.

Intermediate Play

Consider optimizing the project from the perspective of product and promotion.

If I came here, I would add a sentence to the product: long-term update

The effect was absolutely unexpected.

In terms of promotion, soft promotion and hard promotion are outdated.

What kind of soft articles do you write? First, you need to study groupsBody attributes. What is the most attractive title for the people who take the teacher qualification certificate?

Motivation should be the first.

Write a motivational post, and at the end, add the product.

Some people will say that I can’t write soft articles. What should I do?

Then read more. There are many soft wen masters in the post bar. Learn more about their writingMethod.

At this time, you just need to cover the posts related to teachers’ colleges. Most posts will not be deleted, because the essence of motivational posts is to inspire people, and the bar owners will not delete them at will.

Medium level playing method. It’s almost enough to play more than 100 games every day. Even if your unit price is low, you can earn so much. For example, every9.99 copies$

Finally, continue to optimize the advanced playing methods of this project.

Advanced Play

The simplest and direct way is to optimize the promotion, spend a little money, and let people send this soft text to different places, such as DoubanSocial networking sites, Weibo, QQ, Google, etc.

You don’t need to spend much energy at this timeYes, just be directly responsible for the audit.

In addition, we should constantly optimize our products, as well as our revenue channels and WeChat friends.

How can we optimize these aspects?

Product optimization: continue to collect various course materials, keep updating, and maintain good customer relations. Explore other needs of old customers.

Optimization of revenue channels: from packaged sales to segmented sales, or matching sales. For example, for teachers, you can sell postgraduate entrance examination materials. In teaching test 9.99$30$。 Because there is no cost to copy network materials.

If you don’t know how to find it, go directly to PDD, a treasure, and leisure fishJust search.

Buy one and use it for countless times.

At this time, your position on yourself is no longer simply selling materials. You should change it to a network material supplier serving teachers.

This is more comprehensive. The circle of friends should share some free materials, teacher copy.

Then pay for something on a free basis. The purpose is to generate trust, so as to improve the customer’s consumption value and repurchase rate.

The optimization of the above three steps, from a primary project to an advanced project, is also a process of continuous learning.

You will find that there are many interesting phenomena in making money onlineThese small projects, such as data search business and PPT, will continue to increase your income channels.

This optimization process took three months, and it was not a problem to earn more than 10000 dollars per month.

I am not afraid of problems, because making money is the process of solving problems.

I’m not afraid you don’t have the resources. You should try to fightCreate your own resources, whether easily available or more difficult, and try to make your own products.

The more difficult it is to find a product, the greater the value of your product. Don’t worry, as long as you let others know that you have it, many people will pay for the value.

Earn tens of small projects a day, and over 10000 dollars a month after upgrading and optimization


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