Blue ocean earning project: electricity recharge CPS, with daily income of 200


Many people are jealous that others earn thousands a day,

Blue ocean earning project: electricity recharge CPS, with daily income of 200

Actually, there is nothing to be jealous of,

You only see the achievements of others,

But I didn’t see that in order to achieve this result,

How much did they lose?

Even if you do the project now,

You may not be able to control it,

Without personal experience, I want to ascend to the sky. ReallyYou don’t deserve it!

If you make money by luck, you will only lose by strength in the end,

How hard you earned before, you will lose in the end,

Experience and vision take time to accumulate,

Pulling up the seedlings will only backfire!

Do online profit projects,First of all, we should recognize ourselves,

Projects with short cycle and quick return in the early stage are stablePeople’s hearts,

Then, the 1 N mode expands outward to slowly accumulate traffic,

One step at a time, the future road will be more and more smooth!

Today, I would like to introduce a blue ocean project:

Recharge CPS with daily income of 200 ,

Project review, understand!

The CPS project is really familiar to everyone. WeThe familiar money making models such as Amazon customers, takeout, movie tickets, Quora Haowu, etc. are actually CPS. The CPS product introduced today is the electricity recharge CPS. The project has just come out, less than two months ago, and it is in the dividend period. The opportunity is rare, so we must seize it.

The electricity charge is perThe family’s hard demand. The electricity reform project has just started some time ago. Interested partners should get in as soon as possible. There is still a lot of room for operation. Whether to eat meat or drink soup depends on their own action.

We can’t live without electricity bills. We have to pay every month. Compared with telephone bills, the market for electricity bills is largerAccording to authoritative data, the operating revenue of State Grid in 2020 will be 26600.31$If the commission is 5%~10%, the annual commission is about 133 billion dollars, which is a huge market with infinite potential.

Specific operation process

Charging at electricity discount is slow charging, generally 7When the account is received within two hours, sometimes it will be received in batches, but the total amount received will not be less.

The wholesale price for recharging electricity is generally 91% or 92% off. A certain amount of money should be deposited in advance, ranging from thousands to hundreds of thousands. In principle, the higher the advance deposit is, the lower the discount will be.

After getting the discount price and the backstage, connectAPI also needs to spend money to build platforms, such as recharge malls, small app official account, and charging online stores. The cost of the whole process is tens of thousands of dollars at least. After the platform is built, if you find that your ability is limited and cannot be promoted, you will lose money.

The risk of such operation is too great, and it is completely feasibleBy “borrowing chicken to make eggs”, the electricity recharge has developed a CPS mode, which can directly find a reliable family to connect, promote electricity recharge orders, and earn commission.

It is very simple to operate. First, find a reliable channel. You can directly search Amazon for “recharging”, and many stores will appearFind a small shop and make clear your purpose. He will guide you to pay attention to the official account, find a reliable shop with a discount of 93%, become the other party’s distribution agent, and then lead the promotion.

Drainage promotion skills

Diversion and promotion is the basis of making money for this project.

Online promotion:

1. Circle of Friends

Circles every day, commentsThe discussion should be accompanied with instructions to attract attention. The content of the hair circle can be benchmarking, and you can send it as others do. In addition to the circle of friends, WeChat group, QQ group and QQ space, we should make good use of them. The more people there are, the higher the order rate will be.

Note: The business description in the comment area is very important, and it must be written when writing a copy.

2. PublicNumerous numbers

If you have a official account, you can set “recharge” or “10% off” in the menu bar to direct others to pay, or you can send graphic messages or jump to articles.

As long as the title of the jump article is good, you can get the traffic of search. You must put a promotion code in the article5 business descriptions.

3. Post Bar

Open the post bar, search and pay attention to water, electricity and the like. Don’t rush to post, see how others post and leave their contact information. If someone sends a QR code, you can send it again. In short, try to be tactful, because Google will delete posts, and go to the top every once in a while, noThen they will sink behind.

If there is no bartender, you can apply to be a bartender yourself. After you become a bartender, you can delete all the posts of your competitors, and then create a small number to advertise yourself.

Note: Try to divert people to personal WeChat to become their own private domain traffic.

4. Short video platform

makeShort videos are published on short video platforms such as Tiktok and Kwai. If you don’t know how to do it, you can send screenshots and make short videos. Change your avatar into a power grid logo, and change its name to “95% off electricity charges” or “preferential electricity charges”. Anyway, you can only use attractive names. As long as you keep sending, the video playback will be stableThe avatar and online name will attract people who need to click and see the promotion code of the home page, so as to achieve the effect of drainage.


For the CPS project, first, we need to find a reliable platform for cooperation; second, we need to continue to promote it. The project is not difficult. As long as we can take the first step and stick to itIt is certain to succeed.

That’s all for this article

Blue ocean earning project: electricity recharge CPS, with daily income of 200


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