A part-time sideline suitable for novices, making money automatically


There is a phenomenon in society that after graduation, most people don’t like learning, let alone reading.

A part-time sideline suitable for novices, making money automatically

When I graduated from college, I always felt that reading was useless. Many of them had nothing to do with making money.

It was not until I became a We Media that I realized that everything you learned can be turned into money.

Knowledge in the past two yearsPayment is very popular. Those who catch up with the wind in the early days are basically free of wealth.

But there are still many people who envy others’ income, but dare not go out to do it.


Because many people always find it difficult, and they can’t write. They have to learn for a long time, so they have no patience and confidence to learn.

Here you areThe valuable are what we always emphasize.

A friend of mine used to be a clerk in the company. He handled some documents every day and could only get some dead wages.

Later, I asked her to do a tutorial on new office software.

At first, she was not confident and did not know how to handle the course. I asked her to go online firstBuy a copy of others’, and then see how others write and build the framework of the tutorial.

After reading, she began to record her own courses according to the instructions, and recorded one lesson a week in combination with the common problems in her work.

Over the past few months, we also recorded a whole set of courses.

Selling 99 copies at the beginning, and gradually optimizing the contentNow it sells 599 copies.

Magnify what you have learned from your work through the Internet, and you will gain a large amount of income.

In just one year, she is ready to transform into a freelance and devote herself to paying for knowledge.

Introduce several common knowledge payment platforms:

1. Netease Cloud Classroom.

Don’t worry that others are gods,But I am still a novice. I will achieve unexpected results if I do it slowly and operate for a long time.

2 Tencent Classroom

Tencent’s requirements will be higher. It needs professional skill certificates to settle down. This is the threshold, but if there is a threshold, there will be less competition. As long as you are determined, you can handle it.

3. Amazon education.

4 Headline paymentspecial column.

5 Litchi micro class, thousand chat, etc.

You can choose a platform you like. The core of operation is to find the field you are interested in, and then find the essence course. After learning, you can adapt it according to your own situation.

If it is simple, true and useful, you can harvest a large number of consumers.

Don’t always use the available energyTry to measure your future. Some things are just doing, but it’s never your business to see or not do them.

A part-time sideline suitable for novices, making money automatically


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