No threshold earning project, earning 500 a day, and can be done after work


I used to operate this project, but I only operated other projects later. I insisted on operating the project to make money. When I saw someone still working on it when I finished the headlines, I wrote this case again to the people who need to operate it.

No threshold earning project, earning 500 a day, and can be done after work

In fact, the project is relatively simple, which is to set up a stall to sell paper towels. You may say how much money can be made from paper towelsHow much can I make money? In fact, if you understand this logic, you will know whether it can make money. In fact, what you earn is price difference. You can buy some cheap tissues through online channels and sell them through stalls.

These tissues are usually 15% in supermarkets$About 20, but we know some channelsWe only need 4$You can get it around the money. Maybe you say that there is such a cheap thing, but you don’t know the play method, the routine, and the information. You can’t buy such tissue. Everyone can buy it and do it if you find a way.

In fact, the project was disassembled to get the priceThe second thing is to find a place where there is a large flow of offline people and you can set up a stall to make money. Now I will talk about how to get low price paper towels. In fact, there are many channels. I will talk about some channels.

First, we can go to some platforms, such as Xduoduo and Taote, especially some new onesThe user or the shop owner will have some cheaper paper towels when they are doing activities. We can search by the price directly, and we can find the price at 5$Left and right paper towels.

We can also directly go to the rebate platform, such as Amazon customers, Jingfen, many group leaders, and some social Amazon customersYou can also go to Alibaba to find cheap paper towels, and you can also find many cheap ones. However, these orders are relatively limited. In fact, there is one of the largest channels for such a large paper towel, that is, the online AB order.

The so-called AB order is that one store sells one product, and the product is A, but in the early stageThere was no sales volume when it was put on the market. At this time, we need to find someone to do some data, so we will give some opportunities to place orders. The only thing we can do is to place an order at a very low price. The only thing we can deliver to us is a piece of paper towels. There are many such orders, especially on a treasure. We can operate it all day longBuy hundreds.

So how to find these orders? If someone around you does this, you ask him to pull you into the group. Many groups have such orders at any time, followed by QQ groups, which have a large number of such orders. We search for AB orders or tissue lists in QQ groups, and we find those with a large number of peopleThere will be many such orders in the group. You can place an order when you see the paper towels.

We only need to join dozens of such groups, so you can place orders for many products, especially if you have connections to find some channels. They help others make such orders, so the price will be more favorable, or you can findTo those who place orders, we bought them directly from them. At that time, we just did this. We contacted some convenience stores. How much did each of us place an order for them and how much did we pay? In fact, we can find those who place an order to buy them. Such orders are many on leisure fish.

Since there is a list on it,We can contact them, provide them for us for a long time, or ask them to bring them directly, to show us how to buy such paper towels. After we get the paper towels, we will set up a stall. There are also skills here. We can place orders near the gate of the community, so that those who enter the community can easily place orders, as well as near some supermarkets,Especially in the vicinity of universities, because of the low price of these tissues, it just meets the needs of students.

When you really operate, there are a lot of paper towels that can make a little money in a month. Even if you can’t make much money, you can buy paper towels at a low price and use them yourself. I ordered them at that time. My family has used them for more than a year and still haven’t used them up. They are also given away to people around youSo this is a small item that can be operated.

No threshold earning project, earning 500 a day, and can be done after work


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