Pure chat, can enter 5000 a month sideline part-time, do not need any cost!


Recently, a small partner came to consult:

Teacher, I found that some platforms can make money through chatting, is this reliable?

In fact, if we dig a little deeper into the rationale of this project, you will find that there is reason.


If you observe the people around you, 9 out of 10 are checking their mobile phones every day, which is a lot

People’s social circle is very small, many people will feel a psychological void, and want to find some soul mate online to fill their inner void.

We can also see this by looking at the sales of a certain treasure:

The demand is there

And some platforms will specially recruit chat, don’t underestimate this job, want to chat well, chat customer satisfaction

To our own eloquence is also a test, can talk, chat is also an art.

And just chatting to make money, we will not have any substantial losses.

Where do you go for a side job like this?

For example, we can open the Second hand goods trading platform, in the Second hand goods trading platform home page can see

【 Part-time job in spare time 】

This plate


When I click in, it’s in here

A lot of part-time jobs

The platform will also locate some of the part-time jobs that exist around you based on your location, sliding the part-time jobs category down to the end and creating a dedicated section for customer traffic


Is a part-time job specifically related to typing and chatting, such as:

Game customer service assistant, fresh typing customer service, pure

Typing customer service, etc.

In Xianyu customer service is mainly as text chat work, mainly to online customer service to deal with problems.

In addition, you can also go to a special chat APP to do a part-time job, such as direct search in wechat search

[Chat to make money APP]

You can find relevant apps and make money online

These apps will tell you exactly how to do it, let’s take an APP for example

Chat text minimum income: 0.14


One has a maximum of 0.196


Article tiao.

Voice minimum earnings: 1.6


A maximum of 2.4


One minute

Minimum video earnings: 2.4


A maximum of 6


One minute

It’s earned at different levels

The money is different, you can only earn more if you raise the level (the more you talk, the higher the level)

Note: This revenue is the revenue of boys sending messages to girls

The integral of 10 is equal to 1


, the platform is issued in the form of points, which need to be withdrawn by oneself

Real-name authentication is required

You need to bind an Alipay account consistent with your real-name ID card

The minimum withdrawal amount is 5


Can withdraw three times a day, each time a maximum of 2000



The withdrawal will be received within 3 working days, and will be automatically postponed in the event of holidays

Click on my Benefits section

Select the amount you want to withdraw and click Withdraw

Notice by private letter after the withdrawal,

Wait for the approval

This type of APP, I do not make any recommendation in the article, so as not to be suspected of advertising, little friends to search keywords, you can certainly find a lot of push.

You don’t have to pay any dues to do this job, either. Note: If you’re paying for something, don’t do it


Pure chat, can enter 5000 a month sideline part-time, do not need any cost!


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