Zero cost profitable project: how to easily earn 5000 dollars per month by establishing your own resource pool?


In the Internet era,

Zero cost profitable project: how to easily earn 5000 dollars per month by establishing your own resource pool?

The most important ability is

Ability to search resources!

There are various demands on the Internet,

For example: e-books, movies, TV plays, music, software, pictures

Where there is demand, there is market,

As long as you can help others find what they need,

Then making money is a natural thing!

Today, I willIntroduce a profitable project:

Create your own database,

Find appropriate resources for customers,

This project,Zero input, zero threshold, even novices can easily operate,

As long as we can bear the hardships in the early stage,

In the later stage, we can make money lying down!

As long as you can make money, what are you afraid of if you work hard!!!

How to operate? meetLook down!

Go to Amazon and you will find a shop like this: Baby describes that it is to find all kinds of resources on behalf of others, and then look at the sales volume. The monthly sales volume is 20000 , and you can make money by helping others find resources? The Internet is really a place good at making miracles!

Some friends see this agent looking for resourcesFor projects, you may be afraid that you can’t find the corresponding resources to meet the needs of customers. In fact, you don’t need to worry, even if you are a noviceNovice, you can also directly hang up a treasure like Bubble Online to take orders, as long as you add it in the description“Contact customer service before shooting, no charge if you can’t find it”That’s itA word of gold will not only reassure customers to take photos, but also avoid trouble for after-sales service.

In this way, you can listen to the customer’s needs first, and then go online to find resources, and then give the customer a quotation. The customer agrees, and then takes a bill to pay. If you don’t find it, you can directly tell the customer that you haven’t found it, and it doesn’t matter.

ProjectThe fastest way is to learn while operating, and the best way to improve the ability to find resources is to search in this random proposition way. The customer points out a demand, and you search one. In the continuous search, the content of your resource library has also increased, and the search skills have also improved,This is an increasingly skilled jobDo.

Under the pressure of customers, you can fully develop your potential. Of course, looking for resources is alsoKnackYou should habitually collect some special onesE-book aggregation website, picture aggregation website, film and television resource aggregation website, etc, which can help you quickly solve the needs of most customers.

When there are a few guestsWhen you can’t find the needs of customers online, you can alsoPay to report this demand to your peers,When resources are found, just add a little to the price of peers and sell to customers. This is also a profitable, efficient and convenient mode.

There is also a huge advantage in operating this projectThat is, through the purchase demand of customers, you can unknowingly establish your own large database. As long as there are enough buyers, you canCan analyze that some resources have a large number of buyer needs,This kind of demand is a hot demand, representing the vane of making money.

You can make these requirements intoBaby sales,This kind of baby is easy to break orders because of its real demand. As long as you operate this project for a long time, such hot babies will come in a steady stream. What you need to do is focus on this project, so you don’t have to worry about no orders.

Just like the following shops:

This shop has a lot of popular informationSource collection, and these resource collections are all customer needs. All he does is make the title and main map, put the baby on the shelf in his own shop, and traffic will be automatically searched$Is very obvious.

This is a passive moneymaking project: customers demand ⇒ online search to meet needsPlease ⇒ collect customers’ needs and integrate strong demand babies ⇒ sell to customers with similar needs ⇒ obtain benefits.

What you need to do is to open an e-commerce store for free, and then start from launching a treasure of resources on behalf of others. As customers accumulate more and more, the chances of making money will increase. This is a positiveThe driving force of the project.


This is a project suitable for everyone to operate. The longer you work, the more you accumulate, the more money you will make. However, the disadvantage of the project is that it will be tired in the early stage, because the ability to search for resources is not strong enough, and the resource pool accumulated in your hands is too small. However, this is what many projects encounter in the early stage of operationAs long as you can persevere and operate the project, it will become easier and easier. Are you confident of doing well?

That’s all for this article

Zero cost profitable project: how to easily earn 5000 dollars per month by establishing your own resource pool?


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