Take off the single blind box, a project in a hurry (from the bottom)


During the seven day National Day holiday, two projects were launched: a gradual National Day avatar, and a single blind box. How hot is it? All major media and short video platforms are full of such news.

Take off the single blind box, a project in a hurry (from the bottom)

The single blind box removal project to be discussed today was originally an offline roadside stall project. I remember that it appeared in August.

placeIt’s not complicated at all to play off the single blind box: you can spend 1$Money leaves its own WeChat to traders and can also pay one$Money gets a random heterosexual micro signal. On this basis, once customers can turn around and become middlemen (matchmakers) through the packaging of traders, making money by themselvesNewspapers and QR codes are used for promotion to earn corresponding CPS commissions. And the entry threshold is extremely low, as low as 9.9.

Because I have participated in many online creative communities, I knew about this project early in the morning, but I didn’t want to get involved.

Because it is obviously a short and smooth project, and its life cycle will not be too long,It’s easy to be spoiled.

This kind of low threshold, short cycle project is not my dish, because there are already too many similar dishes, which is only a flash in the pan and is not worth the effort. I like the project with cumulative effect. Of course, radish and cabbage have their own preferences. I don’t like it, which does not represent the likes and dislikes of the public.

But look at the circle of friendsIt’s too much. I spent money to buy an account because of my curiosity. The purpose is to follow a process and disassemble the project principle. The core of this project is to solve the so-called payment interface, which is the payment docking of WeChat official account.

Here, let’s popularize the science. WeChat payment interface and personal and third-party payment interface areaIt’s not too big. You need to have a registered domain name, otherwise it’s almost lost by WeChat K.

Anyone who has experience in building a website knows that the current filing process takes 3-7 days. But the reality is to do any short-term projects. The most important thing is the admission time. When you have completed the payment interface, completed the domain name filing process, and foundThe website source code, set up the platform and then enter, when you find that the day lily is cold.

Traffic is king. People who can make money from short-term projects are often those who have mastered the traffic. But again, if you have traffic, do you still have to worry about not making money?

A fan asked me about it two days agoWhat about the single blind box removal project? A fan who likes to study hard managed the payment interface by self-study, but he got stuck in the source code of the website. In fact, there is no egg, why? It is believed that readers who pay attention to this information recently will hear similar feedback: “The blind box page cannot deploy the payment interface, and the payment cannot be madeIt is controlled by WeChat official risk.

Why risk control? Here’s a science popularization: WeChat interface also has weight. Generally, the newly opened payment interface is easy to be risk controlled in the past three months. If you don’t receive reports from users in the past three months, you will enter a relatively high weight layerClass. That is to say, the higher the weight of the payment interface, the more vitality it will have, and the collection will be safer. It is not easy to fail to pay. But this is a lot of dark logicNoviceI don’t know at all.

To say so is not to completely deny that the project cannot make money, but also to say that many people can earn a lot from the project, butWe want to let everyone know the essence of the project through the project of removing the single blind box.

Take off the single blind box, a project in a hurry (from the bottom)


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