Selling trading platform without supply to make money, realizing 12000 $in two months+


Leisure fish is a project that will have results as long as you work patiently. It’s very easyGet positive feedback

Selling trading platform without supply to make money, realizing 12000 $in two months+

This article sums up my experience of doing 12000+free fish in two months. Every step from starting to making money, I will give you a detailed share.

If there is a friend who wants to be a free fish, this article will definitelyYou are helpful.

Don’t talk much nonsense, just talk about the practical part.

1. Account selection

The weight of the Second hand goods trading platform account is linked to the sesame credit score of Alipay, which is also the top 50 products. However, the accounts with low sesame credit, no matter whether they change documents, products or materials, cannot be exposed every day.

therefore, it is recommended to select:Zhima’s account with excellent credit

2. Account information filling

This is very simple. If you don’t know how to fill in the information, go to find 10 peer sellers, check their information and imitate their writing.

However, it should be noted that the seller is not just looking for oneOK, try to find sellers with large sales volume, and then summarize their information.

Here are three examples for you to find sellers according to this standard.

Generally speaking, what we need to fill in is the following contents. After all the information is complete, we can launch the product.

3、About options

Many people have learned about various selection methods on the Internet, but to tell the truth, you can’t learn so many selection methods at all, so we need to learn how to subtract.

For example, if your goal is to be a free fish, you can find products in the free fish.

I will provide you with two options and one core.

①. Two ideas:

a. Keep looking for the products I want high in the Second hand goods trading platform market. This method can be used to find the best products.

b. This method can be extended infinitely by looking for sellers’ following accounts and then looking for other accounts.

If you have selected a certain category of products, you should go to the seller of this categoryThe seller of the product, and then go to the account he pays attention to, you can find many popular explosives.

Fans of the same seller can also pay attention, because these fans are basically people who like the same product, so there must be other sellers in the attention of the seller’s fans, and it can also be found along this lineFind many popular products.

With this method, you can find one and find a pile.

② . One core:

Find some products with unclear prices, such as jewelry, all kinds of materials, and all kinds of prices. Whether you can make a deal depends on your own display and negotiation skills.

Use the above methodsIt is easy to select 50 products, so there is no need to worry about not finding good products when doing casual fish.

Of course, there are many other selection methods that I have shared before.

But in my free time, I think the fastest way is the above two.

4. Product picture

doAfter good selection, you need to look for pictures. It is recommended to look for the same product on Pinduoduo. You can find products that sell thousands of orders. There are basically product pictures and live pictures.

Product drawings are intended to increase the interest of buyers, while live photos are intended to provide a sense of reality.

Moreover, one of the advantages of choosing a physical image is that customersAfter seeing your live pictures, you will be able to place orders decisively after basically understanding them, which will save time to a certain extent.

5. Commodity price selection

Through my two month test of free fish, the main flow consumption level of free fish is basically 100$The best selling goods are generally under 50, andThe profit of some commodities is about 10% – 30%, and some finished products are only about 10% – 30%$However, it sold to forty or fifty, and you can make a lot of money without counting.

There are also some products with large price differences. The higher the cost, the higher the profit. However, these products need to be found slowly,After all, 500 products of PRO are enough.

6. Product copy

Most people copy it directly. This method is OK in the early stage, because you can’t predict whether the product will explode.

Moreover, the copy of other sellers has been tested by the market, and the order rate is relatively high.

But, for example, youThe exposure of this product has exceeded fifteen thousand. If you copy it directly, I don’t recommend you to use it.

According to my real experience, when the exposure is high, your copy will be found by the original seller, and then the seller will make a comment in my comment area. As you can imagine, the product can only be taken off the shelf.

behindDuring the operation, I modified the copy a little, and nothing happened.

Generally speaking, there are three places where the copy needs to be modified:

① It was given by your ex boyfriend. If you break up, you can change it to someone else’s gift, or a customer’s gift, company benefits, etc.

② . If you encounter a large paragraph of text, simplyIt is divided into several segments, and then a few symbols or expressions are added in the middle.

③ Some content can also be added: for example, there is a quick hand and a slow hand. I like to shoot directly, but I don’t want to ask if I’m not sincere about buying. After all, some people have special things. After all, Baba asked about things for a long time, and finally there are many things I don’t want to buy. This timeWe can’t afford the cost.

7. Commodity pricing

Don’t think the price is too high for anyone to buy. For example, three links are identical, but the copy is different and the price is different. The price of these three things can be five to ten times different.

Don’t say the quality is different. As far as I know, most of these thingsThe quality is the same, so you only need to consider the profit and how to determine an appropriate price and copy to have more sales.

8. What if there is no exposure?

I’ll teach you a little skill to expose every product, and the product is good in copy, andThe opportunity ignites directly.

Generally speaking, the products we release are all package mail, but you should not choose package mail when you release products.

Click Publish directly, and then the system will let you get a free exposure card, each card has 50 exposures, which can easily solve the product exposure problem.

The exposure here is somewhat similar to shortThe basic traffic of the video platform, but the one or two given to you by Second hand goods trading platform is useless. With my method, each product can have a basic exposure of 50.

As of the time of writing, this method is still useful, but it is not guaranteed that it will always be available.

9. Order question

(1) If someone orders from you, you will meet two kinds of feelingscondition

① If someone else places an order successfully, you can directly go to Pinduoduo or other platforms to purchase products.

② If someone places an order but fails to pay, your order will be locked for 24 hours, and no one can buy the product within 24 hours. Therefore, in this case, cancel the order within three minutesSingle, and privately trust him, if you want to buy, you can shoot again.

(2) How to place an order for Pinduoduo

After the customer places an order, we directly go to Pinduoduo to find the products that the customer took, save a picture, and use Pinduoduo’s product identification function to identify many products.

Be sure to give priority to the low price and return packageIn this way, even if the customer is not satisfied and wants to return the goods, we have no loss.

(3) Do not let the merchants put the cards with favorable feedback

Generally, after purchasing something on Pinduoduo, there will be a credit card in the express box sent with the product, which can directly expose us.

Therefore, when Pinduoduo purchases something, it is necessary to write “No card” in the remarks column. Generally speaking, the merchants will cooperate. If you are really worried, you can write in the remarks column, no card praise, but card bad comments! Usually, after this operation, there is no card store.

10. How to fish at leisureFill in the number of other platforms

Many novices will have this question when they are doing Second hand goods trading platform. I will tell you my method of operation here.

For example, Pinduoduo usually displays the order number when the merchant clicks Delivery, and Pinduoduo will send a reminder, but the order number has not entered the express delivery system at this timeThe express delivery boy hasn’t collected the goods yet.

Therefore, if we copy the order number at this time – open the Second hand goods trading platform – ship – select mailed – ship.

As far as I know, only Jitu Express and JD Logistics need to be manually changed so far, and other express deliveries can be automatically identified.

11. After sales problems

If the customer wants to refund or is not satisfied with the goods, he or she agrees directly. At the same time, he or she finds the order on other platforms, and you can also apply for refund and return. Anyway, we have freight insurance.

When returning goods, the merchant will give us the return address. We just need to copy the address and fill it in the Xianyu system.

If you are asked about the quality of the goods, we just need to pay the customers with more compensation. Don’t abuse, insult or ridicule customers for thousands of years, and don’t let customers apply for customer service intervention. These have an impact on our accounts.

12. Pro version of Second hand goods trading platform

Opening conditions of free fish PROAs shown below:

The advantage of opening the free fish Pro version is that the number of goods can be expanded to 500, and the inventory of goods can be directly obtained. You can have the pro data background, and you can intuitively see the most popular goods, daily trading volume and other data.

13. Financial issues

The largest capital occupation of free fish projectYes: Advance payment.

Because the customer’s money can only be received after you click the delivery button in Leisurefish and confirm the receipt. If you do not confirm the receipt, you will have to wait ten days for the goods to arrive, so you need to pay for the products you order on other platforms.

14. Exposure flow cell of Second hand goods trading platform

At the beginning of doing free fishThere may not be any traffic, but you should bear loneliness. Exposure slowly increases and then decreases.

So under normal circumstances, the order will be issued within a week, even if there is no order, it does not matter.

Fill 50 products, delete 5 products every day, and add 5 new products, but remember to expose your products with one key every dayIn this way, you will have continuous exposure.

Then I will do some small tasks every day, such as signing in, fishing, buying a penny, etc.

15. Use of Salted Fish Coins

(1) Access to leisure fish coins

① Do tasks

② Exchange fish for free fish coins

(2) Function of Leisure Fish Coin

Free fish coins must not be used indiscriminately, becauseThere is no advertising fee and recharge window for Second hand goods trading platform. The Second hand goods trading platform coin is a way to increase exposure. There is no better way now. Turn down from the top left corner of Second hand goods trading platform to find the quick sale option.

You’ll see it when you open it

Promotion to 100 people=2000 dollars

Promotion to 300 people=6000 dollars

Promote to500 persons=10000 dollars

Don’t worry about the unsuccessful promotion, because if not, the Second hand goods trading platform coins will be returned according to the promotion proportion.

This is how I got my best money.

16. How to use 1$Buy 100 reviews with money

You are not wrong, it is 1$100 positive comments, go directly to the home page of free fishSearch: A penny.

Then choose a point at random.

Not only can they praise each other, but they can also praise each other. Even if you have bad reviews, it’s OK to directly use a dime to brush ten reviews, which will lead to a positive rating.

16. In the end, some thoughts on leisure fish

① The threshold for entering this project is very low. I want to do a good jobIt is also very simple. As long as people with executive power can do it, people without executive power can do nothing.

After all, simple things are repeated. If you give up after a few days without making an order, you can’t make money.

② The monthly profit of a single account is about 1000-800The reason why the difference is so big is that the customer price is different. Those who say that a single account earns tens of thousands or even tens of thousands a month are basically nonsense, or it is a small probability of time. It took others a long time to achieve this achievement.

For example, for a product with a cost of 50, if I sell it for 90, then I will benefitRun is 40, a cost of 10$If you sell 19, your profit will be only 9$

③ If you have the advantage of product supply, the customers of leisure fish can be settled in WeChat.

④ The so-called crackdown on fake goods often appears on the Second hand goods trading platform, and these people don’t need to pay any attention. The Second hand goods trading platform is positioned as a second-hand merchant selling idle goodsProduct, so it’s OK to directly pull black when encountering the crackdown on counterfeit goods.

I think of so much for the time being, and I will continue to share it if I have the opportunity!

Selling trading platform without supply to make money, realizing 12000 $in two months+


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