Full automatic game hang up project, earning 300 a day, for you who are ready to enter the industry


The game hangs automatically, the game plays gold or the game moves bricks, no matter how they are called, they all refer to the same project.

Full automatic game hang up project, earning 300 a day, for you who are ready to enter the industry

The game gold business has existed for many years, which is nothing new.

The principle of the project is very simple. Krypton gold bosses need to buy better equipment, but they need gold coins to buy equipment, but they don’t have time to goTo earn gold coins, I want to find someone to buy them directly. Where there is demand, there is business. So there is a group of people who do not play games for the purpose of upgrading and fighting monsters. They only repeat various tasks in the game, earn gold coins, and then sell them to the big guys.

Therefore, the automatic game hang up project came into being.That is, through the software script, the game will be automatically hung up, the task will be automatically done to punch gold coins and equipment, and then the game will be sold to the players in need.

1. Computer, mobile phone and other hardware devices

Let’s take 10 mainframes as an example. It’s OK to have two displays. You can configure them freely, but the graphics card should be slightly better. One is 2500, and ten is 25000, plus other miscellaneous expenses, 30000 dollars should be enough.

2. Software script, simulator

Scripts are generally charged by month. There are hundreds to thousands of scripts, as well as simulators, which are free of charge.

3. Game account

Where do dozens of accounts come from? What if number F?

Nothing isIf you can’t buy it with money, such as the account of Legendary X, you can buy two for 50 cents. The price of different channels must be different. It’s crucial to find a good channel yourself.

As for the problem of number F, you have to put your mind right. The number F of this project must be a commonplace. How to prevent it is also relative, not absolute.

Don’t trust certain groupsThe team boasted that they would never be the number F, the technology was first-rate, and so on. The lies were really true. Each of them ran faster than the other.

As for anti F processing, the first is IP, the second is auxiliary tools, and the third is behavior. As long as it is a game that can move bricks on the market, there are popular tools. Be diligent and know more about itIt’s white.

4. Can we make money

He can make money, but I don’t think he is as good as you think. It seems that the automatic hang up project is not difficult. In fact, the threshold is very high, and it is not suitable for ordinary people. People who have done it say: F number F has to doubt life.

Believe it, almost all studios that make money have oneTo set the premise, one must have the foundation and experience, one must have luck, or one must have a noble person to lead the way. In addition, many large studios have script makers who make money online. Can you decisively spend hundreds of thousands to buy devices, accounts, and scripts without making money? Can you afford a script developer?

gameIn the studio, 5 computers are in trouble, and 100 computers are in trouble. They are inexperienced and too anxious. The only thing waiting for you is the rollover scene.

Games hardware software ideas technology self ability. A perfect combination of several conditions can be called a project suitable for you。

It’s true that you can make money. Some people can make money from 300 to 500 a day, but they won’t tell you what it takes to earn so much.

It’s like moving bricks on the construction site. There must be 200 a day, but it’s all earned with sweat. No matter how powerful the software is, no matter how fully automated it is, it is still laborious。 There can be no easy way to make money.

How many people, who are obsessed with making money for games, end up selling equipment and accounts.

This is not an industry suitable for ordinary people to make people rich, especially novicesNoviceI advise you to be careful.

5. Is this project legal and compliant?

There is no doubt that this is aA gray industry, a real wool collection.

Because the plug-in software interferes with the unauthorized addition and modification of the game, the operation process and normal operation of the game, according to the《Notice on Special Governance of “Private Services” and “Plug in”Provisions of“Plug in “is an illegal Internet publishing activity.

6. Some suggestions

If you think you really have the ability and strength to be competent for this automatic game hang up project, then how to open more technically, how to open more stably, how to use independent IP, how to cash in, and how to expand benefits are all questions to be solved at the beginningThe stable operation of 100 numbers and 1000 numbers depends on several times and dozens of times of F numbers.

I suggest that you should choose a good project that is regular and stable for a long time. Nowadays, mobile games are too cool in a new month.

Good project. It will not be replaced for three or five years,Rubbish. It depreciated as soon as I found out something about it.

Fantasy to buy a tool can be fully automatic online, a month tens of thousands or even tens of thousands of wake up.

Full automatic game hang up project, earning 300 a day, for you who are ready to enter the industry


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