Low profile profit-making projects, with a monthly income of 3W, and detailed operation procedures attached


Every day, we will look everywhere for profitable projects, whether on the Internet or in daily life.

Low profile profit-making projects, with a monthly income of 3W, and detailed operation procedures attached

They talked about national events, industry competition, market scale, etc.

But for ordinary people, these are too big for you to touch.

In fact, the easiest way to make money is to observe the people and things around you.

There are people who have needs, and there are projects where there are needs.

A few days ago, a friend came to me and said that there are many communities around his home. The number of people is estimated to be 30000 or 40000. He wanted to do something near his home and earn some money. He asked me what to do?

This question is very simple. It involves how to realize for local people?

Today, I said to teach youTwo methods for realizing local traffic.

With these two methods, you can evolve into many small projects that are grounded.

Let me just talk about valuable.


Resource integration

I have practiced this small project, and the effect is good. Every city can operate it.

Operation steps:

1. Collect advertising materials

Advertising in the corridor of the communityCollect, sort and classify.

Telephone contact one by one, scripts: We have been engaged in activities recently. We can accurately put the convenience cards printed with your contact information into every household.

2. Collect merchant information

Go to the local local network to collect information about businesses in different industries and sort them out.

Every industry should collect as many business letters as possibleInformation can be used as bargaining chips and alternatives.

3. Make a small convenient card

Go to the printing shop to make a small convenient card, similar to a supermarket shopping card, and print the contact information of the business on the back. The user will give a certain discount with a small convenient card.

Originally, I just wanted to make a small attempt, but the effect was very good.

Many businesses expressed great interest in participating.

Final result:

Cost of convenience card: 0.3$/Zhang, merchant participation fee: 400-900$

So the final profit=40 * 400~900=16000~36000$

Different cells have different conditions and different pricing. The overall average incomeIt is about 2W.

You can charge according to the area or the radiation range.

This mode can be copied.

For example, it can be operated according to the photo area. For example, a business convenience card can be made in Area A, and another business card can be made in Area B, for which you can charge additional money.

Your profitWill moistening double?

Can the whole city also be gradually promoted?

Again, don’t worry about the competitiveness of the same city of 58.

First of all, you should know:

1. Many businesses do not use the same city network.

2. The scope of the local network is too large, so it takes a long time to visit.

3. Users generally need to contact themIt is an urgent need. For example, the lock of the door is broken, the toilet is blocked, and the light is broken. The first reaction of most people is to find convenient advertisements around them.

This is your chance to do information difference.


Flow realization

No matter what you do, you should consider the trafficThere are benefits.

Here’s how to get local traffic.

Prepare a batch of mobile phone cards to register WeChat account.

The printing shop printed a stack of advertising paper and wrote, “Please add XX WeChat to the community owners”.

Visit the local community and post printed advertising paper.

If someone comes to Canada, they will pass it in two days, soThey forgot why they added you.

In some communities, it will cost 200 advertising fees to send advertisements. Most of them don’t allow advertising, so they hand a cigarette to the security guard to let him pretend not to see you go in.

One fifth of the people from each 500 households in each community come to visit, and the minimum number of people who visit 4 communities every day is 800.

Recruit some college students to do part-time amplification operations, and it won’t take long to fill up a micro signal.

It takes two months to execute. If you are lazy, inefficient and unlucky, you can bring at least a dozen micro signals with more than 5000 people.

A WeChat with 5000 people is worth 4000-5000$(Micro enterprise of precise customersSignals are sold to merchants at a high price).

If you want to earn more, there are many ways to realize it.

You can do community group buying, fresh fruit distribution, local advertising platform, local information official account, social e-commerce, etc.

Most of these small projects focus on simplicity and rudeness. The logic is very simple,The more accurate it is, the more valuable it is. It is an earthbound and easy to operate way to make money.

Are you interested in these two sideline projects? Which one do you like? Welcome to communicate.

Low profile profit-making projects, with a monthly income of 3W, and detailed operation procedures attached


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