Grey profit-making project, which can be scaled up to make million US dollars a month by using the human nature number


We all say that traffic is king, and making money with traffic is a natural thing.

Grey profit-making project, which can be scaled up to make million US dollars a month by using the human nature number

Do you know what traffic is the best attraction on almost all traffic platforms?

Yes, color flow.

It can be said that if there is any traffic password, it must be Beauty Shuaiguo.

Because of the nature of human nature, both men and women are the same。

This gives birth to huge business opportunities.

A few years ago, many people engaged in the traffic of the WeChat site, the traffic of making friends, and the traffic of exploring

Although it involves a little bit of gray stuff, many people earn a lot by reselling traffic and technology.

Don’t say that nobody wants the S stream. It’s also true behind the S streamAll of you, WeChat merchants who become ren products are big buyers of this kind of traffic every day.

Is there no chance now?

Obviously not!

Here is a project. Although my project contains the word “gray”, it is not a “gray project” but operated in a formal way.

But some teams can’t stand loneliness and control desire, so they use the gray method.

Before I begin, I need to explain that this is a practical project. A single account can earn more than 10000 dollars a month. Those batch operations are exponential income.

This item is packaged as payment in the marketWe charge thousands or thousands of dollars for the fee items, so please take a careful look.

Making money by chatting and typing

This project is relatively mature.

A lot of people think it is fake when they hear about making money by playing Z. Indeed, a lot of people used the stunt of making money by playing Z.

The word “hit Z” here is actually talking.

Principle of making money:Quite simply, there are many chat and friend making platforms, such as Taqu, Momo and Exploring. There are even more unknown platforms.

Some of them are one-to-one chat platforms. Male members need to recharge when they want to chat one-to-one with female members.

One part of the amount platform for men’s recharging, and the other part is for women membersof

The so-called “Z” is a one-to-one chat between a female member and a male member after he finishes recharging.

Of course, if girls want to make money, they generally need to take the initiative, and boys are willing to spend money. The more boys spend money, the more girls will take the initiative to talk!!!

Generally speaking, if you take the initiative, it’s better to earn hundreds of dollars a dayEasy.

Formal operation process:

1) Register a dating platform account, and the gender is female (suitable for women)

2) Upload a beautiful picture that you are satisfied with, and you can beautify your face properly

3) Actively send messages, which can be written or spoken. Those who can act coquettish and whine are generally popular

There are three profit models for members:

1) PayPaid message, that is, paid chat

2) Community gifts, gifts that members give us on their own initiative

3) Live rewards are more suitable for girls who can sing and dance

Of course, most platforms will have invitation rewards, as long as they can promote, they can also make money.

How much can I earn in a month just by chatting? This is aFans sent me an income map, and the single number income was in 10000 dollars$Up.

I am the more formal playing method introduced above, which is more suitable for girls to do as a sideline.

Because the platform is formal and the process is formal, there is no risk and it can be operated for a long time.

Of course, some men and some online earning teams will not releasePass this$Fat meat.

Directly get a batch of numbers and register as women. As for real names, it is very simple.

Then go to buy some complete beauty pictures and upload them as self portraits.

It’s not difficult in terms of sound. Just use the voice change software directly. If it is text chat, even software is saved.

How manyHow about making money? A message sent by the other party is only one or two cents.

Besides text chat, voice chat and video chat

If you talk about one or two cents in words, the pronunciation is usually between fifty cents and one$The video is more expensive, usually two$One minute up.

In the case of a single account, multi account operation is nothing more than multiple reply point messages.

There is not much technical content in the whole process.

However, it is definitely not recommended that you follow these team methods. The team operation methods here are limited to revealing secrets.

There is no problem with normal paid chat. Once such batch operation is completed, a regular project will become a gray project.

Grey profit-making project, which can be scaled up to make million US dollars a month by using the human nature number


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