Share a YouTube with goods project, simple operation, earn 300 a day


Today I would like to share with you a YouTube of the delivery project.

Look at the picture below: (health tips health tea)

Like this type of video, it is not only easy to monealize, but also does not need to be shot by real people. It is completely mixed cutting, dubbing and video, plus the link to bring goods, and it can be monealized smoothly. The threshold is low, and anyone can operate.

How do you mix it?

Before making mixed cutting, we should first select the products to bring, then write the explanation copy of this video according to the products, and then find the corresponding video material for editing according to the copy.

Copy can be found on Quora,



Social networking Sites

, the public number platform to find, find their own optimization.

Here it is

Give you a small way, you can go to the book to find the copy.

Google search: Dangdang

Then in the platform to search health related books, most of these books are electronic edition, electronic edition is very cheap, generally a few dollars, more than ten dollars can be bought.

Instead of looking for copywriting on the Internet platform, the knowledge inside these books

It will be more professional, and then we can find our own combined with modern understanding of a little optimization.

Copywriting needs dubbing. If you think your voice is OK, you can match it yourself, or find a dubbing person in the QQ group panel. The price is also cheap, basically 100 words 2


Sound check before dubbing.

How to find video material


Well-known YouTube platform video material is the most rich, often online students should know.

Do not know how to access, but also interested in their own Google search access platform method, bubble net I don’t share.

In addition to sharing a quick way to get video footage, directly from station b,

Watermelon video, iQiyi, Tencent, Youku and other platforms to find the video you want.

Use video recording software (Camtasia studio, Google search) to record the video you need.

The software has a screen recording function, and the recorded video is very high definition

When you record it

, you can directly drag and choose the picture you want, you want to record the picture can be.

Prepare your video as described above. You can choose the preparation according to the dubbing.

After you record it, use it for editing, add subtitles, and music, and make sure to adjust the size of the YouTube

1080 * 12


Do not know how to use clip software, you can learn about the software in Google search tutorials.

After the video is ready, go to the YouTube to post the video.

How to add the goods link when the video is released?

1. Look for goods to carry

Jingfang Select belongs to the JD alliance platform, to provide selected products for promoters, pass

Washington fans selected to share goods can easily earn commission

2. Convert links

3. Post a video

The above is the steps of the goods project, the operation is very simple, the most important thing is the heart to be fine, more insist.

Share a YouTube with goods project, simple operation, earn 300  a day


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