Overseas online profit project: once and for all, the pipeline earns more than 100 dollars a day


Today, we share a foreign online profit project, which is a once and for all purchase of US dollars

Overseas online profit project: once and for all, the pipeline earns more than 100 dollars a day

Project underlying logic:

After a certain amount of photos are uploaded, the pipeline revenue is realized

Project profit:

Profits can be infinitely enlarged

“The most comfortable state of making money is once and for all, income after ‘sleeping'”

A lot of people will think when they hear that sleeping can also bring incomeAfter being cut for dozens of times, I came up with a truth: cutting leeks is what makes money and hangs the phone together

Can we make money by hanging up? Yes, but it’s all IQ tax

Today, we will share a project that is not hung up, but is an information poor project, which can also achieve “sleep”’Post income, once and for all. After the early operation is completed, it takes ten minutes to take care of it every day. The monthly income can reach 500 dollars. Note: YesdollarAt the current exchange rate of 1: 6.7500 USD is equivalent to 3350 USD$

And it will increase steadily every month, with 3000 per month in the early stageThere is no problem with the above. After two months, it can reach more than 5000 per month. The pipeline revenue will gradually increase

Detailed play method of the project:

Since it is to earn US dollars, it is necessary to register Paypal, a collection software similar to Alipay in China, with the registration link: https://www.paypal.com/c2/home

The principle of the project is a foreign platform, which earns US dollars by uploading materials. If the materials are browsed or downloaded, there will be income. According to data analysis, the monthly visits to this platform are more than 50 million, and the downloads are also as high as 5200 million times, which is equivalent to downloading at least times of materials every time you visit. It is conceivable that the income from uploading materials will also be very high

Advantages of the project:

1、 Simple and easy to operate, that is, moving bricks

2、 There is basically no restriction on the source of materials, which can be directly transported

3、 It’s OK to operate at one time. In the later stage, it’s all about earning money by lying down

4、 CanScale up projects in batches

Project operation process:

The first step is to register foreign Alipay, and the second step is to register Freepik platform, and the registration link is: ttps://www.freepik.com/home

Because the platform is in EnglishIt is recommended to use the browser with translation. I use Google Browser here

Just follow the prompts to register. After registration, just click to become a contributor, and then upload the picture materials. I have sorted out some domestic websites for you, and just go to move them directly

Precautions for uploading:

First time in Freepik. When uploading works, the platform is required to submit at least 20 image works. After being approved as a contributor, the number of uploaded works will be reduced to at least 10 works

How to get the benefit?

After you upload the pictures, others will download them. The platform will calculate the total number of downloads on the day and the price of each illustrationAnd give you beauty$

To sum up, the more pictures you upload, the more income you earn. You spend a certain amount of time uploading a large number of pictures every day. In the later stage, you will receive passive income, which can reach hundreds every month$money

How can we achieve higher returns?

1、 According to the type of current popular material, go to targeted upload, which kind of fire, youIt is similar to playing with audio tape goods and meat products.

II Batch accounts and upload a large number of materials. Only when you upload more, can you earn more. [Copying and pasting is enough. You don’t need to design and create by yourself. Brainless operation]

3、 You can recommend others to upload. Their platforms includeA recommendation plan, for example, if you recommend someone to upload, and the other person registers through your account and uploads, you will get a reward of $5.

The whole project process is just like this.

Conclusion: Don’t always look at it, go to the actual combat, and solve the problems encountered in the actual combat. So the problem is solved, you can do it.

Overseas online profit project: once and for all, the pipeline earns more than 100 dollars a day


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