There is no supply for the cold door project, and the novice’s daily income is 1000


I just woke up in the morning and turned on my mobile phone.

There is no supply for the cold door project, and the novice’s daily income is 1000

Suddenly, countless messages jumped out, and I knew that a busy day had begun again.

Information that has not been returned after processing. Open the circle of friends and start to watch.

In fact, the circle of friends is really a good product, with various contents, enriching my life. Where are the projects? What are the air outlets recently,What dividends do you have. You can see it clearly.

There are training, pushing platforms, selling goods, allowing more people to get books for free.

Every move in this process carries with it the chain and interests that will eventually come into being.

People die for money, birds die for food.

For ordinary people, the most important thing every day is toHow to make more money. Let the family life be better. Although many people yearn for wealth and freedom, they also look at those successful cases and are excited.

But more people are doomed to be mediocre.

The best way out is to guard your family and strive to provide better conditions.

Find a small project in your spare time every dayIt is a good choice to work for two or three more hours and increase your income by four or five thousand.

However, for most people, such projects cannot be found at all. What’s more, they look down upon four or five thousand at all.

In fact, think about it, what is your monthly salary in reality? Your value is in direct proportion to your salarySo much salary only proves that your labor force and brain power are only worth the price.

Don’t tell me, just graduated from college.

Let alone say that my work has no growth potential.

This kind of thing is only suitable for you to think slowly and ponder over it. Don’t blame others. Other people can earn more than you, which proves a certain aspect, is really more outstanding than you.

So much has been written in front of me, which is also my little feeling.

Today, I will continue to talk about a small project. It can’t be small, but it can bring stable income. It depends on whether you are willing to work hard.

This project is second-hand books.

Many people think that the book market has beenBooks or electronic versions have been replaced.

However, it is no exaggeration to say that the profits generated by this industry every year can still support many people and live a very healthy life.

A series of platforms, such as Confucius and Old Book Street, are good platforms for this industry. There are many books in them, but many people can only look after themGuest.

I don’t think about the source of these books. In fact, many people do business without supply. Few people really have first-hand channels.

We all yearn for no supply. The most basic principle is that we don’t need to sell or buy one.

Everyone turned their eyes to the moment of Amazon and salted fish. You areCan you think of these industries and categories?

If you want to try it on a small scale, you can resell it directly and try the effect.

Channel, search books directly from the end of the day. There are many bookstores in it. Just go in and find and talk about it. Basically, we can supply directly.

It should be noted that he is not allowed to put a comment sheet in the packagethat ‘s ok.

They are all booksellers with formal procedures, and they are happy to receive more orders.

Just a few books$It’s just money, and it’s parcel post.

However, from other platforms, the price of books is not the most important, but the postage.

Some prices are the same as those of other platforms, or even cheaper than them. But the postage is 10$above。

It means that you can achieve a minimum of 10$The profit of money.

So 10 orders is 100$。 In this industry, 10 orders are the worst.

However, the premise is that you need more books. Every time you talk about a bookseller, their books are tens of thousands of copies. If you upload them slowly, the amount will be large and the absolute income will be high.

After all, every book is a keyword, and many people search it directly.

10 books are uploaded every day, and more than 3000 books a year. Since you were about 100 books, you have started to issue orders continuously.

If you have tasted the sweetness, you should apply for a business license, a retail license for publishing books, and expandScale. It’s not as difficult as you think.

If you are too skilled to do it, it is feasible to directly develop software upload, as long as there are enough profits to support you, or you can directly do it as your main business.

A lot of people always want to be hot, what others do, what they follow. In fact, they don’t pay much attention to finding them, or pay little attention to the direction. If you work a little harder, you can earn several times or even hundreds of times more than the so-called dividend, or large traffic platform.

This project is not explained in a conventional way. I also hope that the previous paragraph can filter out some impetuous people and let them see here patientlyYou can find clues from this article and find your own blue ocean project.

There is no supply for the cold door project, and the novice’s daily income is 1000


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