Tiktok facial expression package profit making project disassembly, profit making opportunities in subdivided fields


Today, this article will show you how to play the money making project of Tiktok facial expression package.

Tiktok facial expression package profit making project disassembly, profit making opportunities in subdivided fields

Maybe you send facial expression packets on WeChat every day, and others have made money secretly through facial expression packets.

It is not important what others do, but what is important is that you break down the project and discover the logic of making money.

Because there are too manyAs long as you find and find a suitable one for yourself, you can make a lot of money.

Let’s not talk much nonsense, and officially start the dismantling of the Tiktok facial expression package money making project.

In this article, I will break down the project through four parts

1、 Project introduction

Tiktok expressionThe package project is to release funny videos with facial expression package to Tiktok, accumulate fans through Tiktok, guide fans to private domain, and finally realize the game.

There are many forms of realization, which will be discussed later.

Now let me show you the cases done by others,

These are all Tiktok facial expression package projects that others are doingFor example, you can see that their works are all kinds of funny expressions. Some of their fans here are already hundreds of thousands, and some are thousands of fans who have just started to work.

2、 Tiktok expression package project analysis

I will analyze the project of Tiktok facial expression package through four parts。

1. Demand

Because there are many young groups now, such as those who want to play games in groups or chat socially, they need facial expression packs. In addition, there are many people who want to do sidelines, and many people want to make money through projects. When others make money, they want to make money through projects, and this is the demand.

2. Flow channel

Because of TiktokThe traffic is large, calculated in 100 million dollars.

With such a large scale, any subdivided field can make a lot of money in Tiktok.

3. Simple operation

The operation of Tiktok facial expression package project is not complicated. You can make a video with simple operation, and thenNoviceIt’s easy to learn.

4. Passive collection

It is your success in this projectIf the delivery process is well established, you can receive money passively.

If you make a video and the sound is broken, you can earn thousands or even more.

3、 Disassembly of Tiktok facial expression package project

The project will be disassembled in three parts

1. Product

Let’s look at the products first. The products are what they sell to make money, orThe other is his cashing channel

The first is the sharing group of the expression pack

The price is 9.9. After you pay attention to his official account, if you want to get more facial expression packs, you have to pay into his group, and then he can earn money.

And the second one can be realized through Taoke

He has accumulated many fans on the official accountTo become a Amazon customer or a take out CPS project,

In this way, he can earn a few cents even one or two if he promotes one$If the flow of money is large, it is possible to earn more than 100 and more than 200 a day.

The third one is that he can accept apprentices

If it’s Tiktok, don’tWhen people see that he is making a facial expression package and add it to his WeChat, they may also want to make money by doing this facial expression package project. At this time, they can earn money from their apprentices

Charge several hundred per person$Teach them how to do the facial expression package project, which is also a cash flow channel.

After all, teaching people to make money is the most profitable, and teaching people to drain is the most draining。

The reason why others pay is that they want to make money when they see someone making money.

2. Transaction process

The way of transaction is very simple,They clinch deals through official account, or through the circle of friends, or through private chat.

If the official account is closed, after others pay attention to the official account, they can use the official account toMoving into his group, he can passively close a deal on the official account, as long as the tools and processes for closing a deal are set up.

The deal in the circle of friends is that others add it to their WeChat in Tiktok. When they see their earnings in the circle of friends, they may pay directly through the circle of friends to make facial expression packs with themproject

The last thing they want to do is make a deal through private chat. If they are interested in the project through their friends, they may go to ask them how to do it, or how much it costs, or how much it costs. At this time, they can make a deal through private chat. This is their transaction process.

3. Flow

Know the dealAfter knowing the product, the next step is to do traffic.

Next, I will tell you how they do traffic.

Do trafficThe first step is to make a video, and then how to make a video?

First of all, we need to find the emoticon package. We can go to Tiktok Search or GoogleSearch, because there are many websites where we can search for all kinds of emoticons.

If you can’t find the facial expression pack, go to several peer groups, and they will send a lot of facial expression packs every day. At this time, your facial expression pack will be available.

The second is to take a screenshot of the chat record

Take a screenshot of that funny chat record,Match with the appropriate expression bag.

The production software can be usedBeauty album

Meiben is an app that can be found in all major mobile phone application markets. The software contains this template for making chat record screenshots.

And finally, video editingYou can edit videos with music and scenes.

Clip video can be usedCut and reflectThere are computer version and mobile version,

I tested the computer version myself. The video clip of the computer version is much clearer than the mobile version.

If you have high requirements for video quality, you can use the computer version to edit videos. This is video production.

After the video is released, how to attract people when there are fansTo the private domain, let me show you some ways to lead others to the private domain.

The first way is that they leave a official account on the homepage or cover map of the official accountHere I’ll find a case for you. You can see that here is his official account on the cover map and on the homepage, so that others can see his publicYou can pay attention to his official account, which is a way of diversion.

Then there is the small one that publishes the official account QR code, likes the big one, and guides others to see the big one’s favorite list.

In this way, it can be sealed, because the QR code sent directly to the official account in large size may be blocked, but the trumpet is fine.

Here I also found a case for you. You can see that this account has 600000 fans, and his favorite list is the first one he likes, which is his small official account QR code, so that others can go to WeChat to follow his official account. This is alsoA method of drainage.

Another drainage method is drainage in the comment areaIn the comment area, guide users to the home page to check their contact information, or leave the name of the official account on the home page. You can also guide users to the private domain. This is the way of traffic.

4、 Summary

1. We must observe and execute more to make moneySearch more, think more, and see the logic behind making money.

2. If you can make small money, you can enlarge it and make big money. Don’t be ambitious and unwilling to make small money. In fact, if you can’t make small money, it is impossible to make big money.

3. Time is the only criterion for testing truth, knowing where to goI know, only after practice can I have the opportunity.

The above is the way to play the Tiktok facial expression package moneymaking project I disassembled for you. Follow me and see more moneymaking project disassembly.

Tiktok facial expression package profit making project disassembly, profit making opportunities in subdivided fields


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