Share a simple brainless project suitable for newcomers, and Apple will try it out! Attached with practical operation method!


Apple trial is a simple and mindless project. It is as simple as one iPhone, and the whole process is boring.

Share a simple brainless project suitable for newcomers, and Apple will try it out! Attached with practical operation method!

But different people do it with different results.

Some people simply did more than ten$, gave up when it was too troublesome;

Some people earn thousands day after day.

Next, I will give you an all-round analysis,As long as you are not lazy, you can earn at least a few hundred$

1、 What is Apple Trial?

2、 How do I try Apple?

3、 How does Apple try to expand its revenue?

4、 Pit in Apple Trial


What is Apple Trial?

To put it simply, you can download an app on your iPhone and get 1$About the commission.

variousIn order to have a good ranking in the Apple Store and obtain natural traffic, all kinds of apps will swipe the download amount, and many well-known apps also swipe.

Therefore, this enduring project was born, at least with a history of ten years.

Is there an Android trial?

There are also some, but the unit price is too low and there are too few tasks, so there are few peopleOperation.


How do I try Apple?

Get an iPhone, find the corresponding platform, and follow the prompts. It’s very simple.

The following platforms can be basically upgraded from 500 to 1000.

If you still can’t find where to download, you can go directly to Google “Apple Play”Many similar collection pages contain download methods.


How does Apple try to expand its revenue?

Why only 500 – 1000?

Because there are a number of tasks, there will be no commission for downloaded tasks, and there will be no commission for changing platforms.

Therefore, the ultimate return ranges from hundreds to thousands.

What if you want to expand the benefits?

Two options:

① Do not stop handling cards, change mobile phones and get new users.

This method also has great limitations and hides a huge hole, which will be discussed in the fourth part.

Today we will focus on the second method.

② Promote and attract people

Each platform has a reward for new promotion, recommend one and reward more than ten$Money commission.

Create a collection page. Amazon has such a service. Search keywords are shown in the figure below.

In this way, each person you pull can earn the maximum commission.

Just let you Google download the collection page, it is also this idea to make money.

With ideas and tools, how can we attract people?

I just saw one recentlyMethods: part-time solicitation of douban

There is a drainage method for selling dog meat by hanging sheep’s head on the bean paste.

Many posts in the hot groups of Douban introduce part-time jobs that are very simple and mindless, such as:

“Check the typos of novels, check 10000 words 30$, quick settlement “

“Tiktok video subtitle modification, one order 50, one orderKnot

“Help to straighten out the manuscript, 200USD for one order”

Guide them to enter the QQ group, and open a QQ robot at the same time. If someone enters the group, they will automatically send a link to the trial platform, and guide them with scripts, saying: “The inspection task has been assigned, but there is anything else to do.”

Let them try the app themselves.

WatercressHow to drain? Many courses have been shared before. You can search the website.


Pit in Apple Trial

Promotion is always more difficult for most people, so they put their mind on the first method.

Look around to see if there is any way to brush the machine, cheat, and brush limitlessly

This is the mostBig pit!

I can tell you clearly that the so-called black technology brushing methods on the market are all! Yes! No! Use! of

Don’t believe a word like the one below.

The platform can live for more than ten years, and it is certainly not possible for you to get some skills to roll wool.

In 2019, a friend of mine refused to listen to the adviceI asked for advice several times, hoping to find a possibility here, but I strongly advised him not to believe it.

In the end, I didn’t listen to my advice. I spent 50000 dollars on technology and 100 mobile phones and said I would fight for it.

As a result, in less than a month, the account was closed, most of the commissions were frozen, and finally the second-hand mobile phone was 10000$Sold.

othersIt has already cost 40000 dollars to buy a lesson. Don’t repeat it.

Do it in a down-to-earth way, and stop when it’s good. Make at least a few hundred$

Unless you can promote it and turn it into long-term income, this is a short-term project.

Perfect projects do not exist.

If you want to be simple and mindless, the benefits will be limited, such as playing games and rolling sheepHair;

For long-term stability, the threshold must be high, such as we media and personal IP;

If you want to make the flow easy, the realization must be tortuous, such as toner and paragraph powder;

It is easy to make money, but traffic must be hard, such as free fish and live delivery.

It is easy, profitable and lasting to want. They only exist in four placesIt is: in daydreams, in the publicity of cutting leeks, and in criminal law cases.

Apple should try this project. Every Apple user should earn at least hundreds of dollars$, and the simplest way without brain.

Last words

In practice, you can improve your ability. Maybe you can’t finish the whole process, butWhen learning about the trial program, the number of players reached hundreds;

Or maybe you accidentally found a new method in the process of understanding watercress drainage, which is especially suitable for other projects.

Isn’t this a gain?

The scenery can only be seen when walking on the road.

Share a simple brainless project suitable for newcomers, and Apple will try it out! Attached with practical operation method!


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