A paid consulting project with a daily income of 2000 will become more popular as it lasts longer.


Now many people are no longer satisfied with the income of working wages, and more are looking for part-time projects.

A paid consulting project with a daily income of 2000 will become more popular as it lasts longer.

Recently, more and more people come to me for consultation on sideline projects. They are all thinking about ways to make money at home.

Therefore, a paid consulting industry was born.

Whether it’s emotional counseling, psychological counseling, or health counselingEnterprise management and so on are very concerned by people, so this is a method that can be realized.

Today, I pretended to start a business and taught you how to do a paid consulting project.

Since I want to do a project, first of all, I need to understand its realization path:

1. official account

There are many ways to make money on the official account, fromAs can be seen from the figure below, official account for consultation are also very popular.

I also clicked in and read the articles. The number of views of the articles was very good (as shown in the figure below).

2. Quora

It is very simple to do consulting projects on the Quora platform. Quora has a board$It’s a paid consultation. You can apply to be the respondentAnswered people’s inquiries about you.

Different types of questions will lead to different charges. The fees are set by the user, so they are flexible.

From the figure above, we can see that the lowest answer to a query is 8$Yes, 312 consultations, 2496$

For some popular respondentsThe minimum consulting fee is 99 times, and the number of consulting times is thousands. The consulting fee alone can be tens of thousands$Yes.

3. Web consultation

I think we all have some experience of consulting on Google. Sometimes when we get sick, we will go to Google and spend 1-2$A doctor who pays for consultation, or a higher price.

At this time, someoneSpend money on consulting, then you will have income. The consulting fees on the website are usually not very high, so there are still many people willing to consult.

How to drain:

1. Tiktok

There are hundreds of millions of active users on Tiktok every day, so it is best to use it as an early diversion.

You can create an account with related content on TiktokAfter that, you can send some short videos of questions and answers on the website, and leave your own contact information on the homepage for further drainage.

2. Post Bar

You can put your own official account or other contact information on the post bar. There are also many corresponding advisory posts on the post bar, and the information released on the corresponding posts can be more accurately quotedStream.

Besides, consulting is not only about consulting, but also about paying for knowledge, sorting out the knowledge in your mind into paid courses, and teaching online.

For example, the Live on Quorashang is very suitable for entry. Quorashang introduces how to do Live in detail. If you are interested, you can take a look at it, as shown in the following figureSome Live lectures are 19.9$

There are also lychee micro classes and other ways to open courses, which can be used for consulting courses. This is also a way of thinking, and you can sort it out according to your own ideas.

There are many kinds of consulting projects, which can be used as the output point of long-term value in combination with your hobbies and majors.

This project is suitable for many people. housewife can do infant consultation, the company can do sales skills consultation, and senior HR can do workplace consultation for newcomers.

Because no one is omnipotent, especially the more powerful, the more willing they are to pay to solve problems efficiently and save time costs.

Do a good job while doing the projectDrainage is the most important thing on the Internet. Holding traffic in your hand means you have made money.

The train of thought has been sorted out for everyone. Whether to act or not is our own business. Our destiny is in our own hands.

A paid consulting project with a daily income of 2000 will become more popular as it lasts longer.


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