Wechat 8.0 status background video project, very simple, 0 threshold, the most suitable for novice novice operation


Recently, wechat 8.0 version was updated. Every update and change will surely bring opportunities.

This wechat status background video project, very simple, no threshold, the most suitable for beginners

A novice


So let’s start with the video footage, and this video footage, it’s really easy.



Super fire 85 micro

Letter status video watermarking package download collection (

Get the download link at the end of the article


2. Wechat search mini program: popular status background video, micro status

3. Search for a treasure: state video Daqo, state video collection.

Now that we have the footage, how do we monetize it?

A status video = a work,

Used to send public number articles, drainage.

Title: wechat status video without watermark Download: XX

Short video: 8.0 Status video: XX

Name: Status Video Collection? Wechat 8.0 status Video collection, Daqo, watermarking video collection…

Why did you post it? To drain the water.

Engaged in marketing, those business sense sensitive elder brother, early action. Earn is the natural search flow, now a lot of people need this state video, so we put these videos, to the short video platform, to the public number advertorials, they search the state video, can find our content

To follow, to get the video, as soon as the traffic comes in, it becomes very easy to make money.

Send the work, with this title to attract the traffic in, can also be directly diverted to the small program, or is the public number, with the traffic, you can pick up the advertisement, want to download the video is not? Look at a commercial first. Look

One AD, download 1 video /5 videos /10 videos, or random AD formats.

Don’t want to watch commercials? Also can ah, 18.88 all video materials packaged for sale, Google disk link a throw, white money to hand.

Everything can be used for oneself, resources are all, implementation

You got it, you got the money, that’s the real deal. You think it takes some brains? No need? Will it take any money? No need? The only thing you need is execution, is action.

The Internet is ever-changing, a little wind and grass, can kill a piece, can also achieve a piece.

Don’t ever say

Money is important, no execution, no business insight, business sense, opportunities will be fleeting…

Is this thing hot or not? Can you make money?

Open Google Index, wechat index, Weibo index,


The index, the Fast Hand index, you open up all the index tools, and the answer comes out

Where are the success stories?

Open all the we-media platforms, short video platforms, Google, Sogou, 360 and other search engines, search status video download? 8.0 Status Video? Waterless video collection? Wechat status background video? Related long tail keyword search, main keyword search, successful cases

Everywhere is the era of flow king, who can seize the opportunity, who can do a good job of keyword layout, search traffic matrix, who will have the opportunity to soar.

A lot of success stories, small program?


No.? A treasure store? A fish shop? Google? Public account? They’re all success stories. They’re all peers


Free = Get paid for advertising.

Free = Sell the collection and make money.

Free = after drainage, sell fans to make money.

Flow is king, where the flow is, where the opportunity is.

Where e the flow goes, there must be money with it.

Attention = cash cow. Don’t you love videos? I send it every day, every day

The flow comes, the fish is hooked, still need money?

File download


Super fire 85 wechat state video watermarking package download collection

Download Address

Wechat 8.0 status background video project, very simple, 0 threshold, the most suitable for novice novice operation


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