Local traffic as a project, with annual income of 30W full set of operation strategies


If you often use the same city on the short video platform, you must have seen such a video cover:

Local traffic as a project, with annual income of 30W full set of operation strategies

Yes, it is true that such videos are basically used as second-hand housing intermediaries targeting traffic in the same city. Although the approval rate of each video is not high, it does not affect his earning.

The concept of many people is that one video likesThe higher he is, the more he makes money.

In fact, when it comes to content in the same city, the less you like it, the more accurate the traffic is.

Kwai Tiktok’s current content traffic distribution mechanism distributes according to your location. He will analyze the geographical attributes of your fans.

In addition to the powerful content detection mechanism and tagsYou can judge the type of your content and the audience to which it should be directed.

For example, the reasons why the local second-hand houses are basically in the same city are as follows.

1. Regional concentration of fans’ attention

2. Regionality of video cover title

3. Video content area familiarity

4. Local dialect interpretationExclusive

Basically, with the help of these four points, the accuracy of intra city traffic is ensured. So they are still very profitable.

However, if you are a novice, what are your concerns?

Basically, novices will face the following problems:

1. Start up materials

It is often the hardest to start. If you want to be a second-hand house anchor, look for vegetarianMaterial is indispensable. On the other hand, there is a supply and demand relationship between buying and selling houses.

Therefore, the materials at the beginning can be explored through cooperation with intermediaries. Basically, when there are more than 10 videos, someone will contact you to sell or buy a house.

This is the first timeDoorway.

2. Room shooting standard

What kind of house is popular? What kind of house is difficult to sell? What kind of house has high commission? What kind of house is easy to sell?

These are all problems, but in the initial stage, there is only one standard, aiming at two groups.

1. Elderly housing

2. Wedding room

These two are enough,The square meter is about 60-90.

Don’t aim too high to make a big flat floor. Although the commission of such a house is high, it is difficult for the rich to buy it. If you don’t order for a long time, it will increase your anxiety.

3. Face to face shooting

Many people have a sense of repulsion to the face shooting. They always feel that they don’t know what to say when facing the cameraCan be eloquent and eloquent.

There are also methods and two choices.

1. For shooting in public, you can prepare a teleprompter on the mobile phone screen, put all the content you want to say on it, and play it in scrolling.

In advance, go into the house that needs to be photographed and have a look. Write down the characteristics and space of each roomCome and write a copy. This kind of personal IP sense is relatively strong, and the transaction has a sense of substitution.

4. Non face shooting

Non face shooting is to attract the audience with objects. The camera mainly focuses on the house, with a brief introduction, explaining the location, location, additional advantages and price range of the house. The effect is also good, but the personal IP is relatively weak.

How to make upWeak IP?

The simplest way is to broadcast live and answer questions.

Many people are timid when facing the live broadcast of “Bubble Online Earnings”. They are afraid that there is no topic, but this kind of live broadcast is basically clear, and there are all kinds of problems on the screen. You just need to answer the questions.

5. Dialect interpretation

This kind of playing method actually increases the sense of trustA way of playing. Many people have such experience that they always feel a sense of intimacy when they see local anchors speaking dialects.

Moreover, many middle-aged people in their forties and fifties also have a relatively low understanding of Putonghua, especially in small cities below the fourth tier. Speak dialect, but they can understand better.

6. Income

EverybodyMore importantly, after I have done all the above precautions, how much money can I earn? Is there any standard?

The most important measure of making money by selling houses is the availability of houses.

That is, how many houses you have in hand can be selected by interested customers.

Getting a first glimpse: about 20 suites, more than 1w of income(Part time)

Familiar with cars: about 50 suites, income above 3-5 W (full-time)

Rich experience: about 70-100 suites, more than 10W income

Basically, it can be divided into these three standards. At the beginning, you can work part-time, increase your income, and work full-time.

This data comes from the share of the friend aboveThe city of is a county-level city with a population of about 700000. Conclusions drawn.

Self testing in other cities.

According to his sharing, he said that the most important thing in this business is to find the advantages of the house at the first time, to see the just needs of the buyers, and to combine with each other, so it is easy to clinch a deal.

Local traffic as a project, with annual income of 30W full set of operation strategies


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