No threshold virtual data project, easy to operate and earn 300 a day!


Yesterday in a paid community, I saw a very good project, which is the student information in a specific field. Last time, I wrote an article like this. Many people said they wanted to operate it. They hoped that I could write a more detailed and more detailed tutorial. This weekend is just free, so I’m going to write a more detailed tutorial.

No threshold virtual data project, easy to operate and earn 300 a day!

exerciseFor this virtual resource project, the most important thing is to solve the traffic problem, and then prepare the data, personal customer service number, transaction scripts, and consider the charging price.

Today, we are going to focus on how to drain. We need to go to all major platforms to search for project keywords,For example, students’ information, primary school students’ information, junior high school students’ information, understand what platforms peers operate on. The following areSocial networking sitesThe cases searched out are basically the operation methods of picture notes.

Some platforms that operate well at present, such asSocial networking sites Tiktok Kwai Quora these platforms, through searchFor keywords, we will find out how they publish their works, whether they are videos, pictures or articles, and then choose a method that we can operate to imitate.

I’ll use it firstSocial networking sitesFor some drainage methods, I will give you a reference firstSocial networking sitesThere are a lot of notes for general operations, mainlyIt’s just a picture. I randomly found a case to attract accurate users through the release of data package pictures on the online disk.

Then use the trumpet to reply to your work or ask for sharing, and the large trumpet to reply to their own trumpet in the comment area, so that they can send private messages, or @ out your advertising number, so that users can check it on the trumpet,Your contact information must not reply to the advertisement directly in the comment area. It will be deleted.

Punch in is also a kind of advertisement. There are many ways to operate. We just need to search several peers and check the notes to find new methods. If we haven’t operatedSocial networking sites, you may not even clock inIt will be set. It is suggested that Google can solve the problem directly.

exceptSocial networking sitesThere are also many operations in Tiktok. I’m sharing some cases of Tiktok. The same method is to search for keywords first and find peer accounts that can imitate operations.

I open a video in the form of pictures at randomThis kind of operation is relatively easy and suitable for most people. Many people are still not suitable for real people going abroad. The operation mode of pictures is relatively simple. As long as the purchased materials are made into pictures, and then uploaded directly, the pictures can be turned into videos.

If you need dubbing, make a video introduction and use the clip dubbing functionYes, it is very simple. The specific operation can be found in the Tiktok search clip and dubbing tutorial. As for how to leave advertisements, there are many ways. See the following pictures for imitation.

As for how to obtain these materials, it is also very simple. Go directly to a treasure, a fish, and search at sunset. The price is not expensive. Buy moreTake some time to sort them out, and then add your advertisement to them.

We only need to buy the electronic version. If we feel it is too troublesome to collate these materials, we can directly go to the peer to buy a ready-made copy. Through the search just now, we can also learn about the transaction scripts and information of the peerMaterial prices.

The person above did a lot of work. He sorted out all the data of primary schools, junior high schools and senior high schools, and worked together. I asked about the data of the first day of junior high school alone. A set of fees was 134. If this data is really needed, I believe many parents are still willing to pay for it.

If you buy one separately, it’s only 99. However, many people may buy more than one subject’s data. If they buy more than one subject, they will only buy dozens of documents. If they sell a few documents a day, they will sell hundreds of documents at random. This electronic version of the information is made by buying a wireless document. The cost can be ignored, but it is pure profit.

Just follow the above operation, and the rest isGo through the process of testing yourself, channeling accounts, and advertising. When you complete the first order by borrowing peer scripts, you will earn the first 9.9, and then there will be countless 9.9.

In the process of operation, there may still be some problems. We must learn to solve them by ourselves. If we can’t solve them, we will spendPay by money and consult with peers. As long as you are willing to take the time to do this, there is a certain amount of money to be made. It will be much easier than going to work.

This virtual data project is very similar to the project I operate now, except that the category is different, but I have built a platform on my ownOperation, direct automatic transaction, no pre-sales, no need to communicate with customers, no matter the data, or the way of drainage, are already very perfect.

Just follow the tutorial and copy and paste

No threshold virtual data project, easy to operate and earn 300 a day!


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