It takes one hour a day to earn 300 dollars a day for the project of mindless transportation


Interest is the best teacher. Some people develop sidelines based on their interest and earn 10 weeks a month.

It takes one hour a day to earn 300 dollars a day for the project of mindless transportation

If you like to roll cats and keep dogs, you can open a pet shop.

Like cooking and baking, you can be a food blogger.

Your interest is also the interest of others. Sharing your experience can attract people with the same frequency. If you stick to it, you will benefit naturallybetter and better.

If you are interested in various interesting and useful software, I recommend this sideline to you.

This sideline is software recommendation project. This project, to put it simply, is to recommend various interesting and useful software to others.

The operation is very simple. Set up a official account, get 500 fans, and open the main trafficServices.

Then, cut a few pictures of the software shared by peers, briefly describe the purpose and function of the software, and publish articles on their own official account to attract users who need these software to pay attention to you. Without any skills, you can do it by typing and become popular when lying down.

High quality software can hardly be recommended,Therefore, the content production is very easy, and the time spent is very small, one hour a day.

The core of this project is traffic. Traffic is the foundation, and only traffic can bring benefits.

Operating steps for recommended software items:

1、 Build official account

This is very simple. Just register according to the official guidelines. Please note the subscription numberThe name of the official account should be marked with “software”, which can be found by users.

2、 Software source

1 Search engine search

Search online for “niche software”, “artifact software”, “Lanzuoyun Collection” and other words you can think of.

As shown in the figure above, in addition to finding a website, many related recommendation words will pop up.

Click in, find a popular software with a large number of downloads, search the popular software again, and you will get more websites. Collect these websites, and you will have inexhaustible materials.

2 Station B

Search the keyword “mobile software recommendation” on Station B

You can find many excellent users of sharing software, and find theirofficial account

These two steps are very important. You have not only found the source of the software, but also found the peers that can be imitated.

3 Our Love Cracking Forum

4 Peer official account

5. Quora searches software related topics

3、 Production content, publishing articles

Software sources and peers have been collected, and we can start to work. The next step is to use the official accountThe publication of articles has led to drainage.

How to write the article?

Briefly introduce the name of the software and its functions. If there are special functions, please tell us. Two or three screenshots of the software will do. Is it very simple.

If you really can’t write, you can copy and paste the same line, and then modify it; Then download the software he shared, be sure to rename it to your own official account, and upload it to the Lanzou Cloud online disk to share the link;

At least 30-50 peers should be collected, and you can share whatever software peers share; You can write as your peers write, without thinking。

How to make videos?

Video structure: what software super forks can do software demonstration how to get software, 3 minutes to end.

The software to be shared should be installed/registered by yourself. You can record the screen with your mobile phone, introduce the function of the software in your own words, and upload it to Station B, Kwai and TiktokAnd other short video platforms.

Do the above steps well, and people will pay attention to your official account every day, see your articles, and get the software download link.

4、 Project income

1. Main revenue of official account traffic

The main function of traffic can be opened when the number of official account fans exceeds 500.

2. Receive soft advertisement

Go to Feigua Data and NewThe platform such as Bangyouzhuan submits data, and when there are enough fans and readers in the account, someone will take the initiative to ask you to advertise.

Keep a good relationship with the outstanding peers collected. Ask more peers about the red envelope, and someone will be willing to take you into the small WeChat group that receives advertisements. Draw a group to send him 50 red envelopes, and everyone will be happyhappiness.

Advertising quotation standard:

According to the average reading amount of 1:1, the number with a reading amount of 1W, the quotation for each advertisement is 1W, one advertisement is received every month, and the monthly income is 1W. If one advertisement is received every week, it will be 4W every month, which is very refreshing.

3. Platform revenue

For example, the video in the screenshot of station B just now has more than 1 million playbackThe income is not low.

4. Establish a fan community, be Taoke, wool thread newspaper, and cash in software cps

5. Training guide

Recruit students to teach you the experience of operating projects; One computer, mindless copy, 30 minute church, 2 hours of operation every day, income from lying down, continuous stability, 300 per person$Money, all rightAccept it.

Project extension:

1. If you want to zoom in, you can put your own watermark and signature in the software package given by your official account. If the software is really easy to use, users can share it and make money with you.

2. Omni channel release; Registered headline number, big fish number, Baijia number, Sohu number, etcMedia platforms use simple media and other We Media operation tools to synchronously distribute articles on official account to these platforms.

Thinking is the problem, doing is the answer. Come on, see you at the top of the mountain!

It takes one hour a day to earn 300 dollars a day for the project of mindless transportation


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