How to operate the low price movie ticket project to earn 1000 per day? Project analysis, understand


If there is a simple brainless project that can automatically enter 2000 per day,

How to operate the low price movie ticket project to earn 1000 per day? Project analysis, understand

Do you believe it?

If I tell you about this project, I will only charge you 2000$

Are you willing to pay?

Of course, if you pay, congratulations:

You are deceived!!!

Because there’s really something I don’t want to do. If I open the computer and hang the software, I can enter 2 daily000 projects,

I certainly won’t teach. Is it not good to make money secretly?

Calm down and make a little analysis to understand:

The projects that make money are not simple,

Simple projects don’t make money!

This is the truth!!!

The sky will never fall into pie, only fall into trap!

Today, I would like to introduceA simple money making project:

Low price movie ticket project,

This project is inconspicuous, and can earn 1000 per day,

But it is not easy to do a good job. At least you should have the ability to execute and adhere to it,

If you think you can do it, keep looking!

Changjin, a popular Korean War theme film recentlyThe lake: You should have seen it. Do you remember how much you paid for the ticket? Basically 40 , right?

The project we are talking about today has something to do with watching movies. Watching movies is an entertainment for all ages. At present, the prospect of China’s film market is relatively optimistic.

Everyone likes to watch movies and ticketsHowever, the price of is not user-friendly, so everyone wants to buy low-cost movie tickets. It can be seen that the project of making money from low price movie tickets has a good prospect. If it is done well, it is still easy to earn hundreds of dollars a day.

Advantages and disadvantages of the project

AdvantagesFirst passenger.

Disadvantages: If you work as a sideline, there will be a little risk. You will hoard more or less goods and lose money if you make mistakes in hoarding. But if you buy goods for your friends occasionally, there will be no risk. You should always watch your mobile phone to avoid missing the list.

Project realization mode

There are three modes: issue tickets to customers; Take the colleague to issue tickets to customers; Ask your colleague to help you issue tickets to customers.

The best choice is naturally to issue the ticket directly, so that no middleman can make the difference to maximize profits.

How to find low-cost photo ticket resources?

1. Pay more attention to platform activities. For example, on JD, Taopiao and other platforms, some coupons, deductibles or tokens will be released regularlyTickets, etc., should be snapped up as much as possible.

For example: Wanda IMAX50 fixed coupon, no matter what the ticket price is, as long as it is IMAX hall, the final payment price is 50$

2. Various communities can add various communities to find securities. The number of securities dealers in the community is large and wide. There are basically all kinds of bonds in various places and cinemasThey can also compare prices and find the ones with lower prices, which will increase their profit margins.

Go to QQ group to search for movie tickets. There will be many online newspaper groups and scalpers of movie tickets. However, it should be noted that there are many unreliable people in the wool group, and it is better to find peers to trade, so at least it is more reliable.

3. Free fish search lowWith movie tickets, many sellers will come out and ask them one by one whether they can accept agents or channel groups, and then compare them carefully one by one to find more reliable partners.

There will be trial and error costs in the early stage. After all, everyone on the network has it. But don’t be afraid of mistakes. After all, the cost is notGao, as long as we can find a reliable channel, we can earn these small money in a day.

How to promote

1 Community promotion

Generally speaking, people will have more confidence in people of their own level. Therefore, community suggestions are preferred in the same city. After joining a group, don’t directly hate advertisements. Be careful of being kicked. You can consider changing your avatar to one with lowPrice movie tickets, so that others can know what you do at a glance.

First, get acquainted with people in the group for a period of time, and share the good news of watching movies at low prices from time to time. Everyone is not stupid, and will ask what is going on when they know it, and then promote it.

2. Network channel

That is, for example, Tieba, Douban, QuoraLeisure fish and other places can be promoted as long as they can increase their information exposure without being reported and deleted.

It should be noted that “Second hand goods trading platform” is the form of releasing commodities. It is better not to close a deal on it if you take it, but just publish a message on it to tell others that it is best to divert this matter to WeChat transactions.

in additionYou should pay attention to the contact information of Second hand goods trading platform. It is better to make pictures. Don’t send WeChat directly to the other party or it is easy to violate the rules seriously, or even be blocked.

Why can’t you make a deal on free fish?

1. The suggested rule is that virtual products cannot be released. If a product goes wrong, the buyer will win any problem.

2. FundsThe return time is uncertain,If you meet a good customer, you will confirm the receipt immediately. If you meet someone who doesn’t remember this after watching the movie, you may have to wait for a few days. During this time, the money has been hanging on the Second hand goods trading platform.

Realization process

The customer selects a location from the beauty group to directly take a screenshot for you. The screenshot should include the film name and the movie theaterName, time and session, seat and price. According to the screenshots given by customers, we can consider how to issue tickets based on our online earning resources. Whether to issue tickets by ourselves or to find peers. After determining the cost of ticket issuance, we will quote to customers. Customers will transfer money after confirming that they want tickets. We will issue tickets, send screenshots to them, and collect money.

asIf the selection platform is a treasure class guarantee trading platform, it can quote according to the customer’s requirements. After the customer agrees, let the customer directly take the ticket and issue the screenshot of the ticket to the customer directly.


This project has a good prospect and can earn money, but it must have executive power. As long as we fight hard and stick to it, we can connect the upstream and downstream, and the project will become closedRing, then it will be easier to make money.

That’s all for this article

How to operate the low price movie ticket project to earn 1000 per day? Project analysis, understand


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